This article explains a lot about my life.  I can't say for sure if I'm a "wanderer" or not, but my profile sure fits this description.  I've always felt out of place compared with most people.  This feeling is increasing as I'm becoming more aware of the game that is being played here. 

Disney's Alien Encounters

I've watched a lot of TV programs that promise to reveal the truth about UFOs, but this one does so in such a way as to compel the viewer to believe what is presented is not conjecture.  It's obviously meant to  promote the Disney's attraction, "Alien Encounters", but I think Disney may have revealed too much truth for the Controllers' comfort. ~ Noa


Jaime Maussan: Messages in Crop Circles

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The Disclosure Project May 9th 2001 National Press Club Conference

It's hard to believe this happened over seven years ago and it still isn't that widely known.  It should be.

Steven Greer presents 20 out of over 400 former military and intelligence witnesses to evidence of UFO/extraterrestrial events.  It's rather compelling, taken with other

Music - from space and from the lab

Dear Friends, I've found it very interesting that there've been several mentions of using music to program mental processes.  This is an old idea - I can remember buying subliminal tapes for my Walkman back in the 80s.  I have two sets of recordings that seem quite remarkable.  The first is not in this category at all, but was received from outer space last summer, according to the person I

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