One Woman Prevented WWIII

Great video but I think the titile is wrong, there were many people working in concert to help this woman. It's miraculous the way the forces of good are organized to help us, if we just give them a chance.

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The Truth about Facebook- ?

Saw this short video the other day (link below).  I hope it wasn't here...   It claims corporate and CIA connections to Facebook, and that it's used as an information gathering tool for the government.  I haven't had time to check the veracity of the connections it mentions and probably won't.   But my gut tells me that it's could well be true.   For the government to not mine Facebook would be like a child having the self-discipline to keep out of the cookie jar.  I've never felt comfortable about opening a Facebook account.  I won't even use the "EZ" automated toll lanes on toll roads.  W

Voice of the White House Publishes List of CIA Front Companies

Voice of the White House Publishes List of CIA Front Companies. Some interesting names appear here, inclulding NASA, the New York Times and Wikipedia.

Not sure how verifiable this is, but the guy seems to occasionaly have some good info.

Make what you will of this, part of the truth being revealed perhaps.


A Tribute To The Ultimate Indigo

Over the last three days and nights I have spent many, many hours working on my website. Today I had planned to spend the day building the first two pages of the real meat of the site, dedicated to resources and information for Indigos. Instead, I was moved to create a tribute to one of my dearest friends of all time, who I recently learned had died last fall.

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