Freedom of Speech and Government Accountability

"Whatever your views of Julian Assange... he must have the people of the world standing behind him in order that the people of the world retain freedom of speech, because without freedom of speech we have a government removed of all accountability... were that to happen, there would never be any security for any nation."  ~ Max Igan


Proceedural Matters

This seems brilliantly useful, to me, and I thought I'd share it with
you. If you like these ideas: take action and pass it on to your list.
Maybe, together, we could change some things for the better.
blessings all,

Living The Legend

Like many other here I've been reading Tolle's A New Earth, and I know I'm not the only one being totally blown away by the truths in what he reveals about our egos.  As we come to know who we are more and more fully, we recognize more and more the illusions that the ego sets up for us.  Perhaps we never reach the end of this process.  This dissolving of the ego, the stripp

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