Adventures at the Spiritual Community of Damanhur

For those who might be interested in my recent adventures at the spiritual community of Damanhur in Italy, here's a write-up I made for my friends. Enjoy, and much love, Fred

Damanhur Visit 
July 4 - 17, 2017

What an amazing place! On the plane ride over for to visit the profound spiritual community of Damanhur, I finished reading the fascinating book Stories of an Alchemist  by Damanhur’s founder Falco (Oberto Airaudi). In it, he describes 33 of his most memorable/magical experiences as a child. The opening chapter is absolutely riveting!!! And so is every other chapter! This guy, though born into a human body, was definitely not from this world. 

Applying the scientific method to everything he did, Falco knew how to manipulate reality in this world from a young age. As a child, he set up his own laboratory and used crystals, copper spirals, and the four elements in specific ways to enhance his paranormal abilities. He was successfully able to make objects (and even himself!) levitate, heal wounds almost instantaneously, bring dead animals back to life, and much, much more. 

Though he invited close friends to join in his experiments to further develop and enhance these miraculous abilities, he mostly kept his activities quiet, even as an adult. He also had clear memories of his previous lives in other worlds. Falco was in many ways like a modern day Jesus, though he tried to keep most of what he was doing secret from the world. 

As an adult, many of his followers wanted to turn Falco into a guru, yet he did his very best not to allow that. He refused to be one of the elected leaders of Damanhur, choosing rather to act as a spiritual adviser. In the last few years before he died in 2013, he even declined to give advice to Damanhur’s leaders, telling them that they shouldn’t depend on him and should learn from their mistakes. He stated many times that the new avatar for our world would come not in the form of an individual, but rather in a community, which is why he founded Damanhur with a number of his friends and followers. 

My main purpose for this two-week visit was to attend a 10-day level one meditation course, which is the first step on Damanhur’s path of initiation. Though the course had some very good information, intriguing and innovative practices, and teachings which very much resonated with everything I’ve learned about the spiritual realms, overall I was not very impressed with the course. 

Part of the reason for this was that this was the first time they had ever offered the course in a condensed 10-day format, for a process which is usually spread out over a year. Even so, the teachers did practically nothing to build a group energy among the 20 participants (almost all of whom were from the SF area). I remember only one exercise in the entire course where we partnered up. I was surprised also that they did not create much of a spiritual container for the group, such as toning, setting intentions, and calling in spiritual guidance. 

Near the end of the course, we were asked whether or not we wanted to commit to continuing on this path of initiation, which is a three-year process. There are several rules that need to be followed if one chooses to commit: no smoking, meditation 11 minutes a day, skipping a meal once a week as a way of fasting, and no mind altering drugs. 

I already don’t smoke, meditate 16 minutes a day, and skip a meal once a week, so those three very much resonated with me. But I have found the sacred medicines to be profound teachers in my life and have no desire to give that up. So I was one of six in our class of 20 to decline the commitment to continue on this path. I will continue to take other classes and be involved in other ways, but I won’t be on the path to full membership. 

Though the class dynamics weren’t that great, I had some stellar experiences both in class and out. One long-term community member spoke to us about having been declared clinically dead in the hospital early this year, yet then coming back to life. Damanhurians are thoroughly trained in what to do when they die, so applying what she’d learned while she was “dead,” she successfully directed her disembodied consciousness into the amazing subterranean temples Damanhurians have created over the past 40 years. 

While her consciousness was in the temples though, she had trouble finding the figurine of herself there. There are figurines for every one of the 600 plus full members of Damanhur in the temples, partially for the purpose upon dying of helping them bring all of their memories with them when they reincarnate the next lifetime. I was intrigued at how different her experience was from the typical NDE. 

Another long-term Damanhurian, Suricato, shared incredible stories with me and a few other members of our class about the time travel program they developed at Damanhur. If I recall correctly, he said it was back in the 80s when for a number of years they were actually sending selected members in their physical bodies to other worlds and other times. Like Star Trek, the bodies of these time travelers would dematerialize, only to rematerialize upon completion of their journey. I believe he said six or eight people had actually done this. 

At times these time travelers were even able to bring back physical objects from distant worlds. One guy who apparently faced a hostile reception on his mission came back with an arrow in his upper back which they had to remove and heal as soon as he returned. Amazing!!!

Suricato said that eventually they realized it was more effective not to send people in their physical bodies, but rather to have them just travel in their energetic bodies to these places. So they haven’t done physical time travel in many years now, though the program continues using etheric/astral bodies for travel. Gorilla, who sold me the plant music machine, was apparently the most well known of the time travelers, though I didn’t know that when I met him. I emailed him shortly after getting back on July 19th to ask if he could share anything about his time travel experiences, but he has not responded as of Aug. 5th when I’m writing this.

I took advantage of my time at Damanhur to ask deep questions to many community members, especially Anaconda Papaya, one of the teachers I befriended. He was the favorite teacher of many in our class, as he came from the heart much more than many others. I met privately with him twice during my stay. 

One of the very cool things I learned from Anaconda is that most Damanhurians have learned how to manifest non-physical beings which exist in another dimension and can be trained to serve individuals by directly accessing the Akashic records. These beings are known to be accurate in diagnosing illness and even in figuring out things like what’s wrong with a car that has broken down or finding lost keys. 

The process for manifesting these esoteric beings requires time and a deep commitment. Anaconda revealed that it required a small group of people (I recall him saying five) meeting at the same time every week and working closely together using processes Falco had taught them. If the commitment level in the group is not high enough, particularly in the beginning, the process does not work. 

Anaconda said he had successfully done the process 20 years ago. When I asked if he still uses it, he said he works mainly with two beings that he has manifested. He still meets weekly with his group to keep the connection with these beings strong. He mentioned that most Damanhurians now take this amazing process for granted, while he continues to be amazed at how miraculous it is. 

In our second time together, Anaconda and I spent several hours together over dinner and afterward. After learning more about me and my shadow work, he told me I had to meet a fascinating Damanhurian from the U.S. named Betsy Pool. Betsy has put together a detailed graphical presentation of the true history of humanity on our planet. He called her while we were together, so that she and I had a warm and engaging phone conversation. 

After getting home, I emailed Betsy links to some key information from the PEERS websites, like my rabbit hole essay and the Hidden Hand material. She got very excited and told me I must attend a gathering of spiritual activists being held at the intentional community of Tamera in Portugal Aug. 7 - 16th. 

I’d never heard of a gathering of sacred activists before and I’ve long called myself a spiritual activist, so I was definitely excited about this. Yet it would mean a significant commitment of time and money. I responded to Betsy’s email asking her to open to her spiritual guidance on whether or not it was best for me to attend. She took this quite seriously. 

When she responded, Betsy emailed me a photo of the Tarot cards she drew about it in a reading, which had these cards: Lover (on top), the emperor, the star, the surveillant, and the lovers. She also consulted the etheric beings she uses with her small group, and received this message: 

“Fred Burks [has a] background and deep feelers into the conspiracy theories and dark doings in the world. You have been right to avoid these subjects as in many ways, your alien nature has protected you from the mind control schemes that have been commonly put into effect through the human ranks. But now you need to understand more about this because in order for the information you are able to convey to neurologically connect to the greatest percentage of humans on the planet, you need to clearly understand what other technologies are impacting humanity on a neurological level in order to slip what you are going to be transmitting around these purposefully inserted blocks in the human being. You can explain to Fred that this is part of why he needs to be present for Sacred Activism. He will understand precisely what you are speaking about.”

And I did, and the answer for me was definitely yes. 

On top of that, United Airlines had a special credit card deal which I took early this year where after spending $3,000 (on my new Mac and more), I was rewarded with 50,000 frequent flier miles. This allowed me to get my ticket to Portugal almost free! And I had wanted to visit Tamera both last year and this year on my trips to Europe, but wasn’t able to make it happen. Tamera is renowned for its ecological and environmental achievements as well as for the open relationship style of its members. Lots of synchronicities are telling me I’m supposed to be at this gathering. 

I’m actually in the airport right now on my way to that gathering. Very exciting! And I’m sure there will be more. It’s the first time I’ve had time to sit down and write a summary about all of my adventures at Damanhur. For now, on to Tamera to meet with an international group of spiritual activists. Yea!!!

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Thanks for getting to this, Fred. Amazing, truly. Please give us a report on the Sacred Activism gathering.

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Hey Bob, I've added the post on Tamera. Both of these places are shining examples of what's possible in our world. Thanks for your interest. Much love to you and yours!

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Exciting stuff! I've been intrigued by Damanhur for years. I occasionally use the Synchronicity method of divination he developed. Sometimes the language is a bit challenging. I guess English and Italian are a BIT different, eh? Curious about above mentioned history of humanity. I'll read of your adventures there next...

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