Holding Light for a New World

Holding Light for a New World


September 24, 2009

Dearest Beloved Ones,

A new time of change is arriving now, one that will see a stronger movement forward of the energies of light and the establishment of new structures of light on the Earth. Although this process is long and arduous, the new energies of light will be able to more easily revitalize and restore those who are exhausted or disheartened from such a long period of limitation and contraction.

In the current energy configurations, the new light is expanding daily, not only from energies being sent from the spiritual realms, but from within the Earth herself. The Earth is now resonating strongly with the higher vibrations of light from within the very core of her being, which is having a powerful effect on all physical matter. Plants, animals and human bodies are all being affected by this dimensional shift, which is creating an extremely potent purification process for all.

Beloved ones, many souls on the Earth are not aware of this sacred spiritual process and how it is affecting them. Some who are aware of what is happening are carrying fear about what they are seeing and feeling both within themselves and around them. There is a new expression of this sacred reality in the Light Omega Video Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred, which communicates vibrationally what is occurring and can provide comfort, light and support.

At this time there are many energies of darkness being expressed in the world, in both subtle and more extreme expressions. This can cause fear, anger, and dismay for many lightworkers and faithful servants of God who are confronted on a daily basis with these energies. It is most important that you find a way to not engage with these energies, even if it feels like they are all around you.

Choose love, choose light, and choose peace at every moment. If you find yourself overwhelmed with these energies, or with your own purification process, ask and pray to be guided to supports of light that can help. There are abundant spiritual supports available on the Earth right now, and the current energy configurations create a "covering" so it may be more difficult to see them. A strong prayer and intention can help dispel the clouds so you can be guided to what you need.

We give great thanks, love, light and continued gratitude to those who are courageously, firmly and lovingly holding God's light within their hearts and consciousness to support this sacred transition on the Earth. A new world is being born, and in the midst of the pain and suffering God's love is present and available to help all souls to pass through this time and to enter into the new and sacred reality that is being created. With all love and blessings, Amen.


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