Happy September 11th to all

Hello dear Team members,

The title of this comment feels like a risk, but I'm taking it. Partly because it is my choice not to enter a media-programmed fear/based morbidity on this day, and partly because I fell in love with the love of my life on September 11, 2001.  So it is an anniversary of love, and the beginning of the happiest time in my life.

Fred knows this story, but here is a brief version:

 At almost the same moment that the first plane hit the first tower, my Bob was driving us up the FDR Drive in New York City.  I remember looking at him, and feeling my heart expand and swell, totally understanding that he is the one for me.  I felt like I had champagne in my veins, and my human mind sort of burst open to feel a oneness with him and all beings that I had never felt before.

Just think - This was all happening at the same time the first plane hit.  We were then absorbed into the anxiety and trauma of the day, yet we had each other and our love.  We were able throughout the day to be stabilizers for each other and several other frightened people we met.

Later in the day when we had gotten safely home to Brooklyn from Manhattan, we discovered that Bob's best friend, and our minister, was driving in the car immediately behind us at the very moment my love flowered!  He called us to tell us he had seen a greenish-goldish light-aura emanating from the car, looked closely, and saw it was us!

Now my husband and I have been married 4 1/2 years, moved to our dream location in Western North Carolina, an are starting up a wonderful business with the help of beautiful new friends!

Also,on September 11, 2001, I also began the questioning that awakened me to what was truly going on in the world of media-manipulated minds.  That has been a challenge, yet undoubtedly an invaluable blessing.  It has led me to truth, and to this Tranformation Team.

So, I plan to keep my focus on love today.

I love you all and affirm the power of love, light, and unexpected miracles!





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Thanks for sharing that beautiful story, Kim. Could it be that behind every disaster is a miracle unfolding? The blossoming of your love on that day is a beautiful symbol for what is possible in our lives and on our planet. May we all open to the possibility that, as Rob Brezsny says in his awesome book Pronoia, "The universe is conspiring to shower us all with blessings." Have a beautiful Sept. 11th!

With abundant love and warm wishes,

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Dear Fred and Kim,

As a Brezney Pronia fan,and a believer in Love......I ,too,choose love,happiness and unity....today and everyday.


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It's a little hard to find folks to celebrate with me on Sept. 11!  Thanks for it.

I knew someone at TT would understand!







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Greenish Golden glow?  Isn't that heart chakra green with a side of divine polarity balance???

Kerry and I had just moved into our new house down the street from our other house that Kerry's parents were moving into soon.  Kerry likes to watch the financial news in the morning so my big task was to make sure the TV was working before hitting the sack.  We fell asleep with the TV on and woke up that fateful morning to what we thought was some Die Hard type of movie on the movie channel.  Wiping the sleep from our eyes we could see CNN in the lower right of the screen and knew it was not a movie.

My heart sunk that day, in much the same way as a nation's and world's collective heart sunk the day JFK was shot and killed in Dallas.  The rest has been a journey through a dark night of the soul toward the Light from that moment on.  I have much to be very thankful for that I don't know would have come about had it not been for the catalyst that was September 11, 2001.

So do I bring my "false flag" to half mast today????


Love/Light, Chris

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