Social Networks and Revolution

Hi folks,

Here's a program showing how the Internet enabled the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to happen, and a panel discussion about what happens from here.  I like that it shows, clearly, the need for "Net neutrality" and the prevention of the net being captured by corporate interest.  Also why the "Internet Kill Switch" is a bad idea for freedom and democracy, showing the forked tongue being used by the administration who demands free access to the Internet for others, but is getting ready to deny it to its own citizens.

There's a lot of work that needs to be done.

What Happened Last Night?

September 26, shortly after midnight (Pacific time), my wife and I were
both up late on our computers. We were both at Avalon as a matter of
fact, and I was in the midst of composing a post on Fear, when both of us lost our contact with the Forum.
When I tried to reconnect, my computer told me it couldn't find the

Internet Censorship

I got this link tonight from another group.  I think it is important to recognize and take action on. The major internet providers directed by TPTB are already censoring our access to certain websites and this will become more so in the near future if the public don't make some resistance to it. Here is a Youtube clip from PrisonPlantet that goes into detail.

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