2 NASA Rockets Launched July 4th released Lithium into the atmosphere

I hope someone finds that this is fake but it looks legit to me. This is very upsetting to me. I've been tested as high aluminum already and I recently had a diagnosis of hypothyroid. Thanks a lot U.S. government for spending my tax dollars on making me sick! Happy 4th everyone!



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I also have hypothyroidism.  From my research I've determined that one should avoid taking thyroid drugs because once on them, you'll be dependent for the rest of your life.  The AMA doesn't have a cure.

Instead, do whatever you can to increase your intake of iodine - use sea salt or iodized salt, eat kelp, fish, etc.  Give your body what it needs and it will heal itself.

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Thanks Noa,

That's exactly what I'm doing and I'm hoping it's working because I'm feeling a bit better now. It's actually something everyone should do. People don't eat enough fish because of mercury concerns and they aren't using iodized salt much anymore either. Also, a dough conditioner they put in all the fake breads they make these days has bromide or bromine? in it which can replace iodine in the body so I believe this is a big reason why everyone is getting overweight.

For sure, if you are trying to loose weight, make sure you are suplimenting with iodine. The seaweed only provides one kind of iodine and many are saying you need 2 kinds for a healthy thyroid. There are tablets called ioderol or drops called lugal's solution that contain both forms of iodine / potassium iodide that the body needs.

Also, as usual, the USDA (dayly allowance) is way lower that what the typical Japaneese diet consists of so if you suppliment you should be taking way more than the USDA says.

There's an easy test I found on line - I'm not sure how accurate it is but if you get the topical iodine from the drug store and paint if on a 2"x2" patch of skin, the stain from the iodine should stay there for up to 4 hours. If it dissappears sooner, supposedly you are low iodine and should be supplimenting.

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I think the iodine painting is an accurate test, Wendy.  Not having access to iodine supplements, I also sometimes paint my throat (above my thyroid) with liquid iodine.  It's usually gone by morning.  I'm hoping that my thyroid is absorbing it while I sleep, but I can't say for sure if it works.

Here's the test I used to "diagnose" my own hypothyroidism.  I've done this test numerous times over the course of many weeks and my basal temperature never gets above 92 degrees.  That's pretty whacked out.



1. Get a glass thermometer, not digital (the digital ones stop reading after a minute or two and are not as accurate). Non-mercury glass thermometers are now commercially available at Walgreen’s and other pharmacies (if you have trouble locating a mercury thermometer).

2. Shake down the thermometer the night before you do the test (using your muscles to shake the thermometer will raise your temperature and throw off the test).

Place the thermometer at your bedside with a book (the book will be obvious in a moment).

3. Go to sleep without an extraneous heat source such as a bed partner (spouse, dog, etc), an electric blanket or on a waterbed (they are heated). You are allowed to wear pajamas and use as many blankets as you desire, as they do not throw off the test.

When you wake up in the morning (or if you sleep during the day, when you wake up after at least 4 hours of sleep), use as little movement as possible (all movement moves your muscles and raises your temperature) and place the thermometer in your armpit. Why the armpit? Patients with low thyroid often have allergies or get sinus infections – which raise the temperature inside the mouth. Patients rarely get armpit infections, so this site is more reliable. I have had only one patient who had a difference in temperature between armpits, but that was due to unusual anatomy (she had something called an atrial-venous malformation (AVM) in one armpit). Leave it there for at least ten minutes (hence, you have a book to read. J)

4. Women who still have periods should take their temperature over the first 3 days of their period and average the numbers. Women who have had a hysterectomy but still have at least one ovary will probably want to test over a period of 14 days and use the 3 days with the “lowest" readings. Men and postmenopausal women can test for any 3 days and average.

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