Does this happen to you?

Good afternoon to all.

Forgive me if this sounds like a therapy session, but I think if I'm not alone in my experiences here, this may strike up some interesting conversation....

I have noticed that there are times when I'm going along just fine, and one small event shakes me up so much that I feel like I don't have a clue as to who I am any longer.  More to the point... everything I thought I did well, and had under control shows itself to be out of control and in disarray. 

Clearing of the Chakras

Good Greetings All:

The Global Eden Micheals' and ArchAngels call all human beings "Masters" for we are all learning and uncovering our own individual and collective Self-Mastery.  To learn more about Global Eden Event click here http://www.teachonlylove.com/

This particular discourse comes from a Global Eden Event participant named Margaret.  It is from a list I belong to.






Hi all members of this community and all who can read this message.

South Africa has a VERY important General Election happening on 22.04.2009

This election is as important for the whole continent of Africa as the US election was last year.

Please hold the people concerned in your Love/Light for the next week, that this election will be fair, without intimidation and that people will feel free to vote as they see fit and not vote out of fear or because they believe the lies they are told.

Anastasia & the Ringing Cedars

You may have heard of Anastasia.  Here's a link to the first in a series of books about her, called The Ringing Cedars.  This'll inspire you.


Here's a link to a forum that discusses Anastasia:


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