FDR Speech at the Commonwealth Club

The following is FDR's speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on September 23rd, 1932.  Reading it helped me to really see just how far we have gotten away from the greatness of America concerning the selfless ideal of working and growing business, economy and government for the good of the people, of the commonwealth.  Donald Trump branded the phrase, Make America Great Again.  He should read what FDR said and have himself a personal epiphany for his sake and the sake of us all, the commonwealth, the people.  (and so should Hillary, and every self-serving politician who has lost


After having just experienced the very explosive, vocal, introspection-causing, loving panoply of emotions, I had to take a very deep loving breath, and give thanks to the Creator that there is a group of people that can be completely open to share their deepest thoughts for the most part without expressing dark negative vibrations.   In retrospection, I was reminded of a book, which I think

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