How is your heart today?

Hey beautiful people,

I had a most wonderful realization while soaking in the warm waters of a nearby hot springs early yesterday. Instead of asking people "how are you?", when it feels right I want to ask people "how is you heart today?" or "how is your heart right now?" I love that this feels like a way to naturally invite people to open more to sharing their feelings and what's real for them.

I heard of a fascinating job for a multilingual person

Hi TT World!

I recently studied with folks from this organization - www.heartofthehealer.org - and I really liked them.  Oscar Miro-Quesada heads the group, and his wife Cindy, who wrote the letter below, is also real and true.  If you or someone you know is looking for a position for a multilinguist, take a peek. . .just FYI.

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