Translation from Physical to Spirit

Haven't been here in awhile, in the middle of a 'revelatory' experience of sorts, things manifesting faster than I ever imagined. I AM in awe and wonder at the POWER that we are and have always been. Perfect. Pure. Healed, Whole, ONE. See posts here I'd love to say confirm what's going on here-but no words I AM so inspired and changed-no words adequate.

WE ARE ONE. You as aspects of God/Source, FAMILY. So may I say, I LOVE YOU.

Here, a link to a book I recommend and a video that is just so very very inspiring. Peace BE. kristyne


CoSM: The Movie

This is one of lightwins' movie picks.  Had to share it.  Amazing! 

Part I  http://vimeo.com/15500061

Part II http://vimeo.com/15683303

Talk about using one's gifts!  It's not at all what I expected from an art documentary. 

Beautiful.  Transformative.  It's almost like a meditation.




Heaven Shall Become Your Reality – Beauty and Harmony Unsurpassed

My Dear Friends,

Each day this reality grows closer. Yes, I find this a very emotional time for me, like I am finally coming home to my true Self. I have talked with many people that are having premonitions of the future and we all know that the light is winning. How much we have to look forward to. Please enjoy this uplifting channeling by Mike Quinsey.

With God's Love and Blessing's,

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