Heavy Heart

In the last couple of days, since the election, I have, rather than feeling light and joyous for the results, been feeling a heaviness of heart, a meloncholy which is unlike my normal high spirit and upward trending mood.

Powerful Article: Healing the Sexual-Spiritual Split

Beloved TT friends,

I was thrilled recently to find the below inspiring article, which we've now included in the lesson on sacred sexuality in the transformation course. For those who haven't seen it, I think you'll really enjoy it.

With sacred love and warmest wishes,

Healing the Sexual-Spiritual Split
A Weekend to Remember

By Michael Picucci

Kryon on Quantum Healing


I thought this was fascinating and certainly something to contemplate.  Those of you who know Kryon have probably read it already, but I think there are some who are new to Kryon information.


Love and Light,


Kryon Channelings

Sending Healing Energy - Effective or Invasive?

My original post was about DNA research as done by the Russians and has now turned into a discussion on whether it is effective, invasive, intrusive or a plain waste of time, to send healing energy to people. Before the abovementioned post goes totally off the point I thought it might be interesting to start a post on discussing energy.

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