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Well folks, here's some more pretty amazing stuff from Benjamin Fulford.  He's a controversial figure, apparently with real connections in terms of information and power.  I can't decide whether he's genuine, a loose cannon with a crack in it, or a mixture of both.  Sometimes he comes out with things that appear to be bizarre in the extreme.  But, as Fred pointed out once, he has appeared in public with powerful people, and he is listened to by many.  In any case, I admit that I'm addicted to his blog postings.  Here's the latest one as of today, 10/14/09.  Note that he doesn't claim that everything he's reporting is the truth; he's just putting it out there.  The URL for his blog is http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/ .  Also, if you want to look more into Fulford and make your own determination about him, here's the "database" for him on Rense.com: http://www.rense.com/Datapages/fulfdat.htm.  Good luck and sweet dreams.


More about the Queen’s visit to Washington and all the lies we are being told

Recently I was contacted by a lawyer who said he represents an Asian “dragon” fund and also works for the Queen of England. He is directly involved in the arrest in Italy recently of two Japanese who were carrying $134.5 billion in gold backed bonds. He said the bonds were owned by good guys who wanted to develop free energy technology and end poverty and do other good stuff. In relation to this incident, the Vatican sent Leo Zagami over to Japan to discuss with me, among other things, these bonds.

The story I was told by Zagami was bizarre in the extreme but I will pass it along in case it helps shed light on the total confusion that seems to be prevailing right now. According to Zagami, the Illuminati or the committee of 300 are a group of interbred families who have been ruling humanity for 26,000 years according to a pre-arranged plot. All world “leaders” according to him (I am pretty sure he was sent as a proxy for Count Hans Kolvenbach, the black pope and still the real power behind the Vatican) have been actors. That is why we use the term “acting president,” he says.

According to Zagami, the plot ends in 2012 and the secret government really does not know what will happen next. He said one faction, known as the Thule Society, was behind all the wars and the nastiness that was going on. They control the Nazis and much of the Islamic world, according to Zagami and other sources. Their leadership consists of George Bush Senior and his cabal. Their goal is to make Obama a Muslim God king of the world, he says. Their plan was for a 1000-year Reich to begin in 2012, he says.  

Although Zagami was raised as a Satanist, he struck me as sincere in his wishes for a better world.

After our talks, several other Vatican linked people contacted me and sent me assorted secret Vatican books and documents. If these books are true then it appears that there are some people around today who have been alive for thousands of years. We are currently analyzing the books to see if there is truth to all this.

In any case, the Vatican promised to cooperate in a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and to allow the development of hitherto forbidden technology like free energy. They said that until now humanity had not been considered “ready” to have this technology.

Following this visit, the lawyer for the Queen and the dragon started negotiating with Vatican linked bankers. The lawyer told me the Israelis had sent a special ambassador at large to argue that the first free energy plant to turn the desert green should be built on Mt. Sinai.

After that a Syrian and a Turk linked to the Thule Society contacted the lawyer and said that if they gave the technology to the Israelis first they would obliterate Israel.

My suggestion to the lawyer was to take the Solomon solution and offer it to them both simultaneously. The Israelis reluctantly agreed but the Syrian and Turk said no. Later, a different group claiming to be a “moderate” Thule society faction contacted the lawyer and said they agreed to begin constructing free energy plants to turn the deserts green simultaneously in many different locations. The Israelis reluctantly agreed.

After this the lawyer called me and told me to call the Bank of Tokyo Mitubishi’s president and ask him to release a $2.13 trillion dragon bond. He said the money would be used to finance the new technology so I agreed to call.

He also told me I needed to call Queen Beatrix of Holland and get her to sign off on the bond. I did not call her but, in any case, she would not sign off on the bond. Holland is a very nice, tolerant and liberal country so, even though Queen Beatrix is married to a Nazi, I am not ready at this point to label her as one of the “bad” people.

In any case, then the lawyer tells me the bond had cleared because Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke had signed off on it. This, of course, disturbed me a lot but I said OK so long as the money is spent on turning the deserts green and that it must not be spent on war.

Following this, according to Casper, the Queen and a “dragon lady” show up in Washington with other bigwigs and lay claim to trillions of dollars. The only problem was the money then went to the Feds and not to the planet earth. So of course, the whole thing was stopped. I suspect the “dragon lady” went along only because I gave the green light and I hope the Chinese make sure she is guilty before doing anything harsh.

No matter what, it appears the European peoples have been living under a totalitarian Babylonian system of absolute monarchy disguised as democracy. As a Canadian I always respected the queen as a benevolent and powerless symbol but would never, ever accept her (or anybody) as an absolute dictator.

There is talk in England now of having the House of Windsor abdicate the throne and be replaced by a new King from a different family. Maybe we Anglo Saxon people would rather be free again than live under an absolute monarch.

This is the situation as far as I can make it so far. There is lots of talk about UFOs and portals to other dimensions and other fantastic stuff. I will believe that when I see it with my own eyes. However, I do know we humans have the technical ability to turn the deserts green, replenish the oceans with fish, end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Our current Babylonian tyrannical leadership (via money printing presses) has caused incredible destruction to the people and living things on this planet. If we replace that leadership, we have the potential to enter an age of prosperity and progress beyond our wildest imagination. So remember, no matter what information and disinformation is thrown your way, keep your eye on the ball. That ball is our true Queen: Gaia the Planet Earth. That is who we are fighting for.

(Another short post from today:)

Queen Elizabeth may soon abdicate her throne

A source in the UK royal family says that Parliamentary debate is closed to the public for the first time since 1688 because they are debating removing the House of Windsor from the Throne of England. The Windsors are actually German and changed their name from Battenberg a century ago in order to appear more English. The Earl of Wales is the leading contender to be the new King of England. However, the debate is still under way and nothing has been finally decided.


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Hi Bob, I'm not sure what to make of Fulford. I'd like to believe his stories because they are so entertaining.  If this is true, I don't now why, but I find it all so funny.  The pomposity of these characters (the Pope, the Queen, the 300 et al) is beyond the most absurd Monty Python.  There was a time I would have followed this story with keen interest to see how it all plays out.  But now I know how it will end.  It is the classic tragic/comedy where the great foot (Monty Python) 'smites' the silly man aimlessly busy under foot.  Gaia is showing us 'Enough!'  Let these mortals eat their cake, if they only new how hard it is to ascend with a belly full of gold.

I don't want to make light of the suffering these people create, the pain for so many people is real, the famine, the sickness of the mind, body and spirit engineered by the 'elite' is almost beyond comprehension, so to is the extent to which I participate in this illusion and perpetuate the suffering of so many.  For this I am sorry.  If people only knew that this suffering was perpetrated by people in silly hats.

This is a good place however to relay two stories of my close encounters with royalty. When I was about 14-15 years old, some time ago, I was out riding my bike and the Queen and Prince Phillip, who were in the country at the time, motored their way to the poor end of town to open some community hall.  As I waited at the lights, the Queen came off the freeway in a very nice Rolls Royce. I was the only one waiting there and I waved to the Queen as she went by, she was only about 10 feet away and Queen Elizabeth waved back.  She seeemed nice enough.  As a kid growing up in Australia you are taught to wave to the royals when they visit.  Then, in the late 80's I was at work (Victorian College of the Arts) when Phince Charles and Lady Di came for a visit.  Charles and Diana were in the Orchestral Studio and Chales was having a crack at conducting the orchestra.  I was standing in the control room of the recording studio looking out to these events when Lady Di  turned around and peered in through the double glass window into the control room, I waved to her, she waved back. She also seemed nice.  So my expereince of the royals is that they seem nice.  The truth might be somewhere between my experience and Fulford's.  Thanks Bob, as one, Rob.

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I do so love to check in on what Fulford and Jones (Alex) are saying at times.  I have found myself drifting away from my initial post 9-11 position of following everything I could get my hands on.  Looking back, I suspect there is this natural tendency to easily become a sensation junkie, at least it seems that way for me, but when I read that quote from Carla Rueckert a while back when reading the Law of One material, it became quite liberating.  She said something to the effect, "If what you are focusing on right now will not be true or relevant in 10,000 years, it is not relevant now"....

For me it was a perfect time for me to hear that after spending so much time following so much dark and conspiratorial sensation that will always be part of the equation in this level of consciousness I suspect...  was such a liberating thing to hear...  But still like to check in from time to time on what Fulford and Jones are tracking.....  Thank you Bob for posting it....

LLP, Chris

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