We're All 111 in 2011

I heard this interesting fun fact today...

Everyone (except those born in the year 2000 and beyond) can (for this current year only) add their age + their birthdate and always arrive at the sum of 111.

Here's how it works.

Let's say you were born in 1963.  Take the last 2 digits:  63.  Add the age you will be on your birthday in 2011.  In this case, 48.


Is this significant?

Mark Huber and A-Team Gaia--Universal Connection clearing and Activations July 20-23 2009

From: Mark Huber [mailto:[email protected]]
Please Post ASAP...
and provide to transcribers as we will be talking about this on tomorrow's CC. Would like to have this out to the GRT sites & WTL tonight.

Mark Huber and A-Team Tele-Conference calls

Good Greetings All:


These are some of the links to the Work of Mark Huber and the A-Team that pertain to the shifts and interesting developments we are sensing and seeing and reading between the lines about  Some of it is way out there... and well, use what resonates and leave the rest.  --fairy

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