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Peaceful Non-compliance



Max Igan talks a lot about "Peaceful Non-compliance" as a way to change the corrupt System.  http://www.gatheringspot.net/video/general-discussion/nwo-solution The System is designed to control and feed upon the masses in order to enrich a select, parasitic few.

Wetiko Psychosis

This topic is in response to Waakzaam’s post under the forum topic: “Wishing I had seen the PNAC document before 9/11.”   I thought the article referenced by Waakzaam should be given its own topic.

It’s a long article, so below, I’ve summarized some important parts for you.

From http://www.awakeninthedream.com/wordpress/?p=534

The Power Elite Do Not Control Obama

Greetings all, in the love and light of our one infinite Creator,

The link below is to a recent newsletter from David Wilcock which I think is a very important and worthwhile read. It has some very enlightening and exciting information in it which not only will perhap cause some introspection, but also a deal of comfort in realizing that All is One.

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