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Max Igan talks a lot about "Peaceful Non-compliance" as a way to change the corrupt System. The System is designed to control and feed upon the masses in order to enrich a select, parasitic few.

The System exists, in part because we are conditioned to believe it is real.  We've come to associate the System with life itself. We believe that life is about going to school to get a job to pay our bills.  We've made money our God. We're willing to do all sorts of immoral things to get some. We'll work for a company and a boss we don't like. We sometimes lie or cheat to make a buck. We've even become desensitized to who we hurt in our pursuit of the all-mighty dollar. Wow!  If you stop and think about it, that's really whacked!

At its core, the System is based on the monetary system, a corrupt financial scheme that deliberately creates scarcity. Each dollar is made with built-in debt.  In the simplest terms, the System enslaves us to pay back a debt that can never be paid.  Each dollar is borrowed into existence.  Since the money to pay back the interest is never created, we can never get out of debt.  That's the beauty of the system – from a parasitic point of view.

What keeps the System in place is our belief in it and our belief in the things that support it.  We believe it's honorable to go to work, to earn our keep.  It's patriotic to fight wars for our country.  Pollution is an inevitable by-product of modern life.  Greed and corruption should be expected in a thriving, capitalistic society.  Injustice must be tolerated.  Buyers must be wary.  It's a dog-eat-dog world.  Survival of the fittest.  Do unto others before they do it unto you.  What's wrong with this picture?  Does this sound like the world the Infinite Creator intended?

Please bear with me for a moment, while I consult the Bible for some clues.

“Consider the lilies how they grow, that they do not labor neither do they weave, but I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory was robed like one of these.”  Luke 12:27

In other words, we were created to just "be” – without constant struggle or competition.  The natural world is full of abundance, even in her abused state the Earth continues to provide for us - she feeds us and provides all the natural resources we use to sustain ourselves.

So what is stopping us from living in a natural state of abundance?  Why are we struggling? Or as the Thrive Movie puts it, why aren't we thriving?

The answer is we believe in a System that doesn't support us.  We believe it is real, when in reality, all we have to do is stop complying with it.  If we turn our backs on this corrupt System which serves the wealthy few, and instead develop ways that nurture ourselves and each other, the old System would crumble and a new System of abundance for all would flourish.

So why do we keep complying with a system that doesn't serve us?  There are many reasons:  it's all we know; it's comfortable; we don't like change; we're waiting for someone else to change it; we don't think we can change it; we don't know how to change it; we don't want to change; we don't want anyone to think we're crazy or foolish for bucking the System.

Max Keiser, from RT's The Keiser Report, made this observation, (I'm paraphrasing), 'If OWS was serious about fighting corporate greed, they'd boycott Coca-Cola, but I don't think any of them are willing to give up Coke to do it.' I thought this was an interesting thought, so to test it, I brought up the subject in an OWS Livestream chat room. I wish you could have seen the responses. Most folks said, 'I'm not willing to give up my Coke. I can't live without it. It won't work. Go pick on somebody else.' (Paraphrasing again.)

I couldn't believe it. These are the same people who are dedicated to supporting a revolutionary movement against corporate greed. Yet, only two or three of us (out of a couple dozen or so) were able to see the importance of withdrawing our support from such a self-serving corporation. Only a few of us understood how, as individuals, we not only allow the corruption to exist, but that we directly support it with our compliance.

The System we feed has demonstrated time and again that it doesn't care if it robs us of our hard-earned money or takes our houses and leaves us homeless. The System doesn't care if we starve or if we can't afford medical treatment. The System profits from enslaving the poor and disadvantaged, yet it gives back nothing to enrich humanity. It strips the Earth of her natural resources and pollutes our air, water, and soil. It is a parasite that has somehow achieved our cooperation in supporting its self-centered goal as if it were our own.

Maybe if we considered the action of boycotting to be a form of non-compliance, we might see the importance in doing it. The food, fuel, and pharmaceutical giants can't exist without our help. Our cooperation allows them to exist and to thrive... and they're doing it at our expense.

Peaceful non-compliance starts with an internal decision. It's a personal commitment to stop making choices that do not support our vision for the world. I believe that a simple switch in perception is enough to ignite significant change across the world.

You can start by questioning why you obey certain rules. Who do the rules serve? Do they benefit humanity or is there another, less-honorable purpose?

Some questions you might practice asking yourself are...

Why can't I walk on the grass in the public park? Who or what does that rule protect? Why can't I stay in the park after sunset if I'm not doing anything wrong?

If I'm an adult and I pay for insurance to ride my motorcycle, why am I also required to wear a helmet? Who would I be hurting in an accident, other than myself? You might say, well, the guy who has insurance has to pay higher premiums because of my irresponsibility. But who does the insurance industry really serve? When someone is denied insurance for a “pre-existing condition” or loses their house because they can't pay their medical bills is the System really serving the common people or is it just lining the pockets of the insurance companies?

Why do I pay a monthly fee to the bank when they take the money I deposit and make loans or investments with it? They reap profits from the money I lend to them for free, and in return, they charge me fees for using my money. Is this fair? Can I do something to change the system?

What if a bunch of people got together and protested – like in the Occupy Movement or the Arab Spring   What if a lot of people got together and moved their money from the banks and into cooperatives like credit unions as many have already done through the “move your money” movement

Now, let's talk about peaceful non-compliance and the law.

Natural Law differs from man-made law in that everything is legal in Natural Law except for that which harms another person or damages property. Simple, fair, and just. That means all those rules about jaywalking or parking here or there are just nonsense. After living in several other countries as I have, it becomes clear how arbitrary some American “laws” are. In France, for example, people park on the sidewalks. You'll often find gaping holes in the sidewalks and communal bathrooms where women must walk past the men's urinals to get to the stalls. No one complains about the cars; no one sues anyone if they fall into a hole, and no one gets raped in the bathrooms (as far as I know). People take responsibility for their own actions. You see, the more we demand laws to protect us from things we don't like, the more we become subject to being legislated against ourselves. The legal ax swings both ways.

Questioning rules that we automatically comply with, helps us break free of the matrix. This doesn't mean it's advisable to disobey every silly rule. Peaceful noncompliance begins internally, within your own thought processes. It can start by boycotting products from companies whose policies you disagree with. (I've avoided supporting the brand name food giants with my buying decisions for years, now.) Joining an activist group like the Occupy Movement is another form of peaceful non-compliance. Peaceful non-compliance can be as quiet and unobtrusive or as boldly pushing-the-envelope as you care to make it. The Freeman movement says that there are no laws written requiring private citizens to obtain a driver's license or to pay income taxes. Some claim not to comply with these “requirements.” (I'm not recommending it – because in driving without a license, you must be prepared to confront law enforcement and the courts – I'm just giving you some examples.) With practice, you'll be able to think outside the box and find solutions that fit your own comfort level.

Why be non-compliant? Why buck the System? Well, one reason is that the current System isn't working. It doesn't serve the needs or the desire of the majority of people. Afterall, laws were invented by people to serve and protect society. When laws enslave and suppress us instead, the System is broken. Remember, our elected officials are our public servants, not our bosses. They are charged with representing and serving our needs and obeying our instructions. When they stop doing that, they need to go. Just like as the citizens of Wisconsin tried to recall governor Scott Walker, we have the collective power to kick the bums out. (Wisconsians lost that battle, but they didn't lose the war.)  Such action is what the power elite fear most – that enough of us will wake up, band together, and kick them to the curb.

If our elected officials weren't corrupt, and if our voting system wasn't manipulated to maintain the status quo, we could just vote our way into a better, more equitable system. But if you have viewed the transgressions exposed by, then you know that your vote doesn't count for much. Presently, voting is just another illusion designed to make us think we have a choice. And if the last half a dozen presidents hasn't convinced you that it doesn't matter who or what party “wins the vote”, then you haven't been paying attention.

If you watch “The Money Masters” or any of the Ancient Knowledge videos , you'll see that human history itself has been manipulated to serve a bigger, hidden agenda. Isn't it about time we start questioning everything we think we know to be true? If thirteen families own 95% of the wealth, control all our institutions – banking, education, food, medical, media, military, etc. (and they do) then what motive would they have in telling us the truth about anything?  Why is it that what comes from all those institutions is harmful to our health?  How can we believe that they are taking care of us when a cursory look at recent (exposed) history should tell you otherwise? Ask yourself, is the world a healthier, safer, smarter, wealthier place to live these days than ever before? Why not? All you have to do is look up and see the chemtrails over your head to realize that not only doesn't the controlling elite care about our welfare, they're actively plotting against it.

Under the circumstances being peacefully non-compliant is a viable option we should all consider. In the end, we are the only ones who have our best interests at heart. We are the ones we've been waiting for. So, go get 'em team!

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Thanks Noa,

That was well written and well thought out. Non-compliance really is the only solution and it is amazing to me how relatively aware people are unwilling to make the slightest life-style changes like give up coke. People used to show up at our 9/11 truth meetings with D&D coffee and I'd be telling them that none of us should be giving any large corporations money if we can help it. I think the most important life-style change is giving up TV - perhaps those of us who are most awake should focus on that one. I think the other changes happen almost automatically once that one big one has been made.

Hope you spread this letter around, perhaps try submitting it to the local paper as a letter to the editor.

I've been enjoying Max Igan's podcasts very much lately - I even used a few quotes from him in my lay-led summer service at church that went along with Nyn's letter from God.

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