Looking for Transformation

I do so hope that there is an army of people out there right now, when it feels like it's the darkest hour before the dawn, each doing it's small part to move the sun one more inch toward arising and flooding the earth with abundance, happiness, justice, peace and truth.

I know Cunthia McKinney is definitely one of those people.

A Very Different Benjamin Fulford Essay

The New Cambrian explosion

by: Benjamin Fulford

We are on the verge of something that will be bigger than the Cambrian explosion.

For 3 billion years, individual life-forms were so small they could only be seen with a microscope. Then, in a geological eye-blink, a vast cornucopia of macroscopic life appeared. A similar phase-transition is imminent.

Time of Radical Shift

I found the following blog to be very on spot with some definite positive suggestions for getting through the immediate coming time of change in our world and life.




Time of Radical Shift
A Look into the Coming Cycle

by Maurice Fernandez (evolutionary astrologer)


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