Blueprint to Defeat The New World Order

Say what you will about Alex Jones and his rants.  Here's his powerful speech that reveals his plan to defeat the NWO:


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I hadn't thought about this story for a long time, but it's one that has stuck in my memory since childhood; it seems to be appropriate to mention here...

It's about a boy growing up in a village on a small Asian island. The village lay between the sea and the mountains. On top of the mountain was their most valuable possession – a huge crop of rice patties which fed everyone in the village.

The boy was in the habit of telling tall tales. “Come quick! A flock of birds has landed in the fields; they are eating the rice!” After rushing up the mountain several times to find that the boy was only joking, the villagers soon began ignoring what he said.

One day, while the boy was on top of the mountain, he noticed in the distance a huge tidal wave heading towards the island. He had to warn the villagers or they would drown. The boy ran into the village yelling, “A tidal wave is coming! Run for your lives!” Naturally, no one believed him.

The boy thought hard. What could he do to save the people?  Quickly, he ran back up the mountain with a plan. When he reached the rice patties, he took a torch and began lighting the rice on fire. When they saw the smoke, all the villagers ran angrily up the mountain to stop the arsonist. “What are you doing? Are you nuts?” they demanded. Just then, the tidal wave washed over the village. The boy's "crazy" act had saved them all.


Humanity and planet earth are nearing the eleventh hour. Our very survival is in jeopardy, yet the majority of people continue to ignore the warnings. Under the circumstances, it may be high time to set the rice on fire -- regardless of how crazy people might think we are, or how unpopular the truth might be.

What is the alternative?  Years from now, will we able to look our children or grandchildren in the eyes and say, "Yeah, I knew about the plan for world domination, but I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want people to think I was a nut!" 

Small price to pay for helping to save the world, in my opinion.


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Made me think of Rage Against the Machine (Tom Morello) - here is a great concert they did in Mexico City some years ago...

Rage Against the Machine - (HD)(The Battle of Mexico City)(Full DVD)(Subtitled/Lyrics)(Pro-shot) - YouTube

Tom Morello is the lead guitarist of RATM.  Bill Moyer interviewed him recently - saw the interview over the weekend - excellent and very inspiring to say the least.  Tom also goes by his solo title "the nightwatchman" and appears in a more folk singing mode to share his political views through his music.  He is a Harvard graduate.

The Nightwatchman - One Man Revolution - YouTube

THE NIGHTWATCHMAN (Tom Morello) "Road I Must Travel" - YouTube

Tom Morello has a message for Obama on Real Time with Bill Maher - YouTube

Tom Morello 'The Fabled City' at Occupy Wall Street - YouTube

Tom Morello: "I wouldn't be surprised if we see Blackwater called in soon" - YouTube

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Great speach and interesting - thanks for posting, Noa!

I think his war cries call for more discussion though - I'm not so sure how I feel about that.

It was just a small point but a good one - Have you ever seen a Mitt Romney sticker? Ok, well maybe at the Massachusetts repuplican caucus, maybe I saw one but I sure did see a lot of Ron Paul stickers. Also saw an sticker there. Hmmm...

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I must admit that, now after watching the entire video, I find Alex Jone's speech to be more 'rant' than solution based.  I was hoping for more of an actual blueprint of practical actions we could take.


I haven't watched this video yet, but it includes the Q & A session after his speech:


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Yea, when Alex gets past the anger and just realizes that we need to focus on creating the new society we want, rather than what's wrong with the current on, he will be much more of a force for change.

Easier said than done, from my arm chair critic's viewpoint, I need to focus more on positive change myself.

As it is now, he's been very instrumental in waking people up and he does have some wonderful spiritual messages in there. Just getting people past the trendiness crap is a huge step forward.

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The Q & A session (which starts about halfway through the above video) may be better than Jones' speech. 

Several people testify about the strange illnesses they acquired after consuming Aspartame and how their symtoms disappeared after getting off of it.  Two veterans make interesting comments as do other folks.  It's worth a listen.

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