What Our Virtual Town Has Given Me

The last several years have been an extraordinary time in my life. Some events and some of the people I've met have been simply amazing. And it's been accelerating for at least the last two years. I was finding my footing by the time I found the Transformation Course, and don't think it's any coincidence that it came into my life when it did. When the student is ready, the teacher comes.

I've mentioned before that when I was much younger, a series of teachers sought me out and I learned from psychics, a bruja, mediums, some of whom were very advanced souls. I knew Edward Peach, otherwise known as Ariel. Then I spent the bulk of my adult life with most of that training on the shelf while I lived a typical American life with houses, businesses and jobs, and raising children. How all that ended is irrelevant right now, the point being that almost forty years later, that knowledge is suddenly very relevant and useful. And the focus I've gained here comes from both that background and the amazing people I have come to know in this cyber-town.

NOW I know what all that schooling was about. So what does it make me? Well, it has to make me some kind of a teacher or a channel, right? It places before me the challenge as well of dissolving my own ego, for none of this is mine. I've spoken of finding the tools here for our personal missions. I already had some of the tools, and I know we all do. But here at the portal I've found the intellectual soup that brings it all into focus. I thank you all for who you are, and especially Fred who laid the path that led me here. No, it isn't all perfect. Big surprise. But it is amazing.

I do want to find way, over time, to honor so many of you who have shown me so much. I have so much to learn. Those of you who speak of channeling and of galactic beings have concepts that are radically new to me - that is, I never took them seriously before I heard your voices. Those of you who speak of motivation and abundance, I may actually be able, with your guidance, of overcoming my love of poverty. Which is to say, I could do more if I had greater resources. You are my friends my teachers, my brothers and sisters, and in the greater sense we're all one.

This is a normal town of normal people - and I mean that seriously. The traditional human consciousness is essentially insane and dysfunctional, and we've at least begun the process of stepping outside that. We're learning to release our egos and live outside our legends. To me, that makes us the normal ones. There is pain among us and there are fears. There is anger, too. We must acknowledge these, especially when we ourselves have had a hand in their manifestation. But there is so much good. This is life's bookstore. There are shelves for everything, and there are sofas and chairs where folks can read and talk.

I've been posting quite a bit lately and so many of you have said kind things in response. It's starting to embarrass me, so don't do it. The love that flows through our expanded awareness is something I wish to see overtake us in our daily affairs, all the time. You ask the purpose of the Team? That energy, that love goes somewhere. It doesn't just dissipate. It flows outward into the Mother Field and has unforeseen effects. That, and the opportunities for learning and growth (discernment is always called for in all quests); and the interactions of so many wonderful minds, is incredibly exciting to me. Being here with you folks and getting to know you all is one of the most amazing things that's ever happened to me.


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Thanks for sharing those beautiful words, Elizabeth. I can see how peace and the striving towards it has been a beautiful and powerful part of your life. I also hear you grew up in a home where conflict was painted as being a means to growth, yet actually ended up hindering you. I very much honor and respect your path in this. I trust that each of us will find the path that is best for us.

As you asked, peace for me does not necessarily mean stagnation. There are times when a peaceful interlude can be a powerful time of restoration and opening. Peace has many meanings. I personally am not interested in the kind of peace where people are avoiding the deeper issues in order to get along. I am interested in living in a world free of violence where my friends challenge me openly in ways that invite me to grow beyond who I am. Maybe you could say that I am most interested in a dynamic peace. Thanks for caring and for all that you do for our world.

With lots of love and warm wishes,

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