He says," That's crazy talk Misty Fain."

"I'm not out to save the world."

And I wonder, Why not??


In conversation Noone hears,

unless it's about ol'  Britney Spears, or Nibaru.

Whatchu gonna do....about Nibaru??

And I wonder,

 What are we missing?


They all tell me to hold on to what I 'got.'

But, I have things that  I don't use.

And I wonder,

Why keep it??


I see a friend in pain and offer happy thoughts.

Now she shuns me.

And I wonder,

Why choose anger?


I see closed doors and windowshades.

I hear the traffic approach and fade.

I look for signs of life and joy.

And I wonder,

Where is my family?


I find who I am meant to be

swinging in the great dichotomy.

I open to a geometry

of newfound angles and degrees.

And I wonder,

What was I waiting for?


Back to the Blog.


Here I am again. I am.

Wondering, what you are doing.  

and you,    and you,        and you....

Does it resonate well?

Do you think you can tell?

Why do I sigh? And look away?

Is it that there's nothing to say?

Words can't wrap around the ideas.

I can't touch you and let you feel.

Would you want to if I could.

Could it do us any good?

There is no place for desperation.

I've tried to make the transformation.

Pushed foward. Pulled back.

I avoid the question that was asked.

What are you going to do?

What do you want?

Who do you think you are?




Mr. Bungle on a Rainy Day.

I feel spooky and strange.

Water streaming from the eaves

and swirling down the drains.

Yesterdays bright gold gone.

A hint of colour remains,

fading into memory.  

The boldness washed away.

I am languid like autumn leaves

barely lifted by the breeze.

Oh, how her sweetness haunts my mind.

Making me yearn for what cannot be mine.

A smokey look from across the table.

Surely she knows that I am not able

to unravel this bond that keeps me tied.

I have stated my desire,

He knows how I've tried.

To keep to the rules of monogamy.

But oh, the way she looks at me.

With gestures that convey her wishes.

I could cover her body with my kisses.

The creamy whiteness of her skin

against the deeper brown of my own.

How could it ever be a sin,

to want to bring her home.

To rest my head in the crook of her neck.

But these thoughts are left in check.

No longer able to explore

the treasures waiting on her shore.

I am tied to one who does not share.

He gives me a home

but wants me there. Q

My heart and soul are more than grateful.

But we have different views on what is faithful.

I am awed to belong to just one man.

And never kiss another's hand.







I like your poetry,,,,,hope you write lots more....


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Love your poetry! A friend told me once that poetry is communication from one heart to another ... share, share, share.

love and joy


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Hey Misty Fain!

Transcendant with a message! Now that's economical. Reminded me of the movie, "Crash".


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Thanks for sharing those beautiful words and your deep questioning with us, Misty Blue. With sacred love flowing, Fred

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Beautiful, Misty. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Love & Light,

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Misty, you said,

"I find who I am meant to be

swinging in the great dichotomy.

I open to a geometry

of newfound angles and degrees.

And I wonder,

What was I waiting for?"

With this thinking outside the box in mind, allow me to segway to this piece that I wrote the other day concerning a personal (but all too common) experience.

Somebody says something.

I "feel" mad, upset, offended.

I go to "Run Silent, Run Deep"

and stew in the perceived offense!

Finally, I say something,

choice words completely unrelated,

but plenty related by design!

Something arguably legitimate,

but designed to strike back at "the offender"

in the dark shadowy realm of "plausible deniability"

in the sun-scorched desert of passive aggressive land.

And at any moment along the way of

the ego's vast wealth of negative imagination

I could have simply told the presumed offender

what it was I felt hurt by,

what it was I "thought" I heard!

without any anger and cradled in Love's Trust

I could have simply shared my perceived pain

and then let it go,

like so much electrical charge

just looking for a place to go.......

   you are both amazingly authentic people!

Thank you,


uh oh....let's see how this goes.

You are so cool Mist,
Your honesty and your courage are so have such a big heart!
Follow your dreams, follow your heart..........

With love and joy,

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