Insider Testimony of Alien Bases

This is a compilation of 20 years of interviews with a variety of professionals and laypersons who claim to have first hand knowledge of what the NSA and other alphabet agencies are secretly doing at military bases.  The 45 videos keep rolling one after the other, so if you reach a dud, you can move to another more interesting one.

A Simple Countersurveillance Tool

I've been using Startpage for awhile now.  It's as easy as setting it as your homepage and then you can use the Google search engine without all the invasive tracking.  While on Startpage today, I clicked on a hyperlink about PRISM, the latest internet surveillance scandal.  This may interest you.




NSA whistle blower

 The words I am typing are being recorded by my government. If you respond to it, yours will be too. And your network of friends out there is being profiled as well. I had strongly suspected this was true and have told friends and family so. Every email and other electronic communication we send is recorded by the NSA and they are building immense facilities to store it all. They only analyze your specific data as they see a need to. As this whistle blower says, the Supreme Court needs to confront and prosecute this crime against the Constitution.

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