The New Moon:  Solar Eclipse in Tropical Scorpio 21 degrees:

Double doom!
An eclipse…
In Scorpio…
Need I say anymore?

What is it about our prevailing consciousness that negativity still persists and we seek out the less conscious and lower manifestations of any energetic condition? How often have you witnessed astrologers and lay people alike, sharply inhaling or pensively letting out a sigh followed by “Ahhhhh, you’re a Scorpion?!”

So the psychology of the Scorpion archetype has been reduced to that of a revenge-seeking, brooding and smouldering emotional psychopath who thinks about sex more times than the average man (every six seconds I’m told), is power hungry, never gives up, holds anyone they love hostage and is scary to the point of isolating themselves which only serves to heighten their already complex and convoluted inner world?

Like so many of the interpretations of the zodiacal signs, Scorpio has become more a testimony to the less conscious expressions of its planetary ruler, Pluto, than it has about reflecting its mode or element. And even then, Scorpio has become about emotional fixity rather than about an exploration of how you truly feel.

Feeling is an essential part of being human and part of spiritual development is to get to a point of truly understanding what motivates those reactions in you that tests the parameters of your moral

and ethical code. When someone or something really provokes an intense emotional reaction in you, it is a sure fire indicator that you have a strong ego attachment to an issue being invoked. It is said that our realities are created by our emotions and not by our minds and whilst we think, what really drives us to action is not a logical thought, but some deeper, emotional “push”. What would life be like without the invocation of the depth of feeling that prompts us to overcome adversity?

Imagine a world full of emotionally charged people, fully free of attachment and ego? Imagine what that would mean for our community. However this is not an easy place to reach. To do so and to really free your Self from this ego reaction is to turn inwards and journey within to the source of the tempest. Once true understanding of the root of the emotional reaction has been gleamed, you can reach a new and higher unity within yourself.

I have always understood that it is within this archetype that the three lights meet – that of form, awareness and soul – and if integrated consciously their merging creates a deep sense of personal illumination. To do that you have to turn your focus inward and silence your mind, allowing yourself to breath, feel and simple be. Silence is the playground of our divinity. This ‘field’ of silence cannot be experienced intellectually as, by definition, it is beyond the mind and the cognitive process. It is pure feeling.

So why can’t we appreciate that human consciousness needs to occasionally turn inwards and truly understand the inner domain of the imagination and the emotional? The inner world is the source of all inspiration and genius. Our conscious access to this unbounded domain of awareness provides a resource of unlimited potential. What could we really achieve if we really understood the depth of our own inner world?  Yet everything in our western culture discourages an inner voice. Meaningfully questions are deemed to be too intense since they provoke an intense emotional response.

Let’s imagine that I met you for the first time at a party and instead of engaging you with pleasantries that neither of us are really interested in, I asked how you really felt; what does your soul long for; or how you have been able to deal with and integrate your personal dysfunctionality?  Granted, that is not a normal social conversation, but is it not a real conversation?

Is it not truly empowering to open up unconditionally to another person and share the depths of your soul without having any expectation of the outcome? It is through those exchanges that we become truly conscious of our underlying psychological landscape and in knowing both the depth and heights of our feelings about ourselves and our lives, truly frees us. Without egoic influences, what truly makes Scorpio powerful is the ability to understand the depths of feeling invoked in open and honest emotional exchanges between people and not having an attachment to the intensity of feelings provoked when sharing.

This, in my opinion, is really what Scorpio is about.


Solar Eclispe Nov 13 - 14 2012

To add to that mix, this forth-coming lunation is a total eclipse (visible from northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean only (Figure 2); the partial eclipse path can be viewed on the image below, the times of which are contained within the text box).

In a modern age, eclipses are wondrous astronomical events, captivating the hearts and imaginations of astronomers and everyday folk’s alike. The June 2012 eclipse of the Sun by Venus attracted record numbers of people, the volumes of which crashed many astronomers’ webcasts of that amazing re-birthing of the light.

However, if you scan across websites and blogs that seek to interpret the human impact of an eclipse, you get a different picture. It is also one of doom, fear and negativity.

I believe this stems from the intentional suppression of wisdom during the violent medieval evangelical Christian period in Europe, when any information that prompted self-knowledge was vigorously destroyed. Without the knowledge of our interconnectedness, our dream-like existence on the earth realm, our understanding of the cycles of nature, it is perfectly understandable to feel the End is Nigh, or the God is angry, when the sky inexplicably blackening, the birds stopped singing and the stars could be viewed during the day. It is easy to see how the Church could interpret the darkening of the day as a time when there is a weakening of human nature, an increase of avarice and stupidity and a proliferation of both good and bad demons over the face of the Earth. It would appear that the projection of moral values onto what was a more feminine approach to life has left a deep impact on those that seek to interpret meaning from celestial phenomena.

Okay there are more earthquakes and earth tremors recorded around the time of an eclipse (particularly lunar eclipses) and that can be very impactful on the communities that experience the Earth shaking. And yes there are other significant physical changes on the earth during an eclipse such as crescent shadows being cast from the light filtering through leaves on trees; plant sap rising significantly; and local temperatures can drop up to 20 degrees or more near a total eclipse of the Sun. But the mistake of correlating physical with psycho-spiritual has resulted in turbulence through which eclipses are interpreted, not lest if you consider the consciousness of those medieval philosophers whom were writing their predictions.

Solar Eclispe Path
Solar Eclipse Path

Without exploring the impact that the prevailing moral, ethical and philosophical code has on interpreting the world, keeping in mind that the way we think alters the reality we see and therefore create, those cultures that did not base themselves on hierarchical, patriarchal, fear and control based notions, saw eclipses as being a time wherein a portal was opened allowing them to more freely pass between the multitude of realms that exist within consciousness. They were a time when we were able to talk directly and with clarity to a higher power since the eclipse marked an intensification of the unification of the Lights of the Earth. So the symbolic power that lies behind an eclipse lies with the notion that a passageway leading to the gOd realm is opened and we have a more immediate ability to communicate with the Source than usual.

The Eclipse in Scorpio

The field of potentiality offered to you during this eclipse in Scorpio is a more direct and immediate access to an altered realm of consciousness, wherein you can directly experience the numinous within you and direct that light towards any stagnant or fetid emotions that serve only to trap you, keeping you fixed in a reality that may not really reflect where you truly are on your spiritual journey.

You are being invited to dive head long into your own emotional depths and heal, release and let go any emotional attachments that are no longer serving a constructive part of your life’s journey, so that you can release your Light from your suffering (created by the illusion of separation) and merge with something vaster than yourself. One way that you can experience this unity is through meditation, as it is one vehicle that provides us with a nonverbal, direct experience of truth that lies in the core essence of the worlds’ greatest and most sacred teachings. Inherent within this field of silence is the freedom to create any eventuality, a freedom that comes to you as you embody a level of pure awareness that gradually neutralises the bondage of self-imposed, self-limiting illusions that lie within the mask of your mortality and material existence.

Andrew Smith

Agent EI