Seeing through a glass darkly

This is a new thread started so that Chris and I can develop a theme that popped up when I posted a link to charts created by Ross Perot.

When we move to the fourth dimension, the Mayan prophesies say, light will shine on both eyes for the human species and we will all see clearly.  In the current transition times, moving as we are through the fifth night, there is both light and dark.  Some humans who are not metaphysicians are vibrating at a higher rate than others.  They may be helping our species move through the cloudy times even though they still view reality through a third dimensional perspective.

Ross Perot, like Dennis Kucinich and a few others is moving in the third dimension with a vibration of integrity which is quite different from the political norm.  These people do not see--or at least do not publicly declare--the reality of higher dimensions which will become blazingly obvious to everyone within a few years.  But their presence and their activities and attempt to become visible to the larger public is, to me, a sign of hope that sparks of light exist even in the present darkness.


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I was at a very small talk with Dennis Kucinich(about 30 people) while he was running for president 4 yrs ago. He mentioned he cowrote a book called Life is an Illusion.......he was not credited with authorship......but it was a pretty interesting book. I would guess that he is metaphysically aware.


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Either the new world that is coming is appearing brighter or the mundane world is growing shriller, but I'm feeling more alien than usual these days when trying to interact with "normal" people.  Even though I understand how the media manipulates perceptions, it seems that the gap between what people believe to be true and what my left and right brain tells me is true is growing wider by the day.

I've watched Dennis Kucinich for years and wonder how he does it. His common sense and consistency are so different from the accepted ways of operating in Congress.  The media succeeds in keeping him invisible and his progressive proposals are not supported.  But he hangs in there.  It would drive me crazy.  

I retired early because the unreality of university life was more than I could stand.  I believed the university had something to do with learning and teaching but the reality understood by my colleagues was that it had to do with fundraising and phoney prestige.

I see this kind of contradiction in all of the institutions taken for granted by "normal" people.  In churches the minister has no time to pray. In hospitals people are killed rather than healed.  In supermarkets the shelves are filled with fake food.

It all makes me dizzy. I am waiting to discover what new institutions are going to appear.  Especially what will replace universities because while I can't tolerate the current academic culture, I miss teaching.

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Marriage is a fine institution....but I'm not ready for an institution yet!

Dear Magical Grandmother,

Perhaps the institution was not ready for YOU! You need not be a professor to teach.Here at the portal...and with your website you teach. With the people you come in contact with you share your ideas.We are all students and teachers.

Dennis is a small man....he,like me, is a little over 5ft tall. People overlook and look over him. He has a sense of himself.I think that he is in touch with the personal power we all contain...but few access.

Thank you for helping gifted kids feel comfortable with their gifts!


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your post could be so many of our's right now, the growing disparity between the where we are consciously right now and the matrix of deception so many are so entrenched in right now. I had to tell a friend and colleague of mine at work the other day that I don't really have any answers for him concerning his questions/comments he develops from watching the staged news and talking heads, and that if he were ever really serious about wanting to know what is really going on, I have some documentaries that will make him a quick study in no time, and then that is where I see the temptation to roll the eyes curbed and then the apparent unwillingness to climb down the ladder provided them into the rabbit hole to really see what is happening in their own very real Alice in Wonderland.

Had it not been for the Law of One material, I would have absolutely no patience any longer with anyone unwilling to take a courageous and honest look at what is really going on in a worldwide construct that has been so carefully nurtured since the day the name "Bauer" became "Rothschild" which means "Redshield" in honor of the hexagram shaped Star of David looking "shingle" Amschel Mayer Bauer hung outside his little goldsmith/trading (pawn) shop in the mid 18th century. It is all but impossible to really know what is going on without being aware of that ongoing despotic saga. The Rothschild family now possesses over half the world's combined wealth, an estimated 500 trillion in US dollar numbers (which will soon mean absolutely nothing with the direction the over printed and unsupported dollar is going).

The Law of One sessions helped me to understand that even the stubborn and ignorant knucklehead stuck in ra ra go team Orange Ray sacral chakra is still very much an honorable aspect of Unity and the One Infinite Creator acting upon itself in a construct of "many-ness, free will and confusion, for the sake of variety and a heightened sense of the journey back toward Creator, Creator returning willfully to Creator, over as long a span of "time" as each one wishes. This totally eradicates any argument for valid judgment! What a friggin' relief! LOL

In spite of what there is to be known about how things really work (not for much longer though) in this world right now, it is so important for us to concentrate on the more eternal aspects of our existence. The Rothschilds with be somewhere between a faint memory and no memory at all in 10,000 years, but the things we need to learn about the eternal aspects of our spiritual evolution will still be exactly the same, no matter how we go about learning them.

Thank you Linda so much for starting this discussion!!!!

Love/Light, Chris

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I spent this afternoon viewing the film you referenced which seems to be about four years old.

Like all films it has its less than perfect parts.  (Since I am a former history professor some of these hit me between the eyes.) Still, in its broad focus, it is on target.

The final portion suggesting what to do did not go far enough for me. There was no reference to the "cavalry coming"-- that would be what ET appearance represents and, oddly, seems the best hope.

A friend who is psychic (which is not my strong suit) told me last weekend that there are "Myceans" who study with me on another plane.  She said they wait for years to get admission to my classes.  These classes are popular because Earth has such tough lessons and I have direct experience. What these students most appreciate, my friend says,  is that I am not judgmental of alien species and welcome the opportunity to learn from them.  She suggested that I do dream incubation to make contact with them.  Sadly, I have not succeeded in doing so.



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Dr. Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project writes about Dennis's comment after meeting Greer's group that it "was the most spirit he's felt in a Capitol Hill meeting" (I may be paraphrasing, but it indicated a sensitivity on Dennis's part as well as the truth about the people in Greer's group, methinks.

I enjoyed meeting Dennis in 2004:

I like that he's seen a UFO and isn't afraid to say so.

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One is the "Money Masters" -- a three hour banking/finance/geopolitical expository that made me feel like the lack of this behind-the-scenes manipulation history in high school and college courses is what made the courses seem so boring to me, because without this piece it's hard to understand why all the puppets were dancing around the way they did.

I also spent a couple hrs this evening watching the new Zeitgeist : Addendum sequel that is largely about the dysfunctional Federal Reserve and other failing institutions.

I started a thread, I liked it so much:

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Dear Cirq,

Very neat to spend time around Dennis...did you feel the energy,optimism,and honesty he contained? I heard mention of a meeting in Ashland(public radio 6am) drove in for it only to find it was not open to the public. I talked myself in anyway.

I hauled in extra chairs(little truck with me) and made myself useful.I was pleased to meet this man. When this little gathering was over off he went for Southern Oregon University rally. I was asked to be a delegate,but declined that offer.

He spoke of a new, peaceful,life affirming way for America to BE. It is great to have him on "the inside" working for change. Thank you for sharing those pictures!


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OK, Cirq

I accepted your challenge and spent lots too much time glued to the screen today Cool

I put a posting with the links to the Zeitgeist films onto the other thread you started. I am glad I viewed them.

The Money Masters film is very long and over ten years old.  The suggestion at the end that one use the information to educate one's representatives in Congress seems to me quite naive.  It is too late for that.

If education is possible (and I am not sure that is the case in a population overdosing on sugar and hypnotic TV suggestion), using the shorter "In Debt We Trust" video seems to me a better tool.

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I think you're right about it being too late to expect contacting our reps to make a difference.  The recent bailout, for me, was an exercise in hopelessness.  I knew that even if the bill wasn't passed at first, it would be railroaded through and that key representatives would eventually buckle under pressure.  It's like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" or some other similar sci fi film.  The reps are like mindless automatons, blindly following the commands of the alien invaders, only in this case the "alien invaders" are just Wall Street interests.  Still, we do learn who our heroes are-- Ron Paul, DeFazio, and a few others.

I've watched so many videos lately, it's hard to be certain which ones contained what info.  The parts that I seem to recall as being the most important in "Money Masters" are:

1. The international banking elite's existence as a powerful force of western history for at least a couple centuries.

2. Their ruthlessness with any who would try to operate independently from from-- Lincoln's assassination for using Greenbacks?  Was John Wilkes Booth an agent of the international bankers?

3. Fort Knox is empty.

4. The repeating pattern of the international banker elite either being agent provocateurs to start or escalate most of the wars in order to reap profits and make nations go further into debt to them, often by funding both sides of the conflict.

But mainly I was interested in your take as a history professor and it sounds like you're saying the "Money Masters" is true, even if it's kind of long and old-- or at least you're unaware of anything inaccurate in it?

I try to be careful with anti-banker material because there is some anti-semitic material out there that is akin to the propaganda used by Nazis as hate speech against Jewish people.  Some of the re-enactments of the early Rothschild family history seems to be borderline, for example.

Thanks for taking time to check it out.

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Yes Linda, they do not speak of the coming upside surprise from friends in "high places" LOL. I so look forward to the instantaneous collective learning curve that will come of these coming visits from our true allies. I happen to believe strongly that we are now at a place that we simply could not turn this thing around without their help.

The reason I like Empire of the City is because it consolidates much of what I have come to learn about the way things work behind the scenes in this present matrix of lies and deceit, and we en mass keep proving to them that they are completely justified to continue exploiting us, for they believe we are just too stupid to even consider as equals, and we keep establishing their entrenched illusion concerning the majority of mankind. To them we are goyim, sheep, cattle, slaves to be molded without even knowing we are being molded. This matrix of psyche warfare has gone on so long now that most just look at you like you're crazy for wasting so much time in conspiratorial notions and theories, but they think that way because they are so pathetically entrenched in the illusion provided for them over their entire lifetime. Empire of the City, The Money Masters, Monopoly Men, Endgame and Terrorstorm give people an entry point for understanding what is really going on. If they all included a message about advanced civilizations coming to help us, I would imagine that would be too much too fast and might lose most in the process, thus further polarizing them toward a deeper entrenchment into the matrix of lies and deception they must ultimately escape the gravitational pull of someday through personal choices and response-ability.

The house of cards is falling down now and I so welcome that! I trust that our coming upside surprises are already en route and will time the events perfectly, having considered all contingencies and variables from a vantage point that we do not currently possess without much practice in meditation toward becoming the adept that can see that clearly.

I so look forward to their coming assistance

Love/Light, Chris

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When I took field exams at the Johns Hopkins University back in 1963, I had to answer a question on the development of American monetary policy.  Somehow I managed to go through all the right pieces of legislation with names and dates, but basically I thought the topic was a bore.  It was only when I went through the material in the TT course that I finally put the pieces together.

I cannot say there are no errors in the Money Makers film, and using clips from an old Oliver Twist movie showing the evil Fagan was not exactly good taste.  That's one reason I prefer the shorter movie Money as Debt with its cartoon figures.

There is an inherent problem in writing about secret societies.  You simply cannot expect to nail down all the details.  For example, there are numerous eye witness accounts of the events surrounding the Boston Massacre, but Crispus Attucks, the man in the center of the street action, was killed and didn't produce one.  My original field of specialization was the American Revolution, and I used to say to my students, revolutionary cells do not keep minutes of their meetings so there are some things that can never be known after the deaths of the participants.  Perhaps we will get some whistle blowing in the near future.  It could be fascinating.


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The Fagan scene from Oliver was in Empire of the City, not The Money Masters. I rather enjoyed the fun they were having with the dramatic effect, and spirit of intent wise, it was right on the money for what Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild - Redshield) was establishing in the mid 18th century with his sons. To this day, as per father's instructions, they intermarry to keep the wealth, now estimated at 500 trillion, give or take a trillion, in the family. The Rothschilds are of the tribe of Dan, as in Denmark where the tribe of Dan settled long ago.

The whole nazi era is so sorely misunderstood. Rothschilds financed that, along with power broker allies in the US, and the atrocities well-established in history was not Nazi's killing Jews, but a very wealthy elitist sect of Jews from several tribes trying to extinguish the Ashkenazi Eastern European Rhine Valley remnant of Jews that were not considered Jews at all (by the Rothschilds - tribe of Dan), but from are descendants of the Khazars, nicknamed the 13th tribe by some, who adopted Judaism and the Babylonian Talmud in 740AD. Hitler's grandmother was Jewish and descendant of the Rothschild line. If you ever get a chance to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and/or the Babylonian Talmud, you will find that it is not only permissible to sacrifice the "lesser brethren", which is exactly what happened in 1930's Nazi Germany, financed by a very wealthy Jewish family, but is actually "honorable"!!!! These people don't even have to wrestle with temptation of a guilty conscience because their cultural writings make it possible for them to feel like they are doing the honorable thing.  Hitler was not in prison, like you and I know a prison to be - he was being sequestored and groomed by the Rothschild geo-political game plan while writing his infamous book Mein Kampf.

These details of history are definitely details they would rather you knew nothing of, and they will poo poo and ridicule these details to keep the lies of history propped up as long as possible. Remember, to the victor go the spoils, including the dictation of history to favor their well-orchestrated ruse.

When I first learned of these things I felt so jerked around and so tempted to disregard what seems at first to be so strange in light of what we were taught in school of history, but now I understand that the Art of War is about so much more than guns and cannons and bombs and soldiers. If the true Art of War is carried out perfectly, the guns, cannons, bombs and soldiers are rarely required, and are usually employed so that those like the Rothschilds can make alot of money by financing both side of the conflict. How do you think they acquired over half the world's wealth? Hard work? LOL

No matter how apparently powerful and wealthy these 300 families are (the Council of 300, the Black Nobility), they are still no match for humanity en mass deciding to work together in Service to Others instead of continually falling for the us v. them that is continually orchestrated by these very powerful service to self types that wish to be the elite in charge of the masses. Their greatest fear is that we might someday realize this collective power that they are no match for and run them out on a rail, so to speak. That is why they continually work so hard to create the stimuli that would keep this house of humanity divided against itself, thus neutralizing the power that can overcome service to self elitists. Perfect example is the ridiculous nonsense involved in pitting the Democrats against the Republicans and vice versa, while anyone taking a closer and more sober look at the whole thing can see clearly that there is very little fundamental difference between the behavior of the two parties. They are all in bed together, trading deals with each other to get their particular legislation passed, and all of them beholden to Multi-national Corporate special interests that only include you by chance or accident. Enough rambling for now, LOL

Love/Light, Chris

Love/Light, Chris

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The Blue Flame of the sword made me think of the wisdom of the 5th chakra blue ray. What a wonderful message to help people find their way to where the earth is almost completely there already, to 4th density green ray of compassion and love and hope and peace and harmony on steriods!!!!

"They don’t know that they have all that they need to find Truth and to discern Truth, and to be Truth. That’s where you come in" (and so goes the honorable and wonderful task before us)

"And so we charge you with this mission of speaking Truth, presenting Truth as Peace, presenting Truth as Love, Gratitude and Appreciation, and sending it out on wings of Love to the world. And in your daily comings and goings, speak your Truth, and be your Truth, recognizing who you really are, and showing it to the world"

and this one is so very important and straight out of the heart and soul of the Law of One teachings of Ra:

"Try as they might to extinguish it, to forget it, to program it away, they all have it, and they’re all honored for the service they have given (even Manson and Hitler and Sarah Palin, etc.). Some of them may need a time-out that is somewhat extensive, but they are all honored and thanked for the service they have given, no matter what they have done, no matter how heinous it might seem to be. That, from and out of Truth, it’s all Love. All that Mother-Father ever created was Love."

This may be our hardest lesson to get because it is so seemingly natural to perceive "bad" and "evil" and yet it is the absolute most unnatural thing we do. The One Infinite Creator does not see evil when "seeing" the alleged "bad" or "wrong" or "evil" we think we see, and every time we entertain the notion, we perpetuate the myth that will ultimately be relinquished by all of us individually and collectively. I can imagine that this truth will be tested greatly in days ahead as this continuing polarization and externalization of the hierarchy continues to play out, but what a privilege and honor it is to be in this classroom at this place in time on this 3rd density planet!

Let us all transform our notions of "evil" into thankfulness for all things, for all things are of the Mother/Father One Infinite Creator. Nothing is separate. May we learn to dismiss all notions of us v. them and come to realize and internalize down to the root of mind/spirit/body the truth that all is One and there are no exceptions...

Love/Light, Chris

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