After having just experienced the very explosive, vocal, introspection-causing, loving panoply of emotions, I had to take a very deep loving breath, and give thanks to the Creator that there is a group of people that can be completely open to share their deepest thoughts for the most part without expressing dark negative vibrations.   In retrospection, I was reminded of a book, which I think if the members of this team have not read, should by all means.. It is a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called "THE FOUR AGREEMENTS.   I have provide a link to the website for those of you who are interested to learn more about it/him. 


The four agreements are:  Be impeccable with you word.  Don't take anything personally.  Dont make assumptions.  And finally,  Always do your best.    (I would add something else and that is In all things give thanks.  Ruiz includes this within the context of his book.  )


I used the word impeccability in one of my posts, not realizing that subconsciously I must have been thinking of this book.  As I continued to read the various posts, I then realized that people were indeed taking the comments and posts personally.   And I saw that people were reading into other peoples words assumptions that may or may not have been the original intentions.  And finally, I felt a static potential developing between the different opinions that was  on the verge of arcing with ferocity.  I was overjoyed that LOVE did indeed win out as we each allowed our best higher selves come into resolution/reconciliation (at least I am intending that).  I am in a divided emotion regarding the fact that Indigo chose to depart from the family.  We each have our own journey to experience and the pathway is not ever the same one.  Blessing of Love and Light on her way.


Back to the reason I am posting this is that this was a very valuable learning experience, and to further amplify those lessons, I felt that, if any of you want to delve a little deeper into the mechanics of what was happening, The Four Agreements is very revealing and instructive reading material. 


What love and amazement I feel for all of you.  I behold the Divine in each of you, and I kneel and touch your feet.




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I did not participate in that long forum, but was trying to follow it carefully. I want to make some personal observations but don't feel ready just yet. I felt we needed to continue to gather in the results of the exercise, but also did not want that particular forum to continue under that same heading. So, I thank you, Berry, for opening another forum so we can look at how the experience impacts our group and its processes.

I was much too upset to join into that forum for several reasons, some very personal, and some because of my deep love for our transformation team. I'll try to verbalize this in a bit, but I am still trying to figure out what was really bothering me, and I want to write it out carefully.

Before we talk a lot more about the process, I would like to point out that there were only a few of our members participating, not a true representation of our entire community.

I need to go to my word processer to delve into my own reactions before continuing. My thoughts are still composting! Can you feel the love that is continuing to cement us all together?

More Later,

I love you all,


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Berry, as always your voice is calm and true. I haven't read the book, but those are Four Good Rules.


--- Post removed at author's request ---

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I will look for the Nuclear Evolution forum and am sure it will be enlightening. Thank you Aquene for the love you project at all times.  I always feel the warmness of it when I read your posts.

Love and Light to you.

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Joyanna, I look forward to reading your distillation of the brew which we have experienced the last few days.  I had no idea what that would become.  But I must say that even though it was with only a few participating, the discourse brought to attention some raw core issues that people didn't know that they had. It was a spot light in the closet so to speak.  And I suspect that there were many members who did not participate but watched closely the developement of the issues.  I believe in the end this was a valuable experience.


Love and Light to you.

great guidelines for an honest life.....i'm gonna check it out at the library. thanks barry.

in the spirit of unity

bless you all


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Hi Berry,

Thanks for your beautiful words and for sharing about the four intentions of Ruiz, which I love. I was so thrilled on the post on sexuality that even though we did not agree on a number of things, the first 75 or so comments felt truly honoring of each other and came largely from a place of love and respect. This to me is incredibly powerful and inspiring. When we can disagree with love and respect, transformation happens.

I was very surprised then and sad to see Indigo suddenly become so triggered and choose to leave our team as a result of that conversation. I don't even know what happened there. After her comment, other comments sadly appeared to become somewhat blaming and accusatory. I was very sad and even somewhat triggered about this, but hope that we can all use this as an opportunity to examine what happened and work both individually and collectively to transform any judgments we may have around the sensitive topic of sexuality.

Thanks for your deep commitment to moving from a place of balance and love, Berry. It's a blessing to have your wonderful energy in our community.

With sacred love flowing,

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