Engineering Armageddon

For the moment, please forget what you think you know about the nature of reality and read this with an open mind.  It helps to explain much of what is occurring.  ~ Noa

Engineering Armageddon, The Luciferian Agenda

Released on March 31 2012

Chris Hedges on Imperial Capitalism


"We are in the throes of a giddy, intoxication with illusion. That's what happens when societies die. The worse it gets, the more disconnected they often become, and that's how you end up with demagogues and tyrants who promise magic."  ~ Chris Hedges


If you are willing to take the red pill

This 1988 essay is very long and very hard to read because it is translated from the original French.  It offers insights into the mechanisms of the world of Spectacle that has replaced objectively verifiable reality.  If you wonder what is driving our Alice in Wonderland world, you will find it illuminating.

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