It Gets Better

In love and support, thousands of us are coming together to let you youngsters, who are being bullied and harrassed because they are different, are gay, lesbian,bisexual or transgender. We want you to know and realize that it gets better. You are all being surrounded with love and support now!



Oneness Consciousness

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Lightworkers Seminar

I am offering this to those whom I know will be interested in participating. Steve Rother channels "the group" who are in my estimation one of the better sources of external information and guidance.  I am going to try to at least download this infomation  as it occurs while I am at work, but I feel it is very important to me as my birthday is on July 7.   That seems to send a signal to me that Ishould try to listen to what the group has to say.

Love and Light,


the Gulf and our oceans

Can you hold this vision?

I invite you to ignore the doom and gloom that we are on the verge of a catastrophe and our planet and very lives are soon to be ended. We can instead be the Light which ushers in a new consciousness of cooperation and imagination which will transform how we define our existence as a people and a planet for generations to come.     -J. Cwik

An Offering: Spiritual Healing

In the month of April there will be a series of free lectures delivered around the world by medical doctors testifying to the effectiveness of a particular form of spritual healing and telling people how they can call on the healing stream to heal themselves and their lives on all levels.  From experience I can tell you that it is indeed effective; I have seen nothing else quite like it anywhere. 

Here is the link to a 9-minute clip of a few highlights from a former medical lecture.  It's quite eye-opening to say the least: 

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