Powerful Realizations During Yoga Sessions

Hey beautiful friends,

At the end of every year I write a summary of my experiences for the year. I thought I'd share with you some of the powerful inspirations I had from 2009 here. I continue to find rich inspiration coming into my life in many ways - Bikram yoga, dreams, running, reading, meditation, and most especially from sacred medicine journeys. The insights and inspirations I receive continue to feed me spiritually and take me ever deeper into the divine mystery of life.

The four diary entries and essays below represent some of the very rich inspirations I've had during and shortly after my powerful, once-a-month Bikram yoga sessions.

August 2: Incredibly powerful realizations in Bikram today. I went in with the intention of exploring how to interweave the deep, inner spiritual wisdom with the deep wisdom of the outer world. Not long into the very hot, 90-minute session, a powerful saying came to me. In the old paradigm, it was - I am alone, you are alone, we are alone. In the new paradigm we are co-creating, its: I am all one, you are all one, we are all one. Yes!!!

December 1: Another powerful Bikram session, this one exploring connection and separation. I saw how I have deeply believed for all my life that connection is better than separation and judged separation as bad. I saw that beings focused largely on separation are serving the whole as much as those focused on connection and unity. It's all a part of this grand cosmic play.

October 22: More powerful realizations from Bikram today. Many factors determine people's health, but likely the most important factor is a person's state of mind and state of heart. When both the mind and the heart are clear – when a person is not denying or deceiving themselves and following their passion – they are much more likely to enjoy good physical health. The more clear and supportive our minds and hearts are, the more the body is likely to support us in good health. It may be that having a clear, loving mind and heart is the very best protection against all dis-ease. And it most certainly is a great way to support personal growth.

I also saw energetically a most powerful way for me to share healing with others. It's not about manipulating energy, but rather creating a loving, supportive field, a sacred container around both myself and the one I'm sharing healing with. When I invite our two energy fields to flow like a figure eight around us, a powerful sacred container is created in which each of us can open to whatever level of healing we are ready for.

By creating this energetic sacred container around each of us, I create a clear, energetic space for the divine to work directly with the both the soul of the person I'm interacting with and my own soul. Both of us receive divine healing in the process. Having no expectations or attachment to outcome and full trust that the divine will do whatever is best for each of us makes this field or sacred container even stronger.

This technique can be done with the conscious engagement of the other person, or without any words. If I do it energetically without the other person's conscious knowledge, it's important that I request and receive energetic consent of the other soul.

This energetic healing can also be done with more than one person and even in groups with conscious involvement of the group or not. In fact, this can be seen as a part of the Web of Love which many of us are consciously co-creating. I even saw how this is what Earth/Gaia is doing. She has no need or desire for us to change, yet holds a powerful, sacred energetic field for each of us and all of us, in which we all both individually and collectively learn the lessons we came here to learn. Beautiful!

February 14: Sacred Reflections

Powerful Bikram yoga session! Wow!!! I went in with the intention of opening to how I can more transform all the shadow aspects of myself in tandem with the shadow aspects of all the people around me. The instructor kept the room hotter than ever, facilitating deep opening in me. As I moved deeper, I saw so clearly how what I see in every person around me is a reflection of some part within me. What's outside is a reflection of what is inside. I understood that what I see is a reflection of who I am. What we all see is a reflection of who we are. Yes!!! When I fully embody this, judgment naturally fades and is transformed into acceptance and love.

It's all a game of mirrors where everyone in my life is a reflection of me, a reflection of all of us, and a reflection of All That Is. There is a sacred balance which happens through opening to and ever more fully embracing this reflection process.

The more I project my problems outside of myself through blame, judgment, etc., the less balanced my life is. The more I welcome this sacred balance – this recognition of equality and sacred reflective connection between me and all around me – the more harmonious and joyful my life becomes. We are all in the game together, somehow co-creating each other in a grand divine harmony that becomes ever more perceptible as we open to the great mystery. Powerful stuff!!!

When I see a shortcoming in someone, I intend to find the reflection of that fault or weakness inside of me. I then intend to invite healing by recognizing the beauty and deeper purpose of the perceived shortcoming both in myself and in the person who is my reflection. The more I can see the deep, sacred magnificence in me and in all around me, the more I evoke it in others, and we are all transformed together. Every interaction with each person I meet is an opportunity to invite greater balance and harmony for us all.

That Savior Part of Me

I also more deeply grasped some of the core essence of the part of me that wants to be the savior. The savior is one who explores deep beneath the surface realities and really gets what life is all about on a profound level. The savior truly wants to save all those around him or her by freely sharing all the deep wisdom and understanding he or she has gained, which brought him or her to this highly expanded state of love and connection.

Yet the very fact that the savior wants to save everyone through him or herself reflects an imbalance where the savior believes he or she in some way has the answers or the "Truth," and others don't.

The savior strives to save others through his or her own wisdom and beneficence, yet often fails to see and evoke the powerful wisdom and understanding that is always available in the core of every being. In fact, I'm realizing on ever deeper levels that it's not about saving anyone, but rather about seeing and evoking the deep wisdom and divine magnificence which is already there, always has been there, and always will be there in every one of us.

To transform that savior place in me and create greater balance and harmony in my world, I am transforming my need to be the One, to be the Savior. I want to see that every person I meet is an aspect of the One. We are all the One. As the WingMakers say, "all life flows from one divine energy source that links all to One and one to All." When we fully recognize that only in the sacred interconnectedness of all beings can there be a One, we shift our world to a new paradigm of loving equality. Only then do we really see that we are the ones that we've been waiting for.

The One That Is All

Riding my bicycle home from this powerful Bikram session full of inspiration and feeling connected to all, I could even feel this immense organism beyond time and space. I felt the presence of this one vast, divine being that is a composite of all of us, of All That Is, reaching out to explore the various aspects of itself. We are all a part of this magnificent being, and it also resides within us all. On a profound, visceral level, I felt how all of the multitude of aspects of this one being combine to co-create our collective reality.

I also saw that this one universal being that is All is sometimes afraid to look at parts of itself. This is what has caused the apparent separation we experience in this physical world. Yet this being also knows that all is one in the oneness of All That Is. I don't understand it all, yet I get that on some mystic level I do understand it, that on some level we all know this. When I fully embrace both the Oneness and the Allness in myself and in everyone I meet, I am transformed, and the whole world around me mystically transforms to match these shifts within me.

I am seeing, too, how sometimes consciously moving into discomfort and pain (like in a Bikram yoga class) allows greater balance to come. Consciously moving into pain can actually relieve suffering, which is often caused more by the fear of pain than by the pain itself. It's like karmic debt can be paid off.

I feel tremendous gratitude for all of these realizations. I continue to notice how my unwavering commitment to live in service to all of us opens the portal to full access to the Akashic records, to all knowledge and wisdom that exists. When I ask questions with pure intention, I almost always receive powerful answers. Thank you so much to all of us for all that I am given and for all that is given to all of us. And thanks, too, for sharing in my inspiration. I wish you all a most rich and inspiring new year and decade ahead!

With abundant love, joy, and gratitude,

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Greetings Fred,

Great message. Bikran Yoga sounds like being in an American Indian sweat lodge, or a sacred medicine teepee ceremony. You always feel as though you've taken a long and difficult journey when it's over, but you realize you're somehow changed  for the better as a result of that journey. 2010 will be the same sort of trip.

Have a wonderful New Year




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Thanks so much for that, Jim. I had never thought about the connection with a sweat lodge, but you are absolutely right. I do find the intense heat somehow opens spiritual channels in a wonderful way. You take care.

With abundant love and joy,

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