Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Initiative 300 Campaign Begins

For all of my friends who are not aware of this initiative follow thru and go and sign the petition to get the initiative on the Denver ballot. Please. We want this to go viral. You don't have to be a Denver resident to sign this petition. So go sign.

Sign at this link:

Moon Rising ... Time sensitive videos

I wish that I had discovered this earlier as it is going to go away almost immediately. Perhaps someone has a way of capturing the videos for the archives here. But here is a list of videos of the Moon Rising documentary revealing what NASA and the government has been covering up for over 40 year regarding photos of the lunar surface.

Here are the nine parts of the documentary.

Astounding videos

This series of long misplaced videos of George Admaski's filming of UFOs, meeting with Galactic Brothers, and those he has influenced is indeed a astounding collection of films.  I am giving you the link the the Examiner news article but when you get to the video, right click and go to Youtube to view the videos.  They don't come through sequentially from the article.

Call to Action: Free Energy: Ready for Hearings

Call to Action! We urge everyone to contact their representatives and the Obama
Administration as soon as possible to inform them that solutions to the
energy and economic crisis are available from The Orion Project and
also from suppressed energy technologies locked up in covert projects.

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