Open Source Everything -- the Revolution

Folks, Fred just sent out the below to his list.  And here is Robert David Steele on YouTube on the same subject: "Open Source Everything": -- it's a WONDERFUL and hopeful presentation.  It's about Revolution.  And Steele pulls NO punches.  Real breadth and depth of clarity about where we're at and what we CAN do.  Points out the immense power that we the people have and don't realize it.


Judge Napolitano: Government should fear us (When we fear govt., there is tyranny; when govt. fears us, there is freedom.")

Jez has just posted a great short clip of one of Judge Napolitano's rants (good rants). 

And here's the very last one, at the very end of the last installment of his "Freedom Watch" commentary show.  As Jez says (Jez, if you ever write a column or do an online commentary, call it "Jez Says") he was fired from Fox.  Well, I'm not surprised.  What surprises me is that he was ever allowed on not just Fox, but ANY network.  The man is clear, shoots straight, doesn't pull any punches:

Must-see: Fantastic clip from the final episode of Freedom Watch

The History of Police Militarization in the US


On Monday, November 28, 2011, students at UC-Davis occupied Dutton Hall, the University's financial center, and held an all-day teach-in. Author/Journalist/Filmmaker Charles Shaw was one of the featured speakers. Here is his talk, "The History of Police Militarization in the US."



2012 Revolution: World Awakening

Lots of F-bombs spoken by the narrator in the first few minutes of Part 1.  Then, Mark Howitt gives us a candid look at what is happening behind closed doors and the resulting uprisings around the world.  Many of the conspiracies exposed are not new to readers at the G-spot, but there is also a lot of great footage that you may not have seen before.  Interesting how pertinent the material is as Americans are now "occupying" in protest across the globe. ~ Noa

The Revolution Business

I think this film is an important look at the current worldwide revolutions. How much of them are controlled and created by the very people the revolutions are meant to fight? I think this film offers good insights into the psychological strategies being worked on all of us.


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