Breathing for stress

When you feel edgy, this simple breath will help.

Place your right hand over your heart, or both hands, and breathe in gratitude for all that you are grateful for. Hold it for a moment as it circulates throughout your entire body. Feel it, and then breathe out the parts of yourself that are trespassing on your Divinity.  Pause for as long as is comfortable.

A Thank You: Free Poetry E-Book

I wanted to offer the community a free pdf copy of my second poetry collection, "Just Like You", while I still have my university webspace, which will expire in several weeks. The link to download it is:

Anyone who wishes to donate to my writing efforts can buy hard copies at 

"Where's my butt?"

I wanted to share a little lighthearted gratitude to Bob Brown today.


In one of my posts titled “Daily, Ordinary Spirituality”, I asked others to share how they bring their spirituality into their daily lives.   In Bob’s response, I found a little gem that I thought profound and meaningful.  He was talking about remaining present and had these words to say:


9 Agreements for Co-Creating through the Higher Laws of Love and Gratitude

From Stacey Robyn of

9 Agreements for Co-Creating through the Higher Laws of Love and Gratitude:

1. I agree that a world of Love and Gratitude begins with me. I choose to be a conscious mirror and model of the change I wish to see in the world.

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