genetic engineering

Insider Testimony of Alien Bases

This is a compilation of 20 years of interviews with a variety of professionals and laypersons who claim to have first hand knowledge of what the NSA and other alphabet agencies are secretly doing at military bases.  The 45 videos keep rolling one after the other, so if you reach a dud, you can move to another more interesting one.

Aspartame Made from E.coli Feces

I didn't believe this when I first heard about it.  Aspartame is actually made from genetically engineered E.coli poop.  See the article below and the patent that follows. Then tell all your friends who are drinking Diet Coke and Nutrasweet to wake up and stop eating crap! ~ Noa

And for a highly revealing documentary on the risks and dangers of aspartame, click here.

Engineering Armageddon

For the moment, please forget what you think you know about the nature of reality and read this with an open mind.  It helps to explain much of what is occurring.  ~ Noa

Engineering Armageddon, The Luciferian Agenda

Released on March 31 2012

Monsanto on TV

I Received this from Greenpeace about multinational genetic engineering giant, Monsanto

Watch ARTE on Tuesday 

If you have access to ARTE tv, and have some free time Tuesday evening,
then don't miss this important documentary: "The World According to
A groundbreaking TV documentary about the chemical and biotech industry
giant, Monsanto, airs for the first time on pan-European television
station ARTE, March 11 at 9pm.

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