Visions from Home: Intenders Circle

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Thank you Fairyfarmgirl, I just love the practical component of these videos. I know all the talk of meditation, aligning with out highest selves, leaving this dimension, etc. is true and probably be what makes this down home return to the basics really happen but I think for me, my path will be the other way around. I think that by continuing to practice living simply, working in the garden (I find that the simple, repetetive acts of chopping veggies and weeding are wonderful meditation) learning to can and barter and generally spending time with nature will help to highten my consciousness. Perhaps I'm just too left brained but this is just so real, while talk of assending to higher dimensions can sometimes sound a bit like pie in the sky hogwash....

Not to criticize those who are on a different path - hopefully they are all leading to the same wonderful awareness of the importance of love and the truth that we are all one.


Ascension is to occur whilst embodied.  We are simply upgrading our nervous systems to be able to take in more Light-Love energy and more fully embody our Souls--- Thus returning us to our Natural State as Human Angels--Luminous Humans. 

I do not believe we must leave in order to ascend.  I believe we are ascending everytime we choose to be peace and love and interface with all that is around is in a state of love.  Not an easy task with so much discord--- although if it was easy now would we strive forth so vigourously?

I find I must be doing something to truly meditate... I must be rocking or cooking or writing or creating... I must be holding onto something.  It in the being the doing that we truly meet with our own divinity.  I like the life lessons Peace Pilgrim demonstrates in the book of her words :  Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim ( and the demonstration of being a fully Awakened Awareness whilst embodied as demonstrated by Devi and Daniel in the Tantric Quest, An Encounter with Absolute Love, Daniel Odier. (

The phrase that comes to mind concerning being the doing is "Cleanliness is Godliness."  This means one can and does become into a state of oneness or unity by doing work that makes your HEART Sing!  It is really simple and complex all at once.  LOL  Such is life on this plane of duality shifting into GREATER Love and Light.

A recent demonstration of this Love is seen in the response of the Nation Chile to the trapped miners.  There is such Love expressed by the actions of all involved.  This is what I mean by Duality shifting into greater love.  It is not in the situation that this is found... instead it is found in the response to the situation.



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