A Thousand Suns...A video of sustainable living in Africa, a 10,000 year old society.

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Was so disheartened to see the same old story of a fully functioning earth mother goddess archetype community being invaded by missionaries from the very unbalanced and arrogant sky god types.  Such an old and tired story that I am so looking forward to seeing come to a collectively understood and appreciated end, back to simple intuitive balance.

Also, this is not the first time I have seen the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation strapped to the wagon of the very dominating agribusiness corporate community intent on setting up a worldwide system that affords the Monsanto's of the Corporatocracy to receive royalties from all food production worldwide.  The first time I saw this was when The B & M Gates foundation was financially involved with the construction and maintenance of the seed bank in Svalbard off the coast of Norway in league with the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Crop_Diversity_Trust

As usual, the somewhat rhetorical question I am left with is, are Bill and Melinda aware of what they have hitched their wagon to or not.  I always lean toward the knowing, but am always left with that nagging feeling because so much of why the ruling class pyramid structure works has everything to do with the masses not really knowing what they are supporting with their blind allegiance to the psychological comforts of the present status quo.

It doesn't really even matter whether they know or not, but that we know, and that we know in greater and greater numbers until their is a critical mass juncture and shift toward abandoning the insanity of the ruling class sky-god-driven deception that has had such a stranglehold on the human psyche for so long now that those willfully bound to it don't even have a clue that they are imprisoned by it, and do so blindly and proudly support it, and make it theirs.  Keep the slaves happy, ah always say!!!

Once truly and soberly viewed the way it really is, it is not very difficult to see how the elitist incunabula illuminati Council of 300 Bilderberg-managed ruling class might view humanity and why.  We have willfully given over to them our divinely inherent authority and sovereignty, and are so delusional about it that we sing their praises via the cultural institutions they set up to control us with...  It is very difficult to respect someone who is that dumb and proud about being, what was it Jackson Browne said in that song, "A Happy Idiot"....  Welcome to the fruition of the American experiment, Silent Weapons for a Quiet War...

I am so glad we are beginning to awaken en mass, thanks to so many helpers and guides from all over the universe now who are working so diligently and faithfully to raise the dulled down and lowered frequency of this current idiocracy....

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Hi Chris,

            I don't think Gates is emotionally able to comprehend a spiritual wrong, therefore I think he acts in good faith. He supposed to be autistic, I find aspergers to be a mystifying thing, I have read quite a bit as my grandson has aspergers.


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Is an excellent example of how the controlling ruling class elite use well-intentioned souls to do their bidding.  Without this common ingredient, they would be recognised for what they are... this is truly the main ingredient of the machinery they have established...

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