The Law of One - Introduction and study guide/overview

This is a forum intended to engage anyone interested in studying and discussing the Law of One series of five books. In this first forum we can read and discuss the introduction in book one and the provided study guide - overview of the Law of One series. Here is the link to that study guide provided by the good people at

The PDF of book one is attached below (after opening you may save a copy to your hard drive by going to your "file" menu and selecting "Save Page as" and then selecting a location for these PDF's of the books). Read at your convenience and chime in whenever and however you wish concerning any and all of the Law of One subject matter.

Note: There are 8 sections to the study guide-overview as you will see when you click on the provided link above. As you enter each section to become acquainted with an overview of the Law of One material, notice the red colored areas of text and numbers - these are link to source material that will enhance your journey of familiarizing yourself quickly and effectively with 5 books that will obviously take all of us quite a while to move through together. It will be worth it!!!

As One, Berry and Chris

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P.S. scroll down a ways to find the other four books attached to one of the posts below....

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I personally want to thank Chris for getting this forum going.  We together agree that this information and study is of great importance for those of us who are anticipating and working for Transformation.  Ra, in the Law of One material, focuses directly on what we are beginning to experience, what we will experience and how to work with and through it.  This is not a light hearted stroll though some metaphysical pablam.  It is serious and honest and one of the most reliable channeled sources of information which is available to this day.  It was not even presented in this century but in the early 80's, before even what we called the Divine Convergence in 1987, which is suggested as being the beginning of this whole event we call the Shift. 


I know that there are those of you who don't have high speed internet so for your convenience and ease, there is another source where you can download one session at a time.  This is the link to that site.


I do hope that many of you will be encouraged by your higher selves to particpate in this study.  I believe when you begin reading and questioning the material you will resonate and be lifted by the information.


In the love and light of our One Infinite Creator, go in joy and peace,


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You asked for input on whether to set this up as a group or leave it as a forum. I would have responded sooner, but had to be away from the computer most of the day. First of all, I'm just glad to see you get it started.

There is no hurry to decide, but there are advantages to setting this up as a group:

1. The group format is capable of supplying a measure of focus which I think can be lost or diluted left in the open forums.

2. My experience (with that other mishap) is that people will tend to post under many different forum topics thus making it difficult to hold it all together. Chris & Berry will be kept busy trying to keep all of the different forum topics moved up to the top of the list, and there may be a lot of repetition, as well as meaningful posts accidentally lost in the shuffle.

3. If the entire discussion of the study group is contained within the group structure, someone might find it useful to be able to summarize the discussion from time to time, as Chris suggested in another group.

4. As long as the group is set up as an 'open group', it is not difficult for new people to join in. One click on the groups page, a short request to join is all that it takes. The administrator only has to make one click to give that person access to join.

5. Remember that whenever someone posts to the group, the title of their post shows up in the regular list of posts in green-colored type. This will be a continuing 'advertisement' of the group and will catch the attention of new members.

6. If all the posts pertaining to the Law of One study are found within the group, it would be much easier for a new member (or all of the rest of us, for that matter) to review the past discussions.

Those are a few of my thoughts on this. So yes, I would vote for setting up a group. Berry asked if it could be changed to a group at a later date. This could be done, I believe, but I think there is benefit to having the entire study all in one place right from the git-go.

Does anyone else have ideas on the other side of the question? What drawbacks do you see to setting this up as a group?

In Love,


Splendid move toward novelty and complexity (Eros)... as Whitehead would say!

I am reading the material that I downloaded (thanks Chris and Berry) and I wake up the next morning with a mind capable of undiluted and spacious wisdom.  How does this work?  

From a soon to be 11-D wanna be  Cool


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Thank you for your suggestions JoyAnna.

Berry and I decided to just "put the ball in play" to get things rolling while knowing we can always move to the "Group" format if and when we see it needing to be there while watching how things develop. If this becomes the case, we will simply link this initial or "these" initial Law of One forum(s) to the new location in "Groups". Since the primary intent is maximum group involvement, we decided that the convenience and constant presence of the home page location would be best for now with new members in mind. I see a move to "Groups" a very likely possibility sometime, but we will let developing circumstances reveal the need for that move as this L of O study group develops. Thanks again for all your great suggestions for making this the best it can be!!!!!  And thank you Berry for all you bring to this since you have been studying this material longer than most and have been exceedingly inspired by it's content, and thank you for posting the link to the individual 106 sessions!  That is so cool because it affords us a very convenient opportunity to look together at individual sessions without needing to open a PDF doc and finding the session location....

Love & Light, Chris

P.S. Something that popped into my mind on the way to work concerning Ra, the humble messenger responsible for all this wonderful guiding material. The last thing somebody this cool and wonderful would want is for us to turn this into a religion of dogmatic conclusion. If I understand Ra the little bit I feel inside correctly, Ra would remain balanced, would not be disappointed, would not be any of the things our egos might project upon this humble messenger, but would simply wait upon our arrival. I, for One, am wholeheartedly compelled with a heart full of wonderful hope that we honor the heart of this humble messenger by being led primarily by that intent for balance in the midst of apparent dark and light. I have a feeling it is the heart's dance on this dark and light dance floor that expedites our transformation to a greater understanding of that wonderful unshakeable balance that is unassailable, and prepares many more to become many more humble messengers. What a wonderful flow toward the balanced Golden Light to be involved with!!!!!!

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So glad to see you jumpin' in wid both feet Tricia!!!!!!

My heart is burstin' wid joy darlin' beloved kindred spirit!!!!!

Help me get me to 5D and we shall then see 11D more clearly!!!! Haaaaahahahaha

I also love the obvious non sequitur in my rhymin' reply - the "me" I see so presumptuously is most likely the illusion I shed to see much more clearly as we approach 11D!!!! I am already feeling again some of those moments of losing one's self at times, and feeling a bit dizzy in those moments (to be expected I've been told). It is as if we started out naturally dizzy and less fixed/static, moved toward the peer reviewed goal of fixing our attention on things, ideas and occupations, and then naturally begin to return home. Life is such a trip essay!!!!

Love and Light, Day or Night, Out of Sight!, Chris

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Chris said:

P.S. Something that popped into my mind on the way to work concerning Ra, the humble messenger responsible for all this wonderful guiding material. The last thing somebody this cool and wonderful would want is for us to turn this into a religion of dogmatic conclusion. If I understand Ra the little bit I feel inside correctly, Ra would remain balanced, would not be disappointed, would not be any of the things our egos might project upon this humble messenger, but would simply wait upon our arrival. I, for One, am wholeheartedly compelled with a heart full of wonderful hope that we honor the heart of this humble messenger by being led primarily by that intent for balance in the midst of apparent dark and light. I have a feeling it is the heart's dance on this dark and light dance floor that expedites our transformation to a greater understanding of that wonderful unshakeable balance that is unassailable, and prepares many more to become many more humble messengers. What a wonderful flow toward the balanced Golden Light to be involved with!!!!!!

You are 100% accurate in your assessment of Ra's purpose in offering this material. They are the finger pointing at The One and they always make a point of reminding the reader that All IS One.  They didn't use the illustration but it is as if they said when you point a finger there are more pointing back at you.  Oneness is the goal of this exercise.  When we get into the study we will eventually, and not to far into it, see where when Ra came before, religion took control of the information and negatively distorted the Law Of One, and thus we are not where we could have been.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

As Ra always says, "In the love and the light of our one Infinite Creator, go rejoicing in power and peace."





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but slowly. Been on overload here, after Doug's loss at work, 24 yr old daughter dislocated knee, she's a nurse but a lousy patient (bless her) have moved her back in with us temporarily and so have my hands a bit full. I'll get on to reading and join you all as I can. Namaste. kristyne

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I was rummaging around for a quote for a vegan cookbook I'm printing and came across this great quote,

Tear the binding
from around
the foot of your soul,
and let it race
around the track
in front of the crowd.
Loosen the knot of greed
so tight on your neck.
Accept your new good luck.
Ignore those that make you
fearful and sad.
Be patient.
Respond to every call
for your good deeds...

RUMI (mystic poet)

P.S. hope all goes well for you and yours at home right now Kristyne - welcome to the L of O group!!!

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I look forward to this study with all the rest of you. I have only begun to read the Introduction, and still have not determined the source of this material. However, what I have seen quoted here by you always feels right to me, so I want to learn more. Reading on the computer is not my favorite, but until I can afford to purchase the books, I will dig in here. Does the Law of One material relate in any way to the Edgar Cayce readings? I studied them and was deeply involved with Herb Puryer, Harmon Bro, Elsie Sieqrist, etc. back in the 70s and I think that is what grounded me so deeply in the understanding of Oneness. I'm hoping this study will bring even more clarity of that concept to me.

Love and blessings to all,


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I look forward to studying this material with you JoyAnna and am hopeful that this compliments and affirms much of what you have already learned from the sources you mentioned.

Here is a passage from the Introduction that I feel compelled to post (the first of many I am sure!)

"Probably the most difficult thing to understand about Ra is its nature. Ra is a sixth-density social memory complex. Since Earth is near the end of the third-density cycle of evolution, this means that Ra is three evolutionary cycles ahead of us. In other words, Ra’s present state of evolution is millions of years in advance of Earthman’s. It is not surprising that Ra had difficulty communicating with Earthman 11,000 years ago. The same problem still exists in our present “enlightened” time"

A bit further into the introduction Carla says,

"I first met Don Elkins in 1962. To me he was a fascinating character, an unusual combination of a college professor and psychic researcher. He had done well over 200 hypnotic age regressions, probing past the birth experience and investigating the possibility that reincarnation might not be just possible but the way things really are"

I wish to ask a "relative" question that may help us better understand the concept of reincarnation. If we all are of the One, than what is the difference whether we have many lifetimes or are just simply referencing information that we all have access to? Who is the "I" that thinks it had many lifetimes when all lifetimes are apparently accessible to the knowing of the One of which we are?  Is my premise faulty???

Another passage interests me,

"As we sat “meditating,” according to the instructions, everyone in the group except me began to make strange noises with their mouths. For my part, my main difficulty during those first six months was keeping a straight face and not laughing as the sessions gradually became a raucous symphony of guttural clicks, slurps, and tongue flops. The nature of the experiment changed drastically when the group was visited by a contactee from Detroit. The contactee sat down with the group and almost immediately was contacted apparently by telepathic impression saying: “Why don’t you speak the thoughts that are on your minds? We are attempting to use you as instruments of communication, but you are all blocked through fear that you will not be speaking the proper words.”

I love this passage because it is a simple reminder to stay out of our own way during transformation/ascension!  There is a process going on and we need do little more than pay attention and trust our heart chakras and love and respect all for sake of rekindling our knowing the One.  The lie of separatism is fading and we are Being and being reborn.  It is time to reclaim the poorly used term "born again" and exercise fluid intelligence and judge not lest we put ourselves back into an old school coma, LOL....

As one in Mind of One,


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Joyanna, I do think you have a pleasant surprise in store for you as we move more into the Law of One, and, Davids' ensightful commentary.  Edgar Cayce was not in touch with Ra as far as anyone knows, but, David Wilcock is.  And all evidences and circumstances indicate that David is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

If you have the time, find the time if you don't, read this!


Love and light to you,


 I don't think of the symbolism of One as a number "one". For me that would be like confusing the finger that points at the moon for the moon itself.

In Buddhism the idea of reincarnation is simply the "continuum of consciousness".  If I hold the idea of One as the expansive state of the unity of diversity ( universe--sity) and my experience of the continuum of consciousness as a knowing, I get a feel of something palpable that I wish I had the language for.

Tricia wanna be 11_D

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I guess what I'm asking is, is the unique-"ness" we experience right now in 3D hologram, that sense that we are a unique snowflake in the big snow storm (no two are the same), is that real and unreal at the same time? Real in the sense that we each, in a very convincing way, bring something different to add to the collective experiencial knowledge, but unreal in the sense that we are never not part of that collective One, a wholeness that (if I understand this correctly) we ultimately and willfully offer up ourselves to in a way that completely surrenders all notion, concept and memory of being a "unique part" of that Whole that is never not whole, but allows for free will and practices nonintervention for the lion's share of the whole experience, thus creating a condition for the forever-increasing expansion of new and different experiencial knowledge of said One?

My memory goes back to the rolling image of the 3D/4D geometric example of the Tessaract seen in the beginning of Misty's forum,

I have a hunch that I will ultimately surrender the memory of "me" in exchange for a completely restored memory of the One (but the restored memory of the One is now complimented by the added experiencial knowledge of "me"), and that this whole process is like that rolling recycling 4D Tessaract that reflects/symbolizes what is really going on when it is reduced to its simplest form of expression - vast and ever-expanding, and yet very "less-is-more" simple at its very core.

Just throwing out thoughts/ponderings here to stoke the fire of this extremely fascinating process through many levels of densities and expressions of Light/Frequency!!! Please advise.....

Love, Chris

Whenever I am clutching my identity and the stories that I engage the world with in order to seek evidence of myself, I take a deep breath and draw on the scaffolding provided by Ken Wilber in the Integral Worldview and remember that there is really nothing out there to become a part of or become, as if this some-thing is pre-existing and has a self nature. Rather, I am present to this breath and this experience arising and I bring to this my altitude of consciousness as a subject with a view from a stage of development. 

If I am experiencing my reality from a enthocentric stage ( my tribe, my nation), I simply can't begin to understand the questions ( like in this forum) that arise from a stage higher in altitude such as worldcentric and globalcentric. But as we develop as individuals and as a culture the old frame of reference is included and transcended. Not forgotten, but a flavor added to the new expanded view.

This progression, if you will, has been my experience and the more of my personal stories that I have transcended ( its part of my conditioned identity and not really a "me"), it truly is like the smudges being removed from a glass and the ability to not only have a knowing of this expanded state within the stage of the globalcentric worldview, but to act as an ambassador to others in energetic communion or by works of compassion.

Drawing on my experience of transcending 3-D  in meditation and in mindful living, I have a vision and a feeling of the many me's nested within an ever-present, flowing movement of wholeness of which I live and move and have my being. And I am not those nested me's, rather the vast luminousity of seamless wholeness which is not-a-thing in a 3-D sense.

I don't imagine it as either I am a unique part,  or that I am the One. I know I brought some very distinct characteristics with me the day I was born that my parents would attest to, as there were four of us each demonstrating talents and knowledge that didn't seem to fit with our genetic and family picture.  I believe these expressions are brought to this incarnation as habits also known as Karma. I don't know if these karmic imprints are to be overcome or accepted, but I know that if ignored there is an expansion that may not be referenced and that would be suffering.

One thing I've cultivated with mindfulness is that it is never boring. And ever-present One is not outside of me or inside. It is the Always and Already-ness unfolding and that is the conundrum that I am okay with today.

I am so grateful for these dialogues, I always feel a little more grounded when I scramble words to reveal the ineffable. 

I like the wanna be 11-D trip too...even though ITS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


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Here is another key passage (either that or this sixth density collective entity is pulling our collective leg! Try to be gullible in the non-pejorative sense of the word described in this fascinating and revealing passage,

"This last point is an important one when talking about psychic research of any kind. Don has always said that one of my (Carla's) assets as a research associate is my great gullibility. Almost anyone can play a joke on me because I do not catch on quickly. I have a way of taking things as they come and accepting them at face value and only afterwards analyzing what has occurred. This gullibility is a vital factor in obtaining good results in paranormal research."

"A desire for proof will inevitably lead to null results and voided experiments."

"An open mind, one willing to be gullible, leads its possessor to a kind of subjective and personal certainty which does not equal proof as it cannot be systematically reproduced in others."

"However, this subjective knowing is a central part of the spiritual evolution to which Ra speaks so compellingly in this volume and which we have researched for many years now"

Interesting how mankind's desire for infallible/empirical evidence may be the very thing slowing our individual and collective progress to an infant's crawl!!!

Here are a couple of interesting links featuring more of Don and Carla's work.

"The first thing to say about the UFO phenomenon is that it is extraordinarily strange. The serious researcher, as he reads more and more and does more and more field research, finds himself less and less able to talk about the UFO phenomenon in a sensible and “down to Earth” way"

another key passage concerning the teachings of Ra,

"The physics which Ra discusses, having to do with the true nature of reality, posits the possibility of action at a distance as a function of mind, specifically the will"

related links from intro references

another key passage

"As you read The Ra Material you will begin to discover why it is mostly children that are able to do these things, and what the ability to do this has to do with the rest of the UFO message"

and as you read page 12, some of you may remember the child at the Oracle's apartment telling Neo the truth he must realize to be able to bend the spoon, "there is no spoon!". What comes to mind for me is the truth that no matter how densely you pack atoms together in any element/object, the object shall always remain almost 100% space due to the unalterable nature of the atoms that make up the objects (to be bent). The mind that believes that the metal is hard and strong shall also believe it cannot bend it no matter how hard it squints and strains. The mind that begins to understand the true nature of physical objects begins to really understand that there is really something true about the "there is no spoon" reference in the fictional movie it came from. It is amazing how many of these seemingly fictional references come to mind the more I learn about all that is really real about this universe/omniverse/whatever-verse.

another as I read along,

"After death an individual finds him(it)self at one of these levels of existence spoken of in connection with occult philosophy, the level of being dependent on the spiritual nature or development of the person at the time of his death. The cliché that covers this theory is a heavenly “birds of a feather flock together.” When a ghost materializes into our reality, it is from one of these levels that he usually comes for his Earthly visit. In general, it is theorized that a planet is a sort of spiritual distillery, with reincarnation taking place into the physical world until the individual is sufficiently developed in the spiritual sense that he can reach the higher planes of existence, and is no longer in need of this planet’s developmental lessons.

Most of this theory was developed as a result of reported contact and communication with the inhabitants of these supposedly separate realities. I have come to believe that these levels interpenetrate with our physical space and mutually coexist, though with very little awareness of each other. A simple analogy, to which I’ve referred before, is to consider the actors in two different TV shows, both receivable on the same set, but each show being exclusive of the other. This seems to be what we experience in our daily lives: one channel or density of existence, being totally unaware of the myriad entities occupying other frequencies of our physical space. The point of all this is that our reality is not ultimate or singular; it is, in fact, our reality only at the present"

 I recommend ( as I read Chris' posts ) a prolonged look at the Diamond Sutra of the Buddha.  This is the Sutra of Sutras often cited as the Wisdom Sutra or the Diamond Cutter Sutra.

If you can master this sutra on emptiness and the dharma of no dharma you have no need for the Buddha or Buddhism for that matter. 

I have a translation by Red Pine  with a very deep commentary.  It parallels the Ra material which is more the via positiva path versus the via negativa path of Buddhism. Both of which can be abandoned like a raft once you cross the river to the "other" side.



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Or at least there is evidence/"curved traces" leading one to believe we are, LOL....

Your timing on that post was/is exquisitely perfect with the next passage from the introduction I was/is about to post here!!!! Oh, by the way, do you have a link to the translation by Red Pine (deep commentary) you mentioned in your post? Can you link us to it or attach a PDF of it???

Here is the passage that relates well to what Tricia is alluding to about apparent physical reality (among other things),

"When you look at the stars in the night sky, you would probably see something quite similar to what you would see if you could stand on the nucleus of any atom of “solid” material and look outward toward our environment. To demonstrate an electron to you, a physicist will probably show you a curved trace of one on a photographic plate. What he probably does not tell you is that this is secondhand evidence. The electron itself has never been seen; only its effect on a dense medium can be recorded. It is possible, of course, to make accurate mathematical calculations about what we call an electron. For such work we must know some data on magnetic field strength, electron charge, and velocity. But since a magnetic field is caused by moving charges, which in turn are empirically observed phenomena, we find that the entire mathematical camouflage obscures the fact that all we really know is that charged particles have effects on each other. We still don’t know what charged particles are, or why they create an action-at-a-distance effect"

"Senior scientists would be the first to agree that there is no such thing as an absolute scientific explanation of anything"

"In the sense of penetrating the fundamental essences of things, we really do not understand anything at all"

"A magnetic field is nothing but a mathematical method of expressing the relative motion between electrical fields. Electrical fields are complex mathematical interpretations of a totally empirical observation stated as Coulomb’s Law. In other words, our forest of scientific knowledge and explanations is made up of trees about which we understand nothing except their effect, their existence"

This is a physics lesson that reveals the elusive nature of physical matter. When I see you, I am seeing an indication of you with my senses, and my mind will make of it what it will, but that doesn't change the fact that I am not seeing the real you, just as the physicist can only show you a curved trace of an electron on a photographic plate. What I see is second hand evidence, a phantom so to speak.

If I understand this phrase from your post correctly Tricia,

"If you can master this sutra on emptiness and the dharma of no dharma
you have no need for the Buddha or Buddhism for that matter"

than you are alluding to this very core truth about our existence, that we must unpeel layer after layer of invested and entrenched misunderstanding about what we have come to incorrectly believe is real, those beliefs which are not real, and must be undone to begin to more clearly see all that is left when we unpeel those layers upon layers of illusion we have invested in for a very long time. This really reveals the power of free will and belief and intent, to be so invested in the apparent "curved trace" evidence that we miss the forest for the trees (again). "Emptiness" is a very beautiful and liberating thing when it helps us better understand how things really are - how much empty space comprises the "curved trace" of alleged "you" and "me" and alleged everything in this so called physical world that parallels much less dense realities all around us right here and right now and always and evermore and more....

Talk about less is more!!!! LOL

and let this "bug" begin to penetrate your understanding a little,

"the speed of light is totally independent of the speed of its source"

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Here is an email I just sent to Don concerning some videos I just recently viewed concerning the electromagnetic nature of the universe and how stars may not even be fusion engines as previously believed...

I hope this question can be given to Don. We at the Transformation Team portal of have just begun an exciting study group forum on the Law of One series of books. We let the first forum of the study group be based on the introduction in book one and the study guide/overview by David Wilcock found at My question for you Don has to do with some info on pg 16 (and the time of that writing),

“The most perplexing problem of science has always been finding a satisfactory explanation of what is called action at a distance. In other words, everyone knows that if you drop something it will fall, but no one knows precisely why. Many people know that electric charges push or pull on each other even if separated in a vacuum, but again no one knows why. Although the phenomena are quite different, the equations which describe the force of interaction are quite similar: For gravitation: F=Gmm’r2 For electrostatic interaction: F=Kqq’r2 The attractive force between our planet and our sun is described by the gravitational equation. The attractive force between orbiting electrons and the atomic nucleus is described by the electrostatic interaction equation. Now each of these equations was determined experimentally. They are not apparently related in any way, and yet they both describe a situation in which attractive force falls off with the square of the distance of separation. A mathematical representation of an action at a distance effect is called a field, such as a gravitational or electric field. It was Albert Einstein’s foremost hope to find a single relation which would express the effect of both electric and gravitational phenomena; in fact, a theory which would unify the whole of physics, a unified field theory. Einstein believed that this was a creation of total order and that all physical phenomena were evolved from a single source. This unified field theory, describing matter as pure field, has been accomplished now”

My question is, would you have mentioned anything more concerning all we now know about “the electric universe” so to speak, and how gravity is now understood to be much more of an electromagnetic phenomenon, as well as the sun’s (any star’s) behavior being not about fusion, but about, well, before I bumble this too much more, here is the link to about 7 very interesting shorts describing what I am having trouble putting into words (have you seen them? are you familiar with this work?),17.0.html

Thank you so much for any reply you can give me to further shed light on this (I think) very exciting discovery that begins to explain the behavior of the universe in a much more unified way. Would Einstein be doing backflips for joy???

Love and Light,

Chris Bowers

Transformation Team portal from

(Fred Burks' baby - the portal, not me, LOL)

p.s. having a wonderful time moving through the introduction alone!
looking forward to moving through the 106 sessions! We have several
members who have a head start on us and will be instrumental in
assisting us during the awakening journey of shedding the layers of
entrenched misunderstanding about all that is real, the glorious
understanding of the reality of "emptiness" that better describes the
illusion/hologram of 3D physical matter than anything else I can think
of, given the nature of the atom. hearing the description of the atom
years ago is what really got me started and lit my imagination
concerning the fact that we are really almost 100% space (some might
contend we are totally 100% space, LOL)

Yes Chris,

The Red Pine trans/commentary I have is in book form and I haven't located anything of his online yet.

However, there is a website for the Buddhist Sutras and there is a link to the Diamond Sutra without any commentary and there is also a link to a pdf file of the same: Vajra prajna Paramita Sutra that is a Chinese translation and commentary. It is so in depth that the actual Sutra doesn't start until page 57 (on the pdf file) or Chapter 2: Subhutis Request.  The download is 248 pages so I'll just provide the link to explore...


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Review of The Diamond Sutra: The Perfection of Wisdom (translated by Red Pine, N.Y., Counterpoint Press, 2002; 480 pp., $25.00, cloth binding) by Trevor Carolan (available at Amazon for $13.60 - see link below)

Sometime near 400 B.C. when he was aged about 65, the historical Buddha returned from his daily round of begging in Shravasti and offered his assembled disciples an uncompromising discourse.Subsequently known as "the Diamond Cutter" and finally committed to writing, probably verse, two hundred years later, The Diamond Sutra has since been regarded as the Buddhist teaching that cleaves through every last scrap of illusion and delusion on the path to highest perfect wisdom. As an essential Buddhist text, renderings in English have been available for several generations, but with Master Red Pine's stunningly comprehensive new translation that includes a goldmine of commentary from both Sanskrit and Chinese original sources, we are offered authoritative new insight into to this foundational jewel of Buddhist lore and liturgy. Transmitted in prose, the Sutra here is imbued with its original poetic resonance, a tribute to Red Pine's own commitment to the muse and dharma respectively. Don't expect the blinding oratorical radiance of other classical teachings: this is a work rooted in the everyday world and in the body-in the real work and the real world of the Buddha-dharma. As if the Buddha's own words could possibly be further clarified, a galaxy of frontline historical commentators from Asanga to Thich Nhat Hanh provide rich explication in getting beyond the body, beyond "the sea of being", even beyond emptiness in making The Diamond Sutra's incandescent teaching alive again and for our time. How does it all shake down? As Sixth ZenPatriarch Hui-neng observes in a commentary on one of the sutra's 32 'chapters', "If you want a metaphor for incomplete nirvana, look at the ashes in a stove. If you want a metaphor for complete nirvana, what do you see when the ashes have been blown away?" Here then, at last, is a contemporary translation of Buddhism's definitive Big Meditation. What an immensely readable treasure it is!

Did you know that Bill Porter (Red Pine is is pen name) lives in Port Townsend, Washington?

What a small world!!!!

here is a link with a good pic of Bill (Red) and his wiki page and one from Kyoto Journal

and one from Dharma Avenue

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"I had been pondering several interesting statements communicated through contactees by the alleged UFO source prior to discovering Larson’s work in the early sixties. Although the people who had received these communications knew nothing of the problems of modern physics, they were getting information which apparently was quite central to physical theory: first, they suggested that the problem with our science was that it did not recognize enough dimensions. Second, they stated that light does not move; light is. Larson’s theory posits six dimensions instead of the customary four, and finds the pure field, which Einstein believed would represent matter, to move outward from all points in space at unit velocity, or the velocity of light. Photons are created due to a vibratory displacement in space-time, the fabric of the field. Furthermore, the contactees were saying that consciousness creates vibration, this vibration being light. The vibratory displacements of space-time in Larson’s theory are the first physical manifestation, which is the photon or light. According to the UFO contactees, the UFOs lower their vibrations in order to enter our skies. The entire physical universe postulated by Larson is dependent on the rate of vibration and quantized rotations of the pure field of space-time. The contactees were suggesting that time was not what we think it is. Larson suggests the same thing. The UFOs were said to move in time as we move in space. This would be entirely normal in Larson’s time-space portion of the universe. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the contactees were receiving the message that the creation is simple, all one thing. Larson’s theory is a mathematical statement of this unity"

I do not pretend to know exactly what all that means yet, but I feel like I vaguely recognize something in it, like someone with poor night vision being able to vaguely make out something of what they see, but mean to get a little closer and get a better look. David Wilcock has spoken on this subject of space/time and time/space. I feel there will come a time soon when we understand what this passage is talking about much more clearly, for those contactees who are speaking about it are living proof that we will in "time"....

"What physicists have never before considered worth investigating is now increasing at a very rapid rate. Action at a distance, apparently as a result of some type of mental activity, seems repeatedly the observed effect"

"Gradually we are moving into a position from which we can begin to create a science of “magic,” for that which has been called magic through the ages is now being performed at an ever-increasing rate, primarily by children. In the future, we may even find this “magic” added to the curriculum of the sciences at universities"

"In point of fact, the present disciplines of chemistry, physics, etc., are still basically “magic” to us, since we are still in the position of having no ultimate explanation of causality"

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key one,

"Rather, I am present to this breath and this experience arising and I
bring to this my altitude of consciousness as a subject with a view
from a stage of development"

key two,

"Not forgotten, but a flavor added to the new expanded view" (although I reserve the fluid intel open ended position of discovering that there may be much we discard/forget since we already practice this selective memory processing on a daily basis due to info overload if we did not).  Definitely and obviously a flavor added to the expanded view!  Okay, I may be splitting hairs with this point, haaahahaha

key three,

"and the ability to not only have a knowing of this expanded state
within the stage of the globalcentric worldview, but to act as an
ambassador to others in energetic communion or by works of compassion"
(I love this point that features the combination of the effect and cause, so to speak - the effect and the fortunate duty of those effected by and with "the cause")

key four,

"Drawing on my experience of transcending 3-D  in meditation and in
mindful living, I have a vision and a feeling of the many me's nested
within an ever-present, flowing movement of wholeness of which I live
and move and have my being. And I am not those nested me's, rather the
vast luminousity of seamless wholeness which is not-a-thing in a 3-D
(I treasure this well-made point too because it reminds me to not split hairs and get lost searching for evidence, thereby losing the awareness of the forest for the trees.  I will always ultimately choose to be gullible rather than cynical and jaded, and I am so glad that the intro to The Law of One addresses gullibility and subjectivity in such a positive way - not only positive but defines these terms as necessary components of transformation and ascension!  Who woulda thunk it!!!)

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First of all, I am overwhelmed with all of the foregoing information.  I think, in my humble opinion, that all of this esoteric and very envolved material is scaring away a lot of people who would otherwise be interested and serious about studying the Law of One.


I appreciate the height to which you have taken the introduction material.  But it seems to me that all of this is missing the point!


Ra's main purpose was to point us all to the One Infinite Creator and to teach us that everything is Creator!


I would like to quote some important statements that Ra made which is, I believe, the purpose of  the Law of One series and this particular study group.


In Book 1, Session 1 page 67, they said:

"In truth there is no right or wrong.  There is no polarity, for all will be reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/ spirit complex with which you amuse yourself.  This belief in polarity is chosen, instead of understnding the complete unity of thought that binds all things together.

  You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every situation.

  You are unity. You are infinity.

  You are love/ light,  light /love.

  You are.

  This is the Law of One


The Law of one, although beyond all words, may be approximated by saying that all things are one; there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only one identity.  All is one; and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.



The Hindu tradition has a saying. "this is That, that is That, you are That, I am That, and That is all there is."


There is also another modern saying that is abreviated in KISS, "Keep it simple stupid!"  I hate to be a party pooper but lets keep it on a level where the rest of us, I include myself, can deal with it.  Thank you guys.


My loving blessing in the Light/Love of our One Infinite Creator,


to describe that which is no-thing and yet everything, I agree Berry, does not seem clear.

In the quotes that you have cited there is agreement with what Chris and I have discussed; that is non-duality, or choiceless awareness and yet I must argue that you seem to interpret the Ra,  Law of One message as a choice for One as Creator. I feel that it was made clear that the Law of One is what the Sufi poet Rumi wrote about when he asked that we join him in that field where there is no right or wrong, no this or that.

I think this is very pertinent to this dialogue that we not be squelched, but that each of us remembers Emerson's, " As within - so without".  If you want a deep sense of a shift to another dimension the best place to start is by asking this self of which we think is so solid; " Who is the "I" that is arguing for a mental position and forget the choice or this position and face that "I" and see what happens...

I'm sorry if you have had to become a voice of complaint for yourself and others rather than just choosing to ignore that which you don't want to accept in your thinking, and allow free speech. I say this in all due respect for your position on the Law of One and ask that you respect and accept others interpretation.

After all, Berry its just mental gymnastics that are appealing to your sense of separation and that is in my humble opinion, the antithesis of the Ra commentary.



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not to discourage anyone from expressing their own ideas in whatever language is appropriate to them, but simply to allow the discussion, especially now at the beginning, to be accessible to all who might want to participate. I think the best way to express an idea or a Truth, is to put it as simply as possible while maintaining accuracy. This leaves little room to be misunderstood, and is more apt to draw the attention of others. Some of us (and I hope I'm not the only one) are still waiting for a place to jump in, but when the topics veer off into other important studies and esoteric language, I don't see a way to enter the discussion

That said, The following paragraph from the Introduction caught my attention and caused me to pause.

"However, there is a study of the so-called magical personality which suggests
that there is a thread which runs through our daily lives which we can grasp;
and, using that thread, remove ourselves from time to time into a
framework of reference points in which we see reality as being that of the
spiritual body, that the personality which exists from incarnation to
incarnation and indeed “since before the world was.” By working upon this
magical personality, by interiorizing experience, by accepting responsibility
for all that occurs, by carefully analyzing our reactions to all that occurs, and
by eventually coming to balance our reactions to all that occurs so that our
actions in our environment are generated within the self and are no longer
simple reactions to outward stimulus, we strengthen the so-called magical
personality until we are able to have some small claim to “the art of causing
changes in consciousness at will.”
This is the classic definition of magic.
Each time that a person sustains an unfortunate situation and reacts to it by
not giving anger for anger or sadness for sadness but instead offering
compassion and comfort where none was expected, we strengthen that
thread of inner strength within us and we become more and more
associated with a life that is closely related to the organic evolution of the

This gives me a reason to continue to dig into this material to see what other gems are to be found here. Please, this is not a criticism, but maybe some have studied far more than the rest, and it seems appropriate, and loving, to leave room for everyone to join in.

With Love flowing to all,


 In the Ra material it is stated that the commentary is no substitute for the practice of meditation. With the practice of meditation one may have direct experience of multidimensional surfing.

I don't think that my voice is a supportive one here any longer and I will hold the space of infinite posssibility for all of you while on the meditation cushion. 



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I do sincerely apologize if my last post has caused hard feeling, separation, and pain.  It was not my intention to cause hurt.  I had not envisioned this thread as becoming a forum for highly evolved philosophical discourse but rather a means of sharing and teaching/learning the fundamentals of the Law of One.  I admit, that I was out of line, in my comments, and should have, as Tricia said, allow for those who want to exercise their right to discuss the thoughts which the main subject brings to mind.

I personally am not of a philosophical nature and so felt like I was listening to a debate team on subjects outside my ken.  Again, I would probably have found more connection had I more recently read the introdution.  In any case, please accept my apologies and let's move on in unity and love.  OK?



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That was/is a perfect and wonderful passage and speaks volumes about the value of remaining still and balanced when our egos would have us react in some manner that would surely knock us off the balance beam of life. As for an ongoing discussion that you may see as discouraging some from finding a place to jump in, that gets into making excuses for ourselves at the expense of others. I had previously read just a few pages of the introduction of Law of One, and am now (while reading all of the introduction for the first time too) in this first of many Law of One forums to come, quoting passages from the introduction that I am touched by and then commenting on them. This is something everyone can do by simply reading the material and letting that same process happen, a passage speaks to you and you post it and say how it touched you and what you thought when you read it. This is a simple process (as it should be) thus making it completely open and available to everyone.

No one should feel intimidated by anything here. We each must be proactive about self-activating and slowly dismiss all notions of being victim to anything. The more we do that the more we take our power back that we relinquished to illegitimate fear. No one takes anything from us - we give it up freely every time....

I encourage everyone to jump in and comment on the introduction material until we exhaust the introduction and then have a blast getting into the sessions, one after another! It is so cool that Berry provided the link that gives us the option to go to one session at a time in the near future.

As a pretty cool dude once said, "Go and sin no more". To me, "now", that simply means stay balanced in golden light during all the positive and negative stimuli that continually affords us the ongoing opportunity of staying centered through it all or willfully falling off the balance beam and then blaming someone or something else for our fall or our "unwillingness" (I had been blaming Bush for alot of my unwillingness the past 8 years, LOL). Our power will return to us in direct proportion to our growing ability to find no one to blame or correct for what we are willing or unwilling to do ourselves...

Love, Chris

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When I began this new forum, I mentioned a sort of warning that came to me while driving into work the morning I was to post this new and fascinating forum. I warned us (or I was warned) not to let it be turned into religious dogma. That is the ego's desire for all good and liberating information. It is really no surprise that it would show up here in a study of the Law of One.  What may be perceived as ironic could be seen as quite natural, given the quality of the material to be studied. Tricia, please meditate and return to this forum to share all that keeps coming into that wonderfully open and receptive heart/mind of "yours"!

Berry, all I can say from my isle of view is that Tricia's comment(s) has/have been right on the money and very appropriate and complimentary as great affirmation for all that we will be and are learning in the Law of One material, even in the introduction (which I find absolutely fascinating!). Ra would be the first to tell us that this same info can be located similarly in other locations from other great teachers following the same heart chakra driven path that leads to the same place Ra would lead us towards. Only religions and egos argue for being right(eous) at the expense of someone else having to be wrong or misguided. You of all people know that already!

I see this typical episode as the perfect test. There are forces that could be viewed as "dark" forces that would rather we not study this material. David Wilcock periodically speaks of this spiritual struggle he encounters constantly during his good work that he does and knows the power of staying calm and centered in the balance between perceived positive and negative forces, acknowledging both and judging/worshipping neither, he remains safe from the otherwise misleading dictates of his ego by his willingness to forego the temptation of engaging the lie.

The info that Tricia has shared concerning the "Diamond Cutter" aspect of all she related to from her extensive personal studies is an absolute treasure I will be looking deep into as a parallel study to the Law of One. If not for her I don't know when I may have had the pleasure of being introduced to Red Pine and his wonderful work! I am also researching and experimenting with the healing and meditation properties of the nine frequencies from the perfect circle of sound.

As for taking an exhaustive approach to the introduction, I can think of no better way to approach a subject than to be very grounded in a good introduction. The author writes what she and he writes for good reason, so the reader can fully appreciate how all this came to be and uses supporting sciences (in this case) to confirm much of what the reader is about to read and discover. There is nothing trivial about a good introduction and we do well to soak it up prior to diving into the sessions.

I will humbly plead and beg again that we refrain from dogmatic inclination and religious tendencies that have plagued this kind of learning so many times before. That has happened enough already and it is time for us to accelerate through and past all that nonsense and keep this completely open and free flowing so ALL feel free and very safe to speak whatever there beautiful and wide open heart chakras are leading them to share at any given time.

I am confident that Ra can handle that lovely liberty - the question is, can we???

Love, Chris

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If anyone else wonders what we might find in this study, I appreciated this brief description of what might be found here.

"However, this is an introduction to a book which consists of transcripts of
messages of a very precise nature having to do with metaphysics,
philosophy, and the plan of evolution, both physical and spiritual, of man
on Earth.
Consequently, what I propose to do is share with you some of the
research material which our group has collected through the years." (Book 1, pg 22)

Love to you all,


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That sounds great JoyAnna!

I can well imagine that we might just want to move this to the "Groups" format for the official book one forum when we have exhausted this introduction forum, or maybe even concurrently so those done with the introduction can begin to post quotes and comments on sessions in book one on the new book one forum in "Groups". Will all of you chime in and let me know what you think about expediting the process with this concurrent forums idea??? This way we can leave the intro forum going in case someone has any more to include in it and also begin a new book one forum in "Groups", and then link the initial introduction forum in the new forum at a later date for easy access.

Live and let Love, Chris

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Berry, as I read the smaller introductions to book two and three, I just wanted you to know that I can sure see why you might wish to get this thing moving along! Some of the most important subject matter we could be studying right now is in book three!

it says,

"Book III of THE LAW OF ONE is an intensive study of the techniques of balancing of the energy centers and efficient polarization as our planet makes ready for harvest into Fourth Density. The nature of time/space and space/time are examined, and some of the ramifications of meditation and magic are discussed. A good deal of material about psychic attack and the Orion group is included, and the volume ends with a beginning glance into the archetypical mind"

although we probably should move through the books in order since the sessions build upon one another, I found myself very tempted to want to move straight to book three since it is talking about some aspects of struggle we are dealing with right now as we move toward 4th density, and I would imagine they just might get a little more intense as we proceed.

We shall see and learn and grow and love and conquer that which does not really exist...

"What is real cannot be threatened"

"What is unreal does not exist"

"Herein lies the peace of God"

What an incredible collection the Law of One is!!!!

Oh, and thank you so much for your loving input Elizabeth!!!

I just created the first of five "book" forums in "Groups" under the new Law of One, Ra Sessions category. Was so tempted to go ahead and create all five so anyone can post comment relating to any of the 106 sessions, but then thought better of it since it may appear a bit rude if members all of a sudden see 6 Law of One forums listed in a row and crowding all other forums off the home page list of forums (created as open group forum so they'll show on the home page and no one need ask permission to join)

All in good time.....

--- Post removed at author's request ---

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feel free All to continue to post any comments about the introduction here while you post comments concerning sessions in book one at the groups forum.  that should serve to quell some of the impatience blues, LOL (so looking forward to the sessions in book three!)

you will find the same links to the study guide/overview and the 106 individual sessions, as well as the attachment of book one, at the new groups forum.

We are up and running!!!

I'm almost done with the first pdf, Book One and am wanting more, more and more... And I sit on an excercise ball while reading on the computer, moving, stretching and definitely strengthening my core.  Thanks for a good workout...mind/body/heart


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When I noticed the post by Berry & Chris, I downloaded the PDF and began reading -- now most of the way through book one. I thought I'd come back to the forum and let folks know I was involved and engaged. I read through all of the posts -- what a ride. I love each of you for being the one you are; its been great fun.

I am moved by the Ra material and find it perfectly complimentary to my Dzogchen/Mahamudra practices. The exercise that Ra give of finding the opposite of anything we are experiencing within ourselves reminds me of the experience of Tonglen where I recognize some constriction of hatred, fear, jealousy, etc. in myself, breathe in the suffering of all beings who, like me feel this limiting mind, and exhale the spacious, well-being "opposite" feeling to all of them...repeatedly. It feels more or less the same to me.

I look forward to whatever emerges from this forum.

Blessings All,


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I just finished the Intro last night so will be joining in as we go along. My eyes get tired reading on the computer, so I have ordered the first book. I just have to mark and notate things as I read.

One thing I noticed while going through the Intro, is the continual stress put on the practice of meditation. Made me think of you, Tricia. Evidently, meditation and studying go hand in hand. I know there are many forms of meditation but I still have not found a way to still my chattering mind enough to get into meditation very much. I have always felt that maybe when I am doing certain things, such as gardening or needlework, I may approach something like meditation. I hope this study will help me learn to be still, so I can know.

Thanks for getting this set up, Chris. Do we move on into the group site now? and should we "join" even though anyone can read and post to this group?

Loving you all,


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for the link to the information about David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce. I enjoyed reading it so much and it sure took me back to those days when I was so involved with studying the Cayce readings. It isn't important to me whether David is or is not the reincarnation of Cayce: they bring the same message of Love and Oneness. Now, I can hardly wait to delve on into the Law of One for more of this goodness.

In Love and Oneness,


Joyanna or anyone interested in free downloads of a 6 week Mindfulness Meditation Course, I have provided the link . The teacher is Gil Fronsdal and his voice will keep you captivated as he talks you through these meditations.


That link goes to an error page so if you just go to the Zencast page and go to April 2008 Mindfulness Meditation Course that Starts at Zencast 147 that should work...


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I was provided a wonderful little ebook just last week that has some wonderful information on getting into meditation. I am attaching it for your and others enjoyment. It is only 17 pages long so easily printed out.

Love and Light,


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Thanks for what you have done.  I think it is great.

I know how tempting it is to jump ahead to later sessions of the LoO. The important thing to remember is that each session/book builds on what has gone before.  I don't know whether that was intentional, (I believe it was designed as such by Ra) but like anything that is constructed, the building blocks need to be laid from the ground up.  Yes, the further you get into the Ra Material, the more exciting it gets. And the more complex the concepts become. But I can't say don't do it. You will find some very fascinating and important stuff in the first 2 books, just as Tricia and John have already done.




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So very glad you are here to share your take on all of this! Your big heart and apt mind belong here in this study of this amazing material, especially during these seemingly bizarre times when it may very well be the power of our collective spiritual intent that is the very key that solves some of the apparent problems we face on this planet, problems we may have previously thought quite insurmountable at times. Our calm, determined, confident and unconditional loving and balanced-for-a-purpose intent may be the very powerful answer we have been long looking for for much of our lives...

Love & Light with All Our Might,


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I set the Law of One category in "Groups" as an open group so not only is there no need to "join", the forum shows up immediately on the home page like general forums do. It is the best of both "forum worlds" because if it gets buried by forums to follow on the home page, it is easy enough to access in "Groups" in the "community" menu at the top of any portal page we are on. As for when to begin posting on the new forum, it is open for business and the introduction forum shall remain available for posting in case some have more to say about their personal adventures through the introduction. Ultimately, the introduction forum will just be a dormant linked "reference" linked to the "book one" forum (already linked there now) in "Groups".

Oh, JoyAnna, concerning your desire to be more able to be still in mind during meditation. I have the same problem, like ADD or something, and the meditation, relaxation and healing CD's I recently purchased from

have been an absolute godsend in making the process of being naturally still during meditation more attainable with an almost hypnotic spontaneous flow. My favorites right now are Holy Harmony and The Lost Chord (I wish I could post an attachment of Holy Harmony but it is one 72 minute MP3 which is way too big to post here).

The research that Jonathan Goldman and associates has done in frequency, language and chants is brilliant and inspired! Attached below are the first three off of The Lost Chord, a work that takes the listener through a journey of meditation that addresses the base chakra to the crown chakra, and then back down to the base chakra through 14 beautiful pieces. And don't be put off by the accompanying very low frequency chant that we are not use to hearing - it is one of the lower frequencies from "God's Perfect Circle of Sound" or the Solfeggio frequencies thought to be the origin of creation itself! Enjoy muchly, and check out the healingsounds website (the 2nd link takes you straight to the whole collection of works on CD's). I cannot recommend these erudite works enough!!!

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This forum, today, is like manna in the desert, or looking under the tree on Christmas morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tricia, I downloaded the meditation course along with the "homework", and Chris, I downloaded the music and bookmarked the Goldman site to access more of the music. Berry, I downloaded the booklet you offered on Meditation. Now I have plenty to keep me busy, along with delving into the LoO, Bk 1.

May I please share a little bit about the transformation that is taking place within me lately? I suppose this should be in a blog, but it has all come to head here in this forum.

Despite all my intentions, I have felt critical of some of you. Even my therapist would always ask, "What part of you is that talking?" I was not able to will this critical attitude away, but as I begin to let go of the protective shield of self-reliance, I see, instead, loving manifestations of The Oneness of all. Oh, how fear twists us around!! I have lots more work to do on this, but please accept my apology for not seeing you for who your are, for not seeing me for who I am, and for not seing Us as One. I love you.

The other major transformation I am experiencing is in my body. These past four years or so I have watched my body grow weaker and weaker, the diabetes remaining uncontrollable, pound after pound of heaviness accumulate, such that I began to wonder if my time here on earth was growing short. The doctors put me through so many of their arsenal of tests and nothing treatable ever showed up other than age and diabetes, and all they could offer was, "exercise and loose weight, and here's another prescription that will cause more weight gain." Finally, I went on line and researched the side effects of all the meds I was taking, and began to eliminate the ones that were adding to my symptoms and that I felt were not absolutely necessary. The weight began to drop, my voice began to clear up, and some of the pain began to lift. Then Ivar, who used to be here on TT, suggested I look into Ayurvedic healing, and I found a center even here in Bellingham. This has led me to accept some major changes in how I eat, sleep, live. Within a few weeks, the weight is dropping dramatically, I am taking dramatically less insulin and still maintaining better control than in the past 36 years. My energy has returned most days so I can once again work out in my yard and watch the garden I planted take off and grow like never before. I tell you, it's like being born again! Last week when I saw the Ayurvedic practitioner, she suggested that I begin to sing again, and instructed me in a simple breathing/stretching exercise leading into a few quiet moments of reflection (beginning meditation??)

Everything is happening so quickly. And now you all begin this study of the Law of One which takes me to the very foundation of my spiritual studies that have sustained me through all of my adult life. Sometimes it takes me longer than others to get there, but just maybe I'll get it all together in time.

Thank you all so much,

Loving as One,


--- Post removed at author's request ---

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Your liberation feels like a gift under the Christmas tree too!  It is so good to hear the sound of joy and liberation in your voice.  It is such a wonderful affirmation and beautiful encouragment!

thank you for sharing that story of victory and joy!!!!  Makes me think that the only person that can stop me is me, therefore I am (you are - we is) free!!!!

Love, Chris

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from The Lost Chord. Very enjoyable to have on while reading...

Sounds have been used for so many things,

to enjoy, to literally transport one to remote viewing/time travel, to actually lift very heavy objects and most likely, sound is somehow instrumental in cooperation (with the electromagnetic forces we are constantly swimming in) with certain forms of anti-gravity technology.

What our hearts seek for and our minds begin to grasp and understand, we shall surely and ultimately discover by conscious intent.

This process will continue on and on. If people really understood how much technology is being kept hidden from us for the past 50 years from reverse engineering the technology of downed ET spacecraft they would have a very difficult time believing it, even when it is right there before their eyes (as much of it is today!).

What our hearts seek for and our minds begin to understand, we shall surely discover. And we shall move on and on and on....

(Hint: If you want to really get an exclusive glimpse of all that has been reverse engineered over the past 50 years, read Col Philip J. Corso's amazing first-hand account in his book, "The Day After Roswell") Since there is much mention of UFO's in the introduction and Ra itself is a collective 6th density entity from another star system, it is fitting for this reference to be cataloged here. Anyone who reads this book will not likely ever again be in doubt about the existence of of ET's from other star systems, or as certain aspects of the military intimately knows them, "EBE's" (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). They chose that for very good reason because the "greys" that were retrieved from the Roswell crash in the summer of 1947 were thoroughly examined (some aspects of these "entities" have been reversed engineered) and their outer "skin" was more of a suit than typical organic skin, a suit that could safely maintain an electromagnetic charge in a sort of a conscious balancing act with the ship itself (made of a very thin copper/silver alloy that offered zero resistance to electromagnetic charge), and also protect them from harmful radiation. There was also much about these entities that appeared more manufactured by design than born from the womb, specifically designed for space travel as scouts so to speak by some advanced form of bio-engineering.

Just read the book and see what I mean - you will be blown away by the first hand account and extensive credible data....

has moved me deeply into a tearful joy and gratitude.  What a epic time to be alive!

Thank you,


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According to an entity called Hatonn who has spoken with our group and several others for many years, the purpose in being here of at least some of the UFOs that are seen in our skies at this time is much like the purpose that we might have in sending aid to a disaster-stricken or extremely impoverished country.

It is a desire to be of service.

"We have been contacting people of planet Earth for many, many of your years. We have been contacting at intervals of thousands of years those who sought our aid. It is time for many of the people of this planet to be contacted, for many now have the understanding and the desire to seek something outside the physical illusion that has for so many years involved the thinking of those of this planet. The process we are stimulating is one which is self-generating. As more and more of those who desire our contact receive it and pass it on to others, then those who receive this passed-on information will then themselves be able to reach a state of thinking and understanding sufficiently in tune, shall I say, with our vibrations in order to receive our contact. For this, my friends, is how contacts work. It is first necessary, if the entity is to be able to receive our contact, for him to become of a certain vibration as a result of his thinking. This is greatly speeded by involvement in groups such as this. And then it is finally done through meditation. In other words, the verbal communications given to the entity by the channels such as this one create a system of thought and a desire for spiritual awareness that raises his vibration.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are very sorry that we cannot step upon your soil and teach those of your people who desire our service. But, my friends, as we have said before, this would be a very great disservice to those who do not desire our service at this time, and we are afraid we would have little effect in bringing understanding even to those who desire it, for understanding, my friends, comes from within. We can only guide. We can only suggest. We are attempting to do this in such a way that the seeking of the individual will be stimulated to turning his thinking inward, inward to that single source of love and understanding, the Creator, that is part of us all, part of everything that exists, for everything that exists, my friends, is the Creator. We are very privileged to have you join with us in this great service at this time in the history of your planet. For this is a very great time, a great transitional period, in which many of the Earth’s people will be raised from their state of confusion to a simple understanding: the love of their Creator."

The Gathering Spot is a PEERS empowerment website
"Dedicated to the greatest good of all who share our beautiful world"