Openings in Time

It seems to me that time is beginning to swing around like the loose end of a hose at full pressure. I have seen numerous examples of people whose timelines have altered radically in a relatively short period. One of those people is me, and I am developing a theory about this.


For those of you who are not familiar with Daniel Jacobs and the Reconnection, I offer this latest letter as an introduction.  Daniel/the Reconnection  is/are one of the sources which moved me onto the pathway of Transformation a few years ago.  I still to this day am amazed and uplifted by the messages that are presented.

Living The Legend

Like many other here I've been reading Tolle's A New Earth, and I know I'm not the only one being totally blown away by the truths in what he reveals about our egos.  As we come to know who we are more and more fully, we recognize more and more the illusions that the ego sets up for us.  Perhaps we never reach the end of this process.  This dissolving of the ego, the stripp

And then God said...then I said...then He said... "2012"

Dear Friends,
With the coming of the new Year, 2008, we will see an acceleration of time, awareness, fear, and expectation as the world moves ever closer to the greatest event in the history of this human race. We will finally realize why we are here at this moment in the History of our planet – as Earth prepares to move herself to the fifth dimension.

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