The Void

Shortly after my first OBE I have had another life changing experience happen to me. This time I did not really go "out" of my body, but instead went into the depths beyond. 

I was lying down on the floor, watching my breath and feeling my body sink into the floor, when suddenly there was a shift of awareness. Suddenly, the floor beneath me vanished, and my sense of being shifted so deep inside, that I was beyond the physical body, the physical-energetic counterpart and the mind that connected me to the body. I was suspended in the void, and there was nothing except all-pervasive Peace and Love. This was the place where all creation came from, it was the unmanifested wholeness of the entire universe. There was nothing, but there was everything there, and Love, pure Love as far as awareness can reach. At the same time I did project – I was still connected with my body, and actually my level of physical awareness was much, much higher and clearer than it normally is. It was very interesting to watch this whole thing happen. I was… I guess I just was. Then there was the mind, which was like a surface of a clear lake, and through the mind there was a link to the body – physical and physical-energetic. Watching my mind from this perspective was like watching a bowl of soup, and choosing not to stir it. There was no need for thought at all. To think took a very conscious effort, and I wondered what it was like to think. I created a thought, and it felt so solid, like an iceberg rising from the surface of a lake, and another one built up on it, and another one, they rose like great mountains out of thin air. They weren’t thoughts about anything, they were just thoughts. And each rose more and more of itself. Then I withdrew my awareness, and all of these mountains collapsed into completely nothing. The mind was again a thin transparent film, a surface of a clear lake. The thoughts came out of nothing and ended up in nothing.

I heard my parents come in through the garage door, “Andrey, we came back from shopping, come help us carry the bags.” I gently brought my awareness back into my body, and went outside. I looked at the trees and the sky, and felt completely at one with it, I felt what the cool breeze felt, I knew what grass knew, what a wonder it was to be a cloud floating in the clear blue sky. Everything was alive, and I was connected and in communion with All Life. And by everything, I mean really everything – the bricks of a house were alive, the man-made car, every needle of a pine tree was a conscious being. I heard my mother say something to me, as I was watching the wonder of being completely here and now. I felt something inside of my mind pull, like a grappling hook gripping a part of me, then another, it kept going so subtly and I was aware of it less and less. I watched the whole world fade from being so completely alive and connected with me to that of being a raw physical reality that I usually found myself in. It was one of the saddest things I ever experienced – nothing changed in front of my eyes, yet everything changed.

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Fascinating experience, Andrey. What did you mean by "It was one of the saddest things I ever experienced"? It sounds like an incredibly profound and inspiring experience to me. Thanks for sharing it!

Wishing you an abundance of love and joy,

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Sad to watch the world fade from Love and Connectedness with All Life to dull emptiness and isolation.


Hi Audrey,

That was a wonderful thing that you experienced.I have had my own OBE, around last christmas, I felt similar feelings of "perfect" love. I think I also have a fair understanding of the results, in this world, from that kind of experience. The down that followed for me was great. Nearly a year later and I'm just getting clear now.

Thanks for sharing,


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Very fascinating indeed. I've been reading a lot about OBE and am trying to work towards that kind of exploration myself. Thanks for sharing your stories.

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Greetings Andrey....

that was a fascinating story....and I'm very day of my life....I meditate for 30 minutes ...trying to OBE....or astral project no avail.

I truly think it is possible....I want it badly....but don't seem to be able to...thus far....


can you give me some tips on how to make this happen ?? Was this a one time thing, or can you do this at will ???

When you are in etheric form, are you aware of "all that is"" ?







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Dont be sad with a memory alive in you like that. Be careful what you think you see right now because the world you just described in "The Void" is the real one and always has been. I adamantly choose to sound this crazy until I either find out my intuition and personal visions are correct or I am insane. Either is fine with me, for what choice do I have? But I do have a choice in protecting what I am inclined to believe is real and what is not. Protect your visions and dreams and honor them by dismissing the other things your physical eyes tempt you to see right now.

Your too close to what this is all about to be fooled and willfully drawn away from it for no good reason beloved brother!!!

The first thing I thought of when I began to read the void is what I have come to learn about black holes, that they are the place you just spoke of, the signature of many life forms willfully journeying back toward the Creator/Source to get ready to do it all over again, and all of this that is mountains rising and falling like the thoughts you described, supported by the very still pond you described, extending infinitely from one single initial thought in one single eternal moment called now.

you said,

"was like watching a bowl of soup, and choosing not to stir it"

keep that one handy for times when you feel tempted to forget that wonderful gift of a vision of yours so aptly and beautifully describing the constant eternal now moment we are always in and can never not be in....

Love/Light, Chris

Conscious awareness allows the Watcher to witness these arisings from the still reflective pool.  Who is this Watcher? Face the Watcher and transcend all duality and be no-thing from which Oneness arises that has no need to arise...suchness.  This is the dharma of no dharma.



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you so remind me of the lapis lazuli colored Medicine Buddha with begging bowl in left hand toward center and open palm offering the Medicine Buddha's offering on the right knee.

I just listened to Jonathan Goldman's offering translating the Medicine Buddha chant to music last night and as I listened and read the jacket, I wept.  So many things remind me of that kid in American Beauty that was watching that plastic bag blowing around and all he could think was,

Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world... i feel like i can't take it

and then by Kevin Spacey at the end:

"it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world.
Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my
heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I
remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows
through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every
single moment of my stupid little life... "

 I can't imagine a loftier compliment than even the slightest comparison with any Buddha manifestation, especially the medicine one. We all need to remember our inherent Buddha nature and the dharmakaya. In these times, I sense that this recognition is not far off.



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It be a roarin' bonfire on the beach! Just waitin' for more to show up to the beach party, which is, I know, more akin to what you mean by not far off, LOL.

It blows me away to think, if Ra is not a big fat liar (I'm going out on a limb here with "NOT"), that black holes are the most pure "physical signature" we have in the natural laws of astronomy/cosmos of a very large, VERY LARGE, collective of entities being so in touch with the One Infinite Creator that the so called gravitational pull is that strong, bending space/time in a dramatic revelation of a phenomenal rush toward Unity, to then be recycled into the next octave of experience in this infinite display of variety/evolution enveloped in Love/Light.

We need never fear the dark again, for from it came the Light to begin the concept of contrast, creating stimuli and catalyst for discovery where none was available prior to the Light....

Love/Light, Chris

P.S. If you are so inclined, pick up a CD of the Medicine Buddha by Jonathan Goldman at

along with Ultimate Om and The Lost Chord (there are many more greats there, but these three are definitely top drawer for meditating or backround while reading....

The mantra on The Heart of Wisdom Sutra (on the second part of Medicine Buddha) is "Gate' Gate', Para Gate', Para-Sum Gate', Bodhi Svaha" which when translated means, "Gone, gone. Gone beyond. Gone beyond the beyond. Hail to the Awakened One", telling us that "Form is no other than emptiness, emptiness is no other than form".

These words and their meaning embodying the essence of our inability to define reality in cogent terms....

Jonathan Goldman is such a master communicator, given the obvious limitations....

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Hey there Dave,

Sorry I didn't write back sooner, somehow I didn't see that people have replied. Maybe one of notifications got lost or something.

It was a one-time thing for me. It was life-changing, but I wasn't able to do it again. Various other experiences happened, but none to that kind of degree, and almost none at will. There seems to be something about will and wanting that interferes with the process of letting go and allowing such an experience to happen. My OBE was also a spontaneous one, nothing I did.

Sorry I can't be of more help here. I would recommend checking out Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. That book got me started on my spiritual journey. It has lots of great stuff. There's also a community at the Astral Dynamics forums that seems pretty alive and kicking.

Much love,


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There seems to be something about will and wanting that interferes.....................


yes...that is what I suspect....I spend 30 minitues daily...same time same place ....trying to control my astral no avail !!!!


Just got a book w/CD   Brian Weiss'  self hypnosis....Mirrors of time

going to give that approach a try....


thanks for your are lucky to have these experiences....even if they leave you saddened....

as in dreaming....not so much remembering what you the effect it had on your conscienceness.




lefty dave


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