Engineering Armageddon

For the moment, please forget what you think you know about the nature of reality and read this with an open mind.  It helps to explain much of what is occurring.  ~ Noa

Engineering Armageddon, The Luciferian Agenda

Released on March 31 2012

We're entering a very intense period of activity in which there will be numerous disasters around the world, increasing in magnitude and frequency. Nearly all of these events will be artificially generated. This is NOT part of Gaia's Ascension, nor the result of natural "Earth changes" or humanity's collective state of consciousness.

It's obvious that the weather is manufactured. The earthquakes are as well. It has been this way for quite some time. Only in recent years have some of us woken up to this realization. As we close in on 2012, their efforts are becoming more frequent, aggressive and widespread, which makes it even more apparent to those who are willing to look around.

These disasters will be generated through the use of various technologies. A few of these projects are at least superficially recognized in the public sector - HAARP, CERN, GWEN, and the cell tower/mast/antenna networks. There are many such HAARP-type installations around the world, clustered in the farther polar latitudes. In reality, many of the larger-scale systems are probably hidden underground or even off-world.

The Earth is surrounded by a massive blanket of "man-made" electromagnetic radiation. This EM grid acts to suppress and control all Earth consciousness, in all of its frequencies and forms. Long/scalar waves are being used to generate weather, climate and geological events. Microwaves are being used to alter human perception, brain and biological function, and DNA. Some of this activity is even aimed at destabilizing the Earth's natural resonance and magnetic/auric fields. The real purpose of this technology is hidden behind the banners of telecom and research, among other things.

Everything that is manifest is vibration. Reality is composed of many overlapping fields of consciousness, all vibrating at different states and frequencies, their interaction producing what we perceive to be solidity and continuity in space and time. It's no surprise then that they are using frequency to fight frequency, to control consciousness.

Ignore their diversions. This electromagnetic war which is being waged against consciousness represents the greatest threat to us all, the Earth, the Mind, and the Ascension.

Aliens, ETs, EDs, Fallen Angelics, Intruders, The Luciferian Alliance

'They' are a collective of anti-Light beings, considered by some to be the lineage of the 'fallen angels', those who once fell from the Lightest vibration deep into density. Their involvement with Earth spans millions of years, even preceding the more recent seedings of guardian-human bloodlines. They seek to pull the Earth and all incarnate souls upon it into a state of descension and devolution, which is the path that they follow, away from Source, into darkness and entropy.

The Great Shift, the opening of the gateway in 2011/2012, is their last opportunity to accomplish this before Earth ascends beyond their reach. The tug of war between Gaia's Ascension and their desire to control and descend humanity and Earth is what's responsible for this chaos. In the end, Earth consciousness will separate into divergent paths, with two very different realities emerging from the result.

Call them 'fallen angelics', demons, aliens, ETs, EDs, parasites, or any expletive you want. There are several know groups, some of which have even been popularized in science fiction. The Dracon are the driving force behind the 'Luciferian' agenda, architects of the Matrix illusion, enslavers of consciousness, and 'father' race of the Illuminati.

They used the seeding of the human race as an opportunity to create a slave race and an energy-consciousness resource which could be harvested. Through genetic engineering, they disassembled much of the original guardian-human DNA structure to strip the form of its multidimensional capacity, keeping it locked in this material plane. This was also done to prevent most reincarnating souls from escaping this Earth time-space loop, their Matrix.

They created a hybrid race from their own and human DNA that was better adapted to Earth's environments, giving them a means to secretly control humanity from within.

The Dracos either access this Earth plane through portals or Stargates, or reside close enough in vibration to pass through the veil. Their point of origin may be similar to this current Earth vibration, or they may originate from another density. Whatever the case, they seem to be physically present in this D-3 system, as sightings and remote viewings indicate.

The ships (UFOs) that have been observed are likely used for traveling relatively short distances in 3D space, around the Earth and moon. 'Long distance-time' travel would be accomplished via wormholes or portals.

The Illuminati and supporting cast are the hybrid race which was created from the combination of human and Draco reptilian DNA. They are the vampires of legend, capable of shapeshifting between human and reptilian form to greater or lesser extents.

Their ability to assume human form makes them valuable for the purposes of infiltration and direct 'in the flesh' command of humans. They are placed in key positions of influence to establish a control framework over every aspect of the civilization. Their job is to keep humanity's belief and energy focused into the Matrix illusion, like stage actors performing for an audience.

They play roles as government officials, politicians, bankers, corporate executives and managers, high-ranking military and law enforcement, intelligence operatives, media personalities, journalists, entertainers, prominent lawyers, doctors, writers, scientists, businessmen, religious leaders, nearly any position in any sector where there is some control to be exerted.

Not all reptilian-human hybrids are elites. Many live seemingly average lives amongst the general population, perhaps to 'fill in the gaps' of society and keep an eye and ear on humanity from the 'ground level', to get a feel for the public's mood and state of awareness.

I'd guess that there are millions, maybe even tens of millions of these hybrids present on Earth. They are well-represented throughout each race, ethnicity and culture in the modern world.

I don't know whether these hybrids are autonomous, independent souls with their own free will, or if they merely serve as body puppets for the Dracos (demons). Perhaps the original incarnate soul still exists within the form in a greatly reduced capacity, taking a back seat to the possessor entity who controls autonomy.

Apparently, a high percentage of Dracon DNA is required for possession to even be possible. In any case, these individuals are certainly serving the Dracos. Whether they are willing or unwilling participants doesn't matter in the end.

As time goes on, they are having greater difficulty maintaining genetic stability, which leads to unintended shapeshifting and the appearance of more dominant Dracos traits.

This is likely due to the rising vibration of Earth, but it's also possible that they are under attack from 'outside' sources. Whatever the cause, it seems to make for an unpleasant experience, as far as I can tell.

They may also be using the EM control grid to protect themselves from these disruptive frequencies.

The Zetas are the most commonly-reported group in abduction encounters, and have become the archetypal 'aliens' that are most frequently depicted in TV and movies. Sometimes they are portrayed as benevolent beings, as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and sometimes they are portrayed as soulless monsters.

They are a more recent addition to the 'Luciferian' alliance in this timeline. Their expertise is electromagnetic manipulation and they are believed to be responsible for many of the advanced technologies in use today, such as antigravity, wormhole-teleportation, bioenergetic (mind) control and perceptual holography.

Like the Dracos, they enter this current 3D Earth reality through portals, from another time-space-vibration matrix. They are capable of holding material form here as well, at least for some period of time.

According to some, there are many variations of the Zeta racial type, from small, insectoid drones, to 'short greys', the hive- mind worker class, to 'tall greys' and 'blues', the administrator classes. It wouldn't be surprising to find out that there are numerous Zeta-human hybrids present in Earth's populations as well.

They are engaged with multiple Earth space-time frames and densities, including this one. Their activities on all levels are extremely detrimental to human freedom and evolution and Earth consciousness as a whole, as they seek absolute mind and genetic control over humanity.

According to people like Phil Schneider and several others that I'm familiar with, nearly all of the factions who currently operate physically and directly within 3D Earth-space, with 'boots on the ground', are following the 'Luciferian' agenda.

These various groups value humans as a resource, but lack any consideration for them beyond that. Humans serve as test subjects, DNA banks, as a source of energy, food, labor and pollution generation, as well as tools of consciousness control.

At its heart, the "civilization" is little more than a cattle pen and laboratory, a cage for humans, filled with diversions and dead- ends. It's a completely controlled environment, every bit of it, from money to media to wars to weather. The official histories, the story of human evolution, progress and democracy - all lies. Only when you are free of the Matrix can you see it in its totality, from the outside.

Shiny stories and platitudes cannot fool one who uses the eyes to see and the heart to know. Scratch the surface, and you'll find that fear is the glue that holds it together, from the soft fear of social rejection to hard fear involving bodily pain, injury and imprisonment. Free beings are never owned by fear.

There is nothing benevolent in their actions, as should be obvious in the many ways they endeavor to lobotomize, terrorize and degrade humanity. Empathy is nonexistent. They engage in many layers of deception, and it takes a strong Intuition to see through their web of lies.

What they look like, the appearance of the form, is not important. Difference of form alone should never be the cause of hostility. We have all worn diverse forms during the Soul's journey through Creation, from one incarnation to the next.

It's our intent that makes us who we are. The color of Soul, not skin, is what's important. There are humans who knowingly and profitably work to enslave their 'fellow man' for the 'Luciferian' agenda. Does their human skin make them any better than the 'non-human' parasites themselves? Intent is everything.

In order to sell the "Armageddon" story to humanity, disasters must occur, destructive weather events, earthquakes, various crises, epidemics, terrorism, wars, and so on. It may be hard to conceive that they would go through all this trouble to sell a story, put on a show, but we should remember that their entire scheme depends on human belief, which gives them the ability to control the reality, and the flow of Light-consciousness energy within it.

The "world ends in an epic disaster" scenario has been played many times over in movies and other media. This is done to program the audience to produce a certain, desired response or mindset when the correct sequence of events is triggered. That time is now.

To some groups, they would want to demonstrate this as a sign of "Armageddon" or "Endtimes" as they are known, while they would lead others to believe that this is due to "climate change" or "global warming". What they don't want people to know is that they're behind all of it, and it's all fake.

Of course, the constant and central objective throughout all of this is the denial of the Sun, specifically the message of the Light which works to evolve humanity and ascend Earth. The crazy weather aspect has more to do with convincing the public that "Armageddon" or "climate change" are real.

They could just blanket the sky with chemtrails day after day without anything dramatic occurring, making it persistently "cloudy" but calm. They're not content with that, obviously.

Geoengineering, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, "Weather"

Tesla was able to produce earthquakes using very small and simple devices consisting of an oscillator and piston. The piston would strike the ground at a rate which would match the resonant frequency of the structure, causing constructive interference with each successive wave. That was more than 100 years ago.

The current tech surpasses that level by orders of magnitude, and it's likely that the 'Luciferian' alliance possessed this kind of technology long before Tesla's experiments. Earthquakes can easily be generated by applying EM long/scalar waves into a fault line or unstable region, through direct deposition of energy or the creation of a standing wave under the surface.

They've done it many times before. We can clearly see the magnitude of what they're doing in the skies, chemtrailing and heating the atmosphere to create "weather", so the rest of it should not come as a surprise.

The ring of fire is being stirred. The west coast of the US will almost certainly be hit with a major earthquake this year. This is what they've been predicting, seismologists and "prophets" alike. It's easy to make accurate predictions when you know the script. As such, this is actually one of the rare instances in which they can be taken at their word.

Not surprisingly, their predictions for severe weather this and last year have been made true, albeit hyped well beyond the reality.

These quakes are often preceded by unusual effects in the sky. An aurora borealis or widespread rainbow effect can occur from the ionization of the atmosphere over the target area. If you ever see something like this developing, move to a safe area.

One thing you'll notice is how quick the UN is to race into these disaster areas. Inevitably, the justification for armed forces is the need to stop looting. To make their point, they're always keen to show footage of chaos in the streets, people fighting over food and such. This is how they are attempting to expand the 'one world government', right at this very moment, under the guise of protection and disaster relief.

The most opportune time for them to act is the period immediately following a disaster when everyone is confused and in shock, just like the Patriot Act and 9/11. They've found that people are easier to herd and manipulate when they are plunged into survival mode. Generate a disaster or crisis, send in the troops to "help", take control and never leave.

As usual, these disasters also give them an opportunity to juice people for emotional energy, which they are able to funnel and collect. Whenever they up the fear factor, this is exactly what they are doing. I can see that they are planning to harvest an exceptionally large amount of energy from humanity in advance of the Great Shift.

I have to assume that a great deal of the base-building that has been taking place on the (far side) moon is about having a safe place to 'sit out' the cataclysms that will be triggered on Earth. This year, 2010, is supposedly the year when the mass exodus will take place.

Once the dust settles and the initial shift into D-4 'bridge Earth' is complete, they would then return to resume their 'one world order'. Whether it actually works out this way is another story.

The Savior Deception, Holographic Manipulation of the Masses

The savior program is present in most established world religions, the new age movement, and various UFO cults. After dropping humanity into the fire of "Armageddon", they would then present themselves as "saviors", lifting a battered and frightened humanity from the ashes, to place them back into the frying pan, all in the name of "benevolence". Everything I know and feel tells me that this is what is planned.

The savior hologram could take many forms, and many are probably planned, depending upon the audience, whether it's ascended masters, galactic federations with their fleets, god(s) or goddess(es), archangels, religious icons, etc. Again, they need the belief of the people for this to work and that's why they've been indoctrinating them to this projected drama for so long. This all ties into their plans for a 'one world religion'.

Some of the props used in this staged event will be physically solid and present within this vibration, while others will be holographic inserts. A hologram can be created through the projection of visible light and sound, or it can be directly implanted into the target's subconscious processes by way of hypnosis or electromagnetic programming.

Images, sounds, and sensations could be inserted into the perceptual stream, leading individuals to believe they are having a physical experience in objective 3D space, when in fact it's all 'in their heads'.

I believe that these microwave transmitters (cell phones/towers, WiFi) are already being used to effect significant perceptual 'mind' control over the population. This could also be used in a subtractive way, to remove chunks of reality from people's field of perception, effectively censoring certain things from their awareness, creating perceptual blocks or blinders.

The 'new age' movement is largely under their control as well. Terms like 'unity', 'equality' and 'oneness' are often used in deceptive ways, to build acceptance for a 'one world' system. What they really mean is 'sameness' or 'single-mindedness', neither of which is desirable for the individual. The use of such phrases is featured prominently in Orwell's stories.

Oneness 'exists' at Source, the zero time-space-vibration of pure unmanifest potential, and it is important to understand this ultimate truth, from which everything in creation comes and returns, but these theme-concepts are frequently being abused for the purpose of control. Examine the word within the context of the argument, and allow Intuition to discern the true intent.

We obviously want to avoid any dichotomy/false conflict, but there will be no danger of falling into these crude traps once one has moved beyond the first few layers of the Matrix.

The movie "Knowing" is a prime example of propaganda leading into this type of scenario.

The *evil* Sun threatens to end all life on Earth
Benevolent aliens come to save the children
Everyone else is left to die
Separate the children from their parents and program them in isolation

Are there Light-intentioned beings assisting this process of transformation? There are and they are many, but they will never present themselves as saviors or rulers. They will never ask you for obedience, to submit free will to authority, or serve a hierarchy.

They won't pretend to do for you what is your responsibility as a sovereign individual, to grow through experience and challenge, and to find truth and power from within, through your connection to Higher Self and Source.

Help may be given when requested, but never in such a way as to violate your independence.

In order to successfully navigate what's to come, we must have our eyes open. We must be able to anticipate events to enough of a degree so as to not be swept away by them, overwhelmed by the immediacy of physical survival. Putting our heads in the sand to avoid seeing something which we consider 'unpleasant' is not valuable, under any circumstance.

What you don't know can hurt you, and almost always will hurt you within the Matrix. When you have awareness of the true nature of something, it has no power over you, no ability to control or deceive you.

Let Intuition guide you. Do whatever feels right in terms of making preparations, physical and otherwise. If this involves moving to another location, do so. Don't hesitate when the message comes.

Fear and Free Will

So long as they have control here, the parasites will continue to generate destructive events against Earth consciousness. They will continue to fear/anger-monger and promote dichotomy. That is a constant.

The real question is: How will you react? They want you to give yourself over to fear. That is their bread and butter. If you have no fear to give, they fail to control and harvest you. They can't touch you. If the majority does the same, then they're finished.

Not watching TV and ignoring the news would alone be a huge step forward in that direction if most people were willing to take it.

While they are the ones that actually carry out the events, humanity has enabled all of this by surrendering responsibility for themselves as sovereign and free-willed individuals to an outside entity, whether that entity is a government, corporation, or any other hierarchy. "You lead, I'll follow." So they do.

Humans continue to give consent to the parasites by believing the lies and participating in their plans, running their system, and supporting the Matrix that enslaves and feeds on them. The parasites can coerce, intimidate and entice all they want, but the final decision is always yours to make. You can either take it for yourself or give it away through submission.

The real variable is humanity, the individual, and his or her understanding of and reaction to these events. Your reaction and state of Mind are all that matter. You cannot make someone else not be afraid, or know something that they are unwilling or unable to understand.

Only they can change their minds. Only they can save themselves. That is their responsibility, just as you are responsible for your own piece of consciousness.

Whatever you fear will always find you. The fear that exists within you will continue to manifest these kinds of experiences in life until you learn its nature, master it and release it. Whenever you run from your fear or pretend it doesn't exist, you give it even more power over You.

All fear comes from the uncertainty of not knowing the true nature of something, its meaning in the greater scheme of Creation. It comes from not knowing Self. Fear must be felt, experienced and understood at Soul level before it can be released.

Once you come to know the truth and the reason why that fear exists within you, you will be free of it forever. Intense but short-lived fear experiences can be very productive and healthy for Soul evolution. Fear experiences which never reach a head and drag out for too long can become traps which prevent the soul from progressing.

Our fate as individuals is in our own hands. No technology, no matter how sophisticated, can stop us from evolving as souls and ascending in this period of time. The Universe will not allow free will to be overridden. We cannot be forced to do anything against our will.

Ascension, Descension

The Great Shift is a unique moment in Gaia's (Solar) history, a period of highly-accelerated manifestation, learning and growth (for those who are ready), leading to a quantum shift and separation of Earth consciousness into different densities, realities, one of Light, the other of darkness. In order to experience this, one must obviously remain in physical form through the transition.

Ascension is an accelerating vibratory rate. Ascension is the desire to know the Truth and expand in awareness, perception, to discover and integrate new paradigms and appreciate ever-greater vistas of Creation and Mind.

It's the path that leads back to Source, from darkness to Light, from more to less dense. As you master and release fear, you will become Lighter. As you follow Intuition, seek knowing and take responsibility for your Mind and free will, you ascend.

Descension is a slowing vibratory rate. It represents willful ignorance, closed-mindedness, contracting awareness and perception, victimhood and fear. It's the path that leads away from Source into greater density and entropy. When one surrenders responsibility for Mind and free will to another power, the soul descends.

The media exists to keep humanity under a constant barrage of fear, confusion and dichotomy, to slow vibration, constrain Mind and Spirit, control thought, and generate emotional energy. The medical establishment exists to keep people sick, weak and dependent, to slow vibration and increase vulnerability. The technology is designed to entrain us to their frequencies, keep us hypnotized, asleep.

By shutting down the pineal gland [via Fluoride], they seek to cut our connection to Higher Self and Source, silencing the inner voice of Intuition which allows us to know Truth and guides our evolution.

It's challenge that causes us to adapt and learn, to increase our awareness of reality. As much as I am opposed to what they represent, I cannot deny that their extreme, over-the-top activities have helped open my eyes to things of which I was not aware before. Most people have to get their backs against the wall before they begin to question the status quo and change the direction of their thinking, or lack thereof.

The parasites have responded to this period of potential awakening by very aggressively tightening the screws. Even with most of the population in a such a debilitated mental state, this overkill approach may backfire at some point.

Without the 'Luciferians' and their machinations, I truly believe that Gaia's (Solar) Ascension would be absolutely peaceful. I do not sense any real disharmony within the Earth-Sun. Despite their best efforts to terrorize humanity, I don't even sense much distress from people either, at least from those I come into contact with. This is in part due to rising awareness, at least for some. For the rest, it may have more to do with emotional and mental exhaustion, numbness.

Apart from suppressing humanity, it's also possible that this electromagnetic assault is being directed beyond 3D Earth, at other entities. This may be an attempt to attack Inner Earth, which exists in a frequency band slightly offset from our own.

All densities are connected through consciousness. This discordant energy ripples outward from 3D Earth into the ether and neighboring vibrations, disrupting the fabric of Creation.

If the Earth's internal magnetic field were to 'go to zero' for a short time during a magnetic pole reversal, that would destroy all exposed technology on the surface and in orbit, bringing that part of the EM control grid down. Most of their key systems are probably well-protected from this eventuality, however, secured in underground networks.

It has been suggested that part of the 'Luciferian' plan involves taking control of certain Stargates or portals which will only become accessible during this period of Galactic alignment and transformation.

Apparently, the energetic 'keys' which are needed to 'unlock' these portals can only be activated through human DNA, those individuals in particular who possess the highest number of intact and functional strands from the original genetic code of the guardian-human seed races.

The 'fallen angel' bloodlines cannot enter these portals themselves, as they are vibrationally 'locked-out' through their DNA, preventing them from invading other realities and densities.

If this is the case, they may be planning to move large segments of the human population to these sites to find the key sequences which will allow them to open or even destroy certain Stargates/portals. The hybridization programs may be related to this as well, attempting to integrate those keycodes into their own bloodlines. This may be the true representation of the search for the 'Holy Grail'.

The consequences of them succeeding at this would be devastating, not only for Earth, but for all other connected space-time matrices. If this outcome is seen as inevitable at some point, a massive intervention is certain to take place, which will be highly destructive to all life on Earth.

We have a pivotal role to play if we choose to take it. Let's not fool ourselves. We who are now awake have incarnated into this moment of history for the express purpose of liberating Earth consciousness from the darkness that has held it captive for so long. We are needed here as a 'ground crew', while our allies work from vantages outside of this material plane.

The human body, through the Auric-chakric system, acts as a bridge between Earth consciousness and higher frequencies of Light, information. Soul connected to Earth through body, we are here to receive this message of transformation, decode it, and integrate it into Earth consciousness by thinking these thoughts, holding the vibration of the Light. This is the role we play in this transformation.

Not only are the Matrix souls incapable of doing this, they are working against the Ascension by continuing to support the Matrix program through belief and vibration. This is why outsiders are needed.

The existence that you once knew, that defined you within the Matrix, the ego, must be left behind. Remember why you came here. Know Your Self and you will know Your Strength.

Despite the cleverness of their schemes and the advanced technology, from a Universal standpoint, the parasites are very unevolved and short-sighted. They are as much driven by the same fears and insecurities about survival and death that they foster in the human psyche.

Fear is a descending vibration, and as the 'Luciferians' descend, so they seek to pull humanity down with them into the Astral Void, which ultimately leads to soul death, including their own.

The parasites are attempting to guide humanity into a '1984' type of scenario, an even more confined and controlled reality than this one. Whatever it is they're hoping to achieve, whether they actually succeed as planned or not, will certainly send the Matrix sleeper souls into an even deeper state of entropy and dissolution.

I can't imagine that any reality born from such a profound lack of awareness, evolution and connection to Source would be able to sustain itself for very long. You can only starve the flame for so long before you kill it forever.

Whatever happens to the 'Luciferians' in the end, they will have earned their fate. They've had many opportunities to choose a different path over these billions of years. Time is running out. In a few years, their window of opportunity will close forever.

They lack the wisdom and strength of will to overcome their ingrained nature and habits. Sometimes the best course of action is to give up one's physical survival, the continuation of the race, so that Soul can advance beyond a highly derivative and Light-entropic existence. Pursuing such an anti-Light course in their drive to survive will only extend the downward spiral.

Awareness is the most powerful weapon one can bring against them. They succeed by hiding in the darkness of the human Mind, the ignorance, the lack of awareness, perception and discernment. So long as they remain hidden in that darkness, they are safe to execute their agenda without being detected.

By becoming aware of them and their activities, and even more, the reasons behind them, Light pushes back darkness in the Mind, leaving them with fewer and fewer places to hide. When the darkness is gone, they are gone as well. When their true nature and intent are revealed, their hold is broken.

Sometimes it's easy to get distracted by all the external players and activity, the reflections in the mirror, the shadows on the wall. This can become overwhelming at times, as it brings about feelings of disempowerment. It's important to remind one's self that everything is born of Mind.

Thought manifests ALL. When the inner state of Mind changes, that change will manifest in the outer reality. Your connection to the Infinite is direct and it is always within You. You will only find it when you seek within Your Self, never in the outer manifestations, the reflections.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Any physical action that is undertaken must be supported by a high level of awareness and understanding of the situation. It will only succeed when it is used as an extension of your awareness and clear intention. When you go in swinging blindly, you will only hurt yourself.

Most of the time, awareness and withdrawal of belief are enough to resolve an issue or remove an obstacle. We must always remember that the real battle takes place within, in the realm of Mind and Spirit. This is where the warrior lives. In this arena, the only thing that can defeat You is your own fear.

When you are cleansed of fear and know Your Self, even the threat of physical death can no longer be used to control you. The survival of eternal Soul is infinitely more important than that of body, which must necessarily be released at some point, for the sake of advancing the soul's experience and growth.

For the moment, there are some simple things we can do to contribute on a 'physical' level.

Non-compliance goes along with withdrawal of belief. You have the Universal Right to refuse. You cannot be forced to do something you do not want to do, period. Everything they tell you is designed to coerce you into obedience. They always rely on humans to walk themselves into the cattle chute.

Non-compliance is not a one day event, nor does it require large numbers of people holding hands or waving signs. It's something you do every moment of your life for yourself, in every thought and decision you make.

Working with Orgonite is another way to contribute. It's easy to make and you'll find it to be an empowering experience. There are many benefits to eliminating DOR from the environment, like ripping some of the guts out of this fake weather for instance.

The external Matrix, in all of its structures and movements, is a manifestation of the internal Matrix which exists within the human mind. This is where it begins and ends.

So long as the Matrix exists within a majority of minds, its physical representation cannot be destroyed by physical means. The root of it lies in Mind, and only those minds are capable of changing themselves.

For those of us that have dismantled our inner Matrix, we are only a short time away from leaving behind this external reality in which we are currently incarnate. It no longer resonates with our thoughts and vibration or serves our evolution, so we will be moving on. Nothing can deny the soul that knows its freedom.

Wendy's picture

I liked what was said about fear, that we need to look at it and experience it in order to move on. Also the oneness ideas - I'm an advocate of and appreciate diversity.

I didn't like what was said about hybrids, yes I think there is such a thing and probably more than half of us here on earth are hybrids - is that entire half working for some dark agenda? No way! Genetic differences don't determine a person's character (and probably not an alien's character either).

It does seem to look like many of these disasters could be engineered, but I like Sean David Morton's take on it - that these engineered events may be are used to prepare for and lessen the effects of possible future unengineered, natural events. How about the regularity of these "natural" disasters happening every 13,000 years or so. I have a hard time beleiving aliens are engineering these with that kind of regularity.


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