Plastic Planet

This documentary examines our dependency on plastic - a substance so pervasive in our lives that it even touches our food in the form of bottles, containers, and plastic wrap.

But is it safe?  Even the manufacturers don't know the list of secret ingredients.  What is plastic really doing to us and the environment and how can we rid the planet of this plastic waste?

You may never look at plastic the same way again. 


VIDEO  http://thoughtmaybe.com/plastic-planet/


2 NASA Rockets Launched July 4th released Lithium into the atmosphere

I hope someone finds that this is fake but it looks legit to me. This is very upsetting to me. I've been tested as high aluminum already and I recently had a diagnosis of hypothyroid. Thanks a lot U.S. government for spending my tax dollars on making me sick! Happy 4th everyone!


UN Climate Conference Gets "Mic-Checked"

Anjali Appadurai  addressed the UN Climate Conference with her concerns on November 10, 2011.  The next day, the most powerful countries reversed the Kyoto Protocol, which would have obligated the biggest polluters (United States, China, and India) to restrict omissions that lead to climate change. 

This shit's gotta stop before the Earth is no longer able to sustain life.  We need to take our power back from this insane minority, once and for all ! ~ Noa

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