FlashMob Meditation for Peace





FlashMob Peace Meditation, NYC 2011...  Watch the vimeo video here:  http://vimeo.com/30266312


To find a Flashmob meditation near you, go to: http://www.medmob.org/


Our Mission:  Our intention is to create an environment for people from all religions, all world views, and all experience levels to join together in meditation. Our vision is to continue inspiring world-wide meditations until the entire world is invited to join - literally!

We are so confident that meditation will improve the world that we have created One Giant World Wide Meditation Community so that all can experience the joy of self discovery. Our social environment is changing and now is our opportunity to create a world that we can be proud of. "Give meditation a try, it's not what you think."

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Sorry, the link to the flashmob meditation website won't post above, so here it is again:  http://www.medmob.org/


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I love MedMob! Thanks for sharing that, Noa. Much love and joy, Fred

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