Recent Inspirations and Realizations along with Thanksgiving

Hey beautiful friends!

I am very thankful to have you in my life. I'm very grateful to have others here who are aware of the expanded realities in which we live and dance, including the realms of both shadow and light. Thank you for the ways you bring transformation to our world.

Part of the expanded reality you and I share is the awareness of major cover-ups and manipulations happening on a global level. We recognize that both the shadow and the light are valuable parts of the divine unfolding. We understand that the outer reflects the inner, that somehow we are all responsible for everything that happens in our lives and world.

Together, as we lift the veils of illusion for ourselves and those around us, we are playing key roles in transforming our lives and world to a place filled with every more love and joy.

As you know, some of my own deepest work in lifting the veils on the shadow side is contained on the website Just a couple days ago I received the below email by a caring individual who recently found the website:

"The information you have on this website is very damaging to the govt.  Most if not all of this is not something they would want widely known.  Do you ever worry about any repercussions to you or your family?  I am feeling a little uneasy/paranoid about reading your website. If the things you have made available here are true, then you have first hand knowledge of what they can do to you and your family.  What precautions, if any do you take and recommend?"

And here's how I responded:

"Thanks for taking the time to explore our website and for sharing your concern. I am the founder of I once worked in the White House as a language interpreter and saw some of what goes on behind the scenes. I am a deeply spiritual person and have full trust that I am continually guided to do what best serves all in our human family.

"You may note that our website never blames anyone or tries to make anyone wrong. We respect all people and base all that we do in the understanding that every person in the world has a heart. Everyone has a place within that wants only to love and be loved. When we move from this place of understanding and compassion, miracles naturally happen. Because we are not against anyone, we don't worry about anyone being against us.

"That said, we are doing our very best to point out the very disempowering and destructive behavior in which many individuals, corporations, and the government are engaged. Knowing full well the beauty within each person, we are also willing to expose the ugly shadow within and invite all of us to stop the destructive behavior, while still honoring that each individual is a beautiful, worthy person.

"As we work to bring light to the shadows in our world, we are also willing to do the very important work of exploring and transforming the shadow in ourselves. I believe it is because of this attitude of respect and honoring for all people and our willingness to look at our own role in all that is going on that we have never had any difficulties or even any significant threats. Quite the opposite, we have had tremendous praise and gratitude from people all over the world, including a number of prominent individuals. For lots more on all this, see our inspiring essay at

"So to respond to your question, the best precaution that I recommend you take, should you decide to explore this further, is to look at your motivations in exploring this information. Consider that we are working for the good of all people here, and not working against any individual. By shining light on the destructive behavior while honoring the beauty in each of us and all of us, we believe we are helping to transform our world in a most wonderful way. Thanks for your interest, and we welcome any further questions. Together, I have no doubt that we are making a big difference and building a brighter future for us all. You take care and have a great Thanksgiving."

I'm sharing the above message with you, because I want to invite you to join me in powering up and building bridges for all of us to come together. I know that at least to some extent, you understand the divine mystery. You understand that even though there are destructive and crazy things happening on this planet, it is all somehow part of the the divine unfolding -- part of an exciting, grand cosmic play which we love and appreciate, yet which none of us fully understands.

Yet each of us does want to understand more. We want to expand our awareness and capacity to love. We want to transform the shadows outside and within us. And we want to invite others to join us in this exciting transformation. When we truly treat all people as manifestations of the divine -- even the power elite of the world -- I know that transformation and miracles will blossom even more than they are now.

I particularly want to invite you to look at where on some level you are blaming "them" for any problems in our lives and world. I have come to see clearly that blame doesn't serve any of us. You likely already know this, yet I want to invite us all to do our very best to catch ourselves when we fall into blame and judgment.  We can then stop and take a deep breath. Without denying or suppressing our emotions, we can give voice to any emotions needing expression without needing to make any one bad or wrong. Then we can come back to our deeper intentions of supporting everyone in opening to the amazing divine essence that is always there within.

Yes, we are working to stop destructive behavior, but our greater purpose in this is to help everyone understand how beautiful and divine they are, so that they no longer experience the desire to destroy and disempower. In dealing even with the power elite and those who would harm us, let us remember that we are all intimately interconnected in this divine exploration of being, and that when we eventually leave this physical form and look back on this particular lifetime, we will laugh together even with those we once judged at how we all got caught up in the drama.

I have come to understand that I am here to help all interested in seeing how we have chosen to deceive ourselves both individually and collectively in order that the Divine might better know and understand itself. At the deepest level it's all divine perfection. I don't understand the deepest depths of the divine mystery, yet I do know that every being in the universe has access to those magical depths.

I invite you to join me in being a powerful call and reminder to those around you that we are all in this together. I invite you to join me in building bridges which bring us all together. Let us work together helping any and all who are ready to see that we are all one family, one divine being exploring itself through countless sets of eyes. And thanks for the many ways I know you are already doing this.

To any and all, we invite you to join in the glorious flow and dance of those of us who are consciously joining our energies in service of all of us and all beings. When we come together in groups around this shared intention, magic and miracles abound!!!

Mission Complete

I am personally thrilled that what feels like a major part of my mission for this lifetime is now complete. The wonderful set of PEERS websites, which all of you have supported in some way, are spreading waves of love and transformation in our world. We receive emails of appreciation and stories of life transformation sent to our websites almost every week. You might also enjoy flipping through the course to see some of the many wonderful new additions we've made.

Though the major part of my life mission feels complete, there are still other things I'm excited to explore now. Next year I'll be building a website specifically for people like you who already understand some of the deepest levels of the divine mystery. I already have the URL It will contain the deepest materials I've received and learned of, all with a mystical base, all together in one place. Yea!!! I'll post a message once I get this going.

For those who might be interested, I'll be speaking at the highly respected UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada on February 22nd. I'm actually getting paid $300 with all expenses paid. Cool!!! Some of the top experts in the field of UFOs, ETs, and transformation will be there. I went to the Congress last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. For more info, see I'm also in the promotional video on their front page.

For those who are interested, I'm including below some rich inspirations and realizations, many of which came to me in my most recent sacred medicine journey. If you have time, I think you'll enjoy these thoughts involving the divine mystery and being a bridge to transformation. Thanks so much for being an inspiring influence in my life and in our  world. We are so blessed!!! Take care and have a most beautiful holiday season.

With infinite love, joy, and gratitude,

Declaring Myself: I am an unwavering commitment to what's best for all. I give all that I am into the service of All That Is. If you see me acting in any way that you sense does not serve the good of all of us, please call me out and invite me to understand what you are sensing.
Paradigm Shift
We are shifting from a paradigm focused on rules and laws to one which values more flexible guidelines. The old paradigm provided a comforting feeling of security, yet as we expand our awareness, we have less need for security and the rigidness it brings. We open to ever more flexibility and spontaneity.
On some deep level, it's all conscious.
A part of me wants to know many things and is impressed by how many, how much, how fast, how long. I can get obsessed with these and have. Yet more than all that, I want to create and invite creation.
Create, sustain, and destroy in balance. The Hindu trilogy.
Let's Talk About Us!
Who else is not afraid to call us together?
We are growing closer and expanding at the same time.
When we journey alone, it's easier to get lost. When we journey together, we can cover more territory and get a bigger picture. Yet both journeys alone and together very much serve to expand consciousness.
Let us be ourselves as consciously as we can, conscious of the unique complexities of mind, body, heart, and spirit that each of us are. Yet we can also accept those who choose not to be conscious.
Ride the cosmic flow and open to the forces that want to stir up that flow.
There are core archetypal roles that we each take on to varying degrees, like rebel, protector, messenger, etc... We are each a mix of many differing roles, some of which may be contradictory. It can be scary or overwhelming for people to look at all the complex and contradictory ways they are manifesting themselves, yet it can also be deeply fulfilling to recognize the value of each role and why we chose it.
A part of me doesn't want to recognize the value of the victim/perpetrator roles. And I am much more identified with the victims than the perps! Our whole world is.
This world feels much more compassion towards the victim than the perpetrator. And behold how many consider themselves a victim here! Can we also open to seeing the emotional and physical traumas which cause a soul to be a perpetrator? Can we develop compassion for all souls?
Our value judgments to a large degree are based on polarities, good and bad, right and wrong, etc. Maybe these polarities give us something concrete to bounce against.
I want to fully acknowledge my judgments. I want to understand and honor their roots. My judgments create boundaries in my world. This has served me in the past, yet is changing now as I open to the joy of welcoming all souls as my brilliant peers, not an iota better or worse than me or anyone else.
I would like to explore with beings who are ready and willing to take responsibility for everything that exists, for this amazing co-creation of which we now find ourselves a part.
***To any and all, we invite you to join in the glorious flow and dance of those of us who are consciously joining our energies in service of all of us and all beings.
When we come together in groups around this shared intention, magic and miracles abound!!!
The more we let go, the more the miracles flow!
This letting go involves trusting a deep part of ourselves which is rooted in the collective essence of all beings.
We can fight the natural flow of life and create fascinating drama with lots of rich emotions, or we can surrender to the flow, and from there create a deep joy and miraculous life for all who want to join.
Trust and Surrender
Most beings don't trust themselves fully. When they see an individual who does, some want to surrender their sovereignty, while others simply want to understand more and integrate that into their beings.
What is suffering but an avoidance of the full experience of pain. When we fully trust, we surrender to pain as a meaningful sensation and open to what is there to be learned.
***The more we trust ourselves, both individually and collectively, the more we can soar!
You don't need to know why to be able to fly.
When you fully surrender, the magic begins.
There is a part of us which believes it has to be hard work, that we have to shovel shit to get to the gold. Yet I know that this is only as true as we want or need it to be.
How can we be hard (deeply honest) with each other, without hurting each other, so that life doesn't have to be so hard?
If we can create hardness and drive on an energetic level, we won't need to manifest such hard lives.
Flower symbol - The pistil bursting gloriously forth into the unknown, supported by the collective wisdom of the surrounding petals. Epitomizes creative surrender.
The Greater We
Sinking deeper into We, reality shifts.
We are all co-creating everything we experience.
If I choose the expansive We rather than the more contracted us vs them, I can accelerate into greater knowledge and wisdom.
***The deep wisdom comes in exploring the question, 'How am I doing this to myself.'

Shadow Explorations
For some reason on TV we want to be in shock and disbelief at who we are. We seem to want all of the good, and especially all of the bad to be magnified.
Our minds can create as real whatever twisted realities we want to explore, no matter how distorted, yet the deeper spirit always remains.
Can we find a fun, creative way to vent our deeper emotions with the purpose of gaining greater compassion and understanding which will allow us to live with more passion? After I spit it out -- and that, too, is me!!!
We have powerful gifts for each other, which we are sometimes afraid to receive.
It's no longer about the forces of light versus the forces of darkness. It's about all of us coming together as a force for all. It's about inviting all who are interested to join in exploring, as both individuals and a collective, the deepest mysteries of existence. Who am I? Who are we? Why existence? What is existence?
Can we allow ourselves to play full out the roles that were assigned to us (that we chose).
Can we embrace that you are a part of me, just as I am a part of you? I want to honor and fully appreciate your pain, and all pain you have brought to all of us as a gift.

I have met my worst demon, only to find he is a lost part of me.

I can lose my innocence, yet still be pure.
We can lose our innocence, yet still be pure.
"This I know"
If you really want to know, just start asking questions and opening to answers that may show up in unexpected ways.
"This I know"
... that in my world ...
There are many things I don't know, but this I know ...
We are all intimately interconnected in a divine, cosmic exploration of being.
I am aware that on some level we all choose not to know, so that we can better explore as individuals and later share what we gained with the collective. Yet on another level, we all know everything. It doesn't have to all make sense. This I know!
This I know ... that in the big picture every one of us is always serving the good of all of us simply by being who we are.
Yet most people on this planet seem to fear that by consciously committing themselves to what's best for all, they will lose something. Maybe the only thing they will really lose is their fear of loss.
I am here now to help any interested to see how we have consciously chosen to deceive ourselves both individually and collectively. We can accept that, and then choose whether we continue this or come to greater consciousness.
***If we choose to, we can be a bridge for all of us to come together. All of us.
Let us choose to play archetypes full out. In doing this, we allow quintessential qualities to presence themselves more purely.
Archetype I'm moving into - the Reminder (of who we really are: mirrors of God unfolding)
My old archetype - the peaceful, all-powerful ruler
I relinquish all previous claims to power and give all that I am into the service of All That Is.
When asked why I am doing something:
I have consciously given all than I am into the service of All That Is. And this is where I find myself now.

The Divine Mystery -
Are you open to the divine mystery? 
Who am I?
Who are you?
Who are we?
Why do we exist?
What is the deepest meaning of life?
Though we don't know the ultimate answers to any of these questions, we welcome any and all to join us in exploring the divine mystery of life and existence here. Letting go of the need for Truth with a capital "T", we find great joy in the asking and exploring.
Our deepest intention is to live in service to all beings, and thus in service to All That Is. In doing this, we consciously choose to accept and surrender fully to the divine mystery, to "what is," and to All That Is. And from that place of acceptance and surrender, we move powerfully forward as unique, brilliant creators in our world, both individually and collectively. Together, we are co-creating who we are and our ever-expanding experience of this universe. We invite all to join in the joy of this ever-unfolding dance of creative surrender.
Messages to Fred
Is it time for me to focus less on thinking and more on feeling?
Move where I feel the strongest draw, fully trusting in my unwavering commitment to what's best for all.
Push yourself to let go of the rigidness of your routine and open to the deeper flow which will bring the unexpected.
No need ot focus on details.
Open to where you feel called in this moment.
Trust in All That Is.
No need to rush.
Form things as fully as possible energetically. Then let them manifest as they will, in accordance with what's best for all.

Hey Fred,

Congrats on completeing stage 1 of your websites!...I look forward to seeing stage 2.

As always your example and words warm my heart and inspire my soul.....

You have been a wondeful positive influence in my life and I would say that I owe you much but  know it doesn't work like that,  

From the center of my being I send out my thanks, my love and my intent to forever serve for the greater good of all.






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I second Jez's comments. The work you're doing is awesome Fred, keep it up, we need more people to take action in the way you have, to spread the seeds of conciousness. I look forward to the new site.


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Thought you'd appreciate this "six degrees of separation story Fred.  Got an email from Network of Helping Hands that was a thank you to several communities for placing a link of Network of HH on their websites.  They are

Planetary World Service

The Love Foundation Home

Inspiring Community: Global Community for All

which, of 'course', brings one to the "wisdom courses" option at the left side of Inspiring Community's home page

Free Online Courses

and this one at the bottom of the same page

Personal Growth

very nice round trip experience!!!

LLP, Chris

oh, and one of the comments listed in your forum post reminded me of the movie "The International" that has been playing on Starz recently, which does an excellent job of featuring the rationalization and thinking of banking concerning the establishment of debt via arms trading and war.  Also, there is an excellent documentary on Monsanto that has shown up on the Sundance channel.  They truly are bent on controlling and regulating all food production worldwide, and their methods are contaminating crops in many countries that have begun to adopt roundup ready soy bean production.  I feel especially bad for Mexico because they have been so instrumental in developing the worlds corn varieties, and that is being severely threatened by transgenetic process, a byproduct that harms variety and can only benefit the profit-oriented domination mindset of Monsanto.



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Thanks for all your warm words and support, Jez, Josh, and Chris. I hope to start working on the new website in the next couple months. I am excited to see so many people waking up to the deeper realities all over. Take care and enjoy the holiday season.

With lots of love and gratitude,

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