Two Fronts


Below is the text of an anti-Muslim screed which I include because it makes some compelling points. As I read it, I saw plainly that every reference to Islam could be replaced with corporatism, globalism, and the American Kleptocracy. We have work to do on many fronts.

Globalism and World Government

Everybody's scared of "The Globalists." They are those who wish dominion over the whole world. In their fantasy, government will exist primarily to support the bankers and corporations, and keep the rest of us enslaved. Ain't gonna happen.


World Government is the boogie man. But let's stop and think a minute. Wouldn't a lot of problems be solved by a worldwide central authority? Wouldn't wars pretty much stop? Wouldn't worldwide free trade be a good thing? I don't wish to go into the reasons why we're all scared of globalism, but I do want to point out a trend.

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