The Upcoming Powerful Alignments and the Shift from "I" to "Us"

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This blog from Celia Fenn, who is the channel for AA Michael is an excellent read. No it is not a channeled message, it is much more personal and to the point this time.  Read it and you will agree with me that she has a very important point to make.

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The Upcoming Powerful Alignments and the Shift from "I" to "Us
a message from Celia Fenn

Thursday, 10 June, 2010 at South Africa (posted 11 June, 2010)

In the month of June we are entering into a series of major Planetary alignments that will be very powerful and will probably bring huge changes to the Earth and the way that we live on her. Get ready for some more "Pressure Cooker" experiences as Evolution kicks in to lift us from the Old into the New!
These Alignments begin on the 13th of June, when a Grand Cross begins to form. This is the astrological term for when the planets line up on the axis of a cross on the zodiac. This creates intense pressure and things move! This will continue with us for most of June. Also in June is the Solstice on the 21st and a Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 26th, both powerful moments in themselves. In July there is another powerful alignment called a "Cardinal T Square" and a Solar Eclipse on the 11th of July, all preceding the "New Year" and the Lion's Gate on the 26th of July! In August there will be a Cardinal Grand Cross, and all this will culminate in the powerful moment of the 10/10/10 Stargate, when we will "birth" ourselves into another level of Being.

I am sure that most of us have felt the beginnings of these planetary shifts in our lives. I have found that after a long period of feeling very balanced and happy, I suddenly felt very tired to the point of exhaustion. I wasn't sleeping too well, and I kept forgetting things. I also felt as though time was moving too fast and there just wasn't enough time to do all the things that needed to be done, let alone rest and relax and enjoy life! Evidence of another acceleration in the "time differentials" as Michael likes to call that thing that we call "time". Time is certainly not linear, as we used to believe! By now we know that it is elastic, and that it bends and stretches and contracts, depending on holographic and quantum factors in the Noosphere.

Yes, I love that word, the "Noosphere". It is a word that describes the Fifth Dimensional New Earth, and it basically means an interconnected system based on information exchange. Yes, that is what we are becoming. For those of you who have seen "Avatar", and let's face it, who hasn't, think Pandora and the forests. Interdependence....connection...and a biological network of connection based in the energy of the Divine Life Essence shared by all! Noosphere!

I have been finding it increasingly difficult to write recently, and one of the reasons was that although I know that this transformation is about us as unique individuals in human bodies, after nearly fifteen years with ascension, I have felt that we are all probably looking in the wrong direction a lot of the time. Waiting for the Extraterrestrials to land, or focusing on releasing and cleansing and rewiring yet again for the umpteenth time, or trying to manifest the elusive wealth and power that is always promised but yet never quite seems to make it. A whole industry of people has arisen offering and consuming ways to make life work for you in the New Energy. And yet, so many people are still struggling in the shift that never quite seems to happen, and is always going to happen very soon, and has been for a quite a long time now. 2012? No, I don't think so. Right now...and ongoing....

The shift is that we have moved from a society based on unique individuals all pursuing their individual dreams of wealth and success, to a "Noosphere", a complex organism that shares information in order to thrive and survive. Our individual shifts and rewirings have been to adapt us to function in the environment of the Noosphere.

This means that if we continue to pursue the path of individual wealth and success, we will actually be going against the flow of evolution. No wonder we wobble and struggle and feel dizzy and nauseous and tired, as we push against the current of evolution.

We are now wired to work in Community, in Groups, and for the greater good of the All, the Noosphere. We share information and we evolve and grow as we experience our connection for the greater good of all! Of course, we are still individuals, but we are now "connected" and we have to honor that connection even as we honor our individual lives. As we empower ourselves we need to be empowering the group or community to which we belong.

In the last few months I have experienced many kinds of Community within the emerging Noosphere. I have experienced what I call "Family of Light", the Global Community of Lightworkers. If you are reading this, you are probably part of this Community in some way. We love to write and blog and we use the internet and the print media to share our insights and thoughts. We also gather as groups, and when I was in the Middle East and Europe recently, I was enchanted and delighted with the powerful group energy of this community as we shared and celebrated the Fifth Dimension of Group Consciousness together.

Then there are other kinds of Communities. When I was in Portugal I visited Tamera, which is an intentional community that calls itself a "healing Biotope". Their purpose is to be an Evolutionary Node or point where an alternative way of living beyond war and violence can be achieved. Their focus is on Peace both Globally and in their own community of about 200 people who live and work on the Community land. There are many of these intentional communities arising all over the Planet, and they create another level of information sharing and evolutionary energy in the Noosphere.

Then there are communities that are more flexible. Groups of people who come together to share, usually people who lives ordinary lives in cities, but who seek out a group of people with similar ideas and energies for activities and gatherings related to their interests and beliefs. These can be in real time, or they can be virtual groups in cyberspace.

The information is moving, the emerging Planetary Information exchange system is humming along, and we are emerging as a new species that expresses itself through its Connections. We are learning to solve problems and create spaces for our lives and dreams in this new arena of interconnection.

It is no longer about "I" but about "Us". Or maybe, more about how "I" fits into the "Us" or balances with the "Us".

The two major dramas that are playing out now, in the Middle East and in the Gulf of Mexico, are both examples for me of how this new system works. People all over the world and on all levels are exchanging information and views, and contributing to the resolution of these problems and the creation of new ways of doing things. The Noosphere is humming with information and ideas, and new ways of thinking are emerging. Add to this the powerful energy of the Planetary alignments discussed earlier, and you have a powerful and dynamic mix! Evolution! Rapid Evolution!

And, what is more, the information includes not only rational academic information, but feelings and compassion and love, as the Fifth Dimensional "wiring" allows us to express and create from that level.

Yes, the "Shift" indeed.

How we individually make the shift depends to a large extent on how we flow with the energy of the New Planetary Noosphere. How comfortable we are with giving up the idea of individual struggle and the pursuit of wealth and happiness, and replacing it with concern for the Whole Network of Life of which we are a part. Once we accept this, we diminish the resistance and the stress as our body evolves towards this new way of being. We accept that we are loved and supported even as we offer love and support.

One of the exercises that I did with groups of people in the recent gatherings was designed to show them how this new energy functions. We would create a circle to represent the circle of life and to break with linear concepts. Then, we would link hands, and then put our arms around the person on either side to create a closely linked circle. Then after a while, as the energy flows through the circle, the people begin to sway together and a rhythm is set up to by the group in which everyone is included, a natural flow of group energy. Everyone feels warm and loving and supported. Then, I ask them to consider what would happen if they fell down. Well, of course with the person on either side of you holding you up, you cannot fall down, and that applies to each person in the group. You are supported, and will continue to be supported by the group as they flow together. Then, I show them what happens if they go against the flow of the group, simply by moving myself in another direction. This disrupts the group flow and people lose their balance and start to fall over! In the same way, when the flow is disrupted in life, we start to fall over and we lose support and we get anxious.

The "symptoms" of ascension are not going to go away miraculously when we get to 2012, or when we live in Paradise if we are lucky enough, but when we accept that we have evolved into something very new and different that expresses in a different way. Through Connection, Love and Community!

Paradise is a wonderful concept, and it is part of the New Earth, but it is and will be a manifestation of the Inner Connection achieved and the balancing and stabilization of the Noosphere in the future. There will be more information coming in the months to come about this from the Higher Dimensions as we are guided into our particular place in the New Earth Reality. But for now, as we enter into this time of pressure and shift, remember to allow yourself to flow with the energy of Connection and Community.

You are Loved and Supported as you Love and Support. You will not fall down. You are a part of the Whole. A part of the Noosphere. A part of the "Us". And We are One and We are Powerful!

And yes, we are in the Fifth Dimension of Light!

© 2006-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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Thanks for this post Berry!

This really resonated with me and supports the theme of my daily prayers and meditations.

It just gets better and better!


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