My current burning passion: Community Heart-Space

Good Greetings All,

I define Community Heart-Space as the energy field that we as a tribe create when we show up in the World both mindfully and heartfully. I know when I am in it because it feels deeply good to be there.

I cultivate Community Heart-Space when I meet myself and my tribe in love, trust, honesty, kindness, compassion, and gratitude. BTW - I'm not always able to hold this intention, and it's a joy to have kindred others around me to gently remind me when I forget... :-)

I see building and holding Community Heart-Space as foundational to the work of co-creating a world truly worth living in. I believe strongly that when we generate and support the Heart-Space energy field as a conscious group intention, we work powerfully together to evolve our family into the community of planet helpers we came here to be.

I'd love to hear about others' personal experiences and thinking on this topic... Anybody feel inspired to share?

In Gratitude & Love ,

Thank you, Bhodi for being here now.  I wish that I could be with real live people right now.



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Wonderfully said dear Intelligent Heart...  All I wish to add from my own recent learning curve is we have so many wonderful helpers today, interdimensionally and human alike, that we are able to know so clearly when we are 'in it' and when we are not, so I wish to waste no time berating myself or others when I or they are not in it momentarily due to ego 'time out' break, and try to get back and help others get back ASAP and keep staying there for longer and longer periods of time until we know nothing else but that calm balance, regardless of situational circumstance...

Love/Light, and Peace beyond words, measure and opposite, Chris

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Your post reminded me of this.

If you don't choose to be part of the Global Coherence Initiative, work with the energy anyway (as I'm sure most of us are already doing).  

It is encouracing to me to find so many others in so many other places, from all walks of life, many countries, generations and belief systems coming to an understanding of where our true power is. May we wake quickly in greater and greater numbers!       Namaste    one heart, one world, one love - onesong

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Good morning, Bodhi!  

For the last week, I've been looking at, and thinking about your post.  It's so beautiful and heart centered.  I don't have a lot to add to it - you've expressed yourself wonderfully, but for some reason, it doesn't seem right to just read it, and like it, and move on.  I guess I just want to say Namaste.

Much light and love to you,



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As usual you have the perfect picture to share with us. It spoke directly to my heart as did the words of your post.

I agree it is more and more important to hold the space for all with love and light and to connect with our brothers and sisters in spirit. We have chosen to be here at this time for just this purpose.

Love you, Bodhi


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