World of Our Dreams

Good greetings all,

I have completed another Windows (sorry, no Mac version yet...) screen saver here:

This program incorporates the inspirational message:

"the world of our dreams exists now to the exact degree that we behave as if we were already living in it..."

I heard of a fascinating job for a multilingual person

Hi TT World!

I recently studied with folks from this organization - - and I really liked them.  Oscar Miro-Quesada heads the group, and his wife Cindy, who wrote the letter below, is also real and true.  If you or someone you know is looking for a position for a multilinguist, take a peek. . .just FYI.

Saying It Right

This is a worthy 6-minute video where a young 12/13 year old girl (back in 1992) told the UN adults what the children of the world thought of them. A most memorable telling off.

First published article

Below is the site address of the very first article that I have had published. It is in opednews. If you check it, please digg it. I really would like to see it get included in their daily emailed newletter rather than just on the homepage. I wrote this for the planet, not for personal glory. Thanks for your support.


I first learned the term Indigo Child when my daughter was tiny - meaning almost 15 years ago.  It explained many things about my precocious children, and resonated with me.  Eventually with further research and reflection I realized that I myself am an Indigo, born rather before the current crop that most folks think of when they hear the word.  I realize that Indigos have always existed, j

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