Plastic Planet

This documentary examines our dependency on plastic - a substance so pervasive in our lives that it even touches our food in the form of bottles, containers, and plastic wrap.

But is it safe?  Even the manufacturers don't know the list of secret ingredients.  What is plastic really doing to us and the environment and how can we rid the planet of this plastic waste?

You may never look at plastic the same way again. 




Watching this documentary has motivated me to do something about the problem.  I'm going to assign this issue as a project to students in each of my classes. 

This morning I woke up around 3 a.m. with the idea to start a website to help students more readily research environmental and social issues (not just plastic).  If you can recommend some links I might use as resources, please share them.

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Hi Noa-

This would be a good one for students I think - just for environmental. They can look up a bunch of personal products they use and then perhaps find safer alternatives.

Also, if it's like America, the country you're in should have a website where you can locate all the local toxic spills and other sources of pollution in the area. In the US there are actually duplicate databases - one at the EPA and then each state maintains their own list as well. Now that I'm actually looking at this - (it's been a while) there is other water and air quality data as well - quite nice.,42.19450,-72.10382&pSearch=01506, MA

For the social issues - send them to Fred's site  - - maybe we'll get a few more takers of the course!

Or if you are worried that it's too controversial you could send them some place that looks more scholarly so maybe it wouldn't get questioned as much although I would imagine it would only be good for High School students:





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Thanks for caring enough to post that, Wendy.

As I continue my research, I came across this photo.



Deep Sea

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