Internet Censorship

I got this link tonight from another group.  I think it is important to recognize and take action on. The major internet providers directed by TPTB are already censoring our access to certain websites and this will become more so in the near future if the public don't make some resistance to it. Here is a Youtube clip from PrisonPlantet that goes into detail.


I know already that sometimes I have been blocked from Want to Know and even on occasion from the Portal.  This is important my

Brothers and Sisters.


Thomas-Rene's picture   One can download a search toolbar or the ixquick home page. Ixquick can either hide your IP address or create a fictitious address. Please use discerment if you pass this info on to others.

The Electonic Freedom Foundaton is an excellent source of privacy issues.


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I tried to watch a video from a link sent to my email about the cia , and can not access , sound like either you have to pay for it or it was just closed .


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