A Simple Countersurveillance Tool

I've been using Startpage for awhile now.  It's as easy as setting it as your homepage and then you can use the Google search engine without all the invasive tracking.  While on Startpage today, I clicked on a hyperlink about PRISM, the latest internet surveillance scandal.  This may interest you.




Creepy FBI video

 This 60 second capture from an FBI made video (to indoctrinate business owners into providing surveillance to the government) is bizarre on more than one level.
 Skip to the 1/2 way point and see if anything strikes you as odd.


I think it's designed to acclimate us to something. Hint: The actress is from the Fox show "24"...

A Tribute To The Ultimate Indigo

Over the last three days and nights I have spent many, many hours working on my website. Today I had planned to spend the day building the first two pages of the real meat of the site, dedicated to resources and information for Indigos. Instead, I was moved to create a tribute to one of my dearest friends of all time, who I recently learned had died last fall.

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