My Soulmate Nafetah

Today is the fifth anniversary of the day my wife and I united our intents and our hearts. We both understood we were in truth re-uniting and that our pledge was truly eternal. We were married in an octagonal glass house, high on a hill with the wildness of the southern California hills all around. It was a Baha'i ceremony, which is very simple.

Beyondanews – Loving The Unloveable

My Dear Friends,


This is a very unusual Valentine's Day Message, from Swami Beyandananda, also know as Steve Bhaerman. He offers us the ultimate challenge on this day of Celebrating our Love. I think you will find this a very good read.


I send my Love to all of you on this Day Of Love, and I also send it to my Family whom I have not seen for over twenty years.

The Language of DNA



The Language of DNA - Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich


Deep within the heart of every person alive is a feeling that we often call yearning. In the New Oxford American dictionary, yearning is defined as “having an intense feeling of loss or lack and longing for something”. It is derived from a Germanic base meaning “eager”.

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