Giving Myself Advice From The Future

I just had an interesting experience happen to me last Sunday. I was at the Sweat You Prayers Five Rhythms dance, and towards the end of it when the music got to be soft and deep I had a flash of myself from the far future. I was seeing myself being over 80 years old, long grey hair, being in a very sunny place laughing and full of joy. I greeted myself and expressed my appreciation and wonder at such a connection. The old me lovingly looked at me and gave me the most expressive advice with just pure being. It was simple, yet deeply profound - "Don't take it all too seriously". I understood on so many levels what that really meant, and it sunk into my being. We just spent some time together with that, and I also asked for council on how to be with shame and fear. The answer I got was again not in words, and it was something about developing a relationship and being with the specific thing that is the cause rather than trying to grasp the abstract big picture. I'm still pondering that one. After a little while, the experience faded and left me in a very beautiful and present space.

... Don't take it all too seriously!

Love & Light,

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Hi Andrey - I really like your older self too. I am sitting here, reading your post, nodding and saying "Yes. That is where I am. I am now my older self." If we are honestly and knowingly sending out sacred love, we cannot go astray! Thank you so very much.

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Too many times I look in the mirror and freak =:0 because I AM my older self NOW!!

Me too. Only I think it's pretty cool being my older self. I do look back on the clown I once was and I do forgive him. I love him, because it pleases me to know that my future self will love me. I look in the mirror and say, "Damn. I survived! I really survived!" I don't even look as bad as I figured I might. And then my guides say, "OK, that's enough of that. School is out, and now it's time to get to work!"

That was a wonderful time-breakthrough, Andrey. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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After almost 38 years, I am just now beginning not to take things too seriously. How freeing that is ~ thank you for your sweet reminder, Andrey!!!

Love & light,
Penny :-)

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